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Information Blockades – How and Why?

By Larry RomanoffMarch 4, 2022


We are all aware of the ability of the Anglo-Zionist International Cabal of Gangsters (ICG) to propagate the preferred story-line for every occasion, as with the Russia/Ukraine conflict today. Generally, they employ the power of the Western media to overwhelm the world’s publics with the accepted version of events. But how do the US and Israel, and the ICG, manage so well to avoid the negative publicity from their own foreign policy adventures? Most of us would instinctively believe we have the easy answer to this question, since it appears to hinge simply on media censorship, but we might be mistaken. There is more to a successful information blockade than is superficially obvious.

The first part of course is the nearly-universal control of all Western media by a relatively small handful of people, all Jews. This includes first the news services like AP and Reuters, then the newspapers plus most recognised magazines, radio and TV stations and networks, virtually the entire book publishing industry, all of the social media and related internet platforms like Wikipedia and Google, “fact-checkers” like the despicable Poynter Institute, as well as 90% of Hollywood which includes both motion pictures and television programs. Their control on information is nearly total.

But control goes far beyond ownership. As one example, The Globe & Mail is (was) a respectable broadsheet long recognised as Canada’s national newspaper. Some years ago, the Globe published an article detailing the atrocities then being committed against Arabs by the Jews in Palestine. The article wasn’t inflammatory or ideological, but simply an accurate chronicle of events the editors believed should be brought to the attention of the world. The very next morning, the entire top half of the front page of the Globe carried a huge photo of a Jewish soldier giving candy to a supposedly Palestinian child, with text to match. You don’t need an imagination to know what happened behind a closed door somewhere. The date was 1983 and, in the 39 years since then, the Globe hasn’t published a single article that was critical of either the Jews or of Israel. That's control. I have covered this part and more in an article on Propaganda and the Media - Establishing and Controlling the Narrative. You may care to read it. (1)

However, the first thing we do is to ensure that all media of consequence are reading from the same script and know what is mandatory to report, and what is forbidden. But this is largely the Western media, with little Jewish control outside this 'democratic' cocoon. What to do about the remainder of the world's media, especially the "Axis of Evil" and similar, who are notoriously disobedient but whose publications are generally available to those in the West? How to avoid contaminating our children with leaky truth?

As one example, Al Jazeera is (was) a Qatari government-funded Arabic-language news channel based in Doha, with an international readership and an irritating tendency to reveal inconvenient truths about Western foreign diplomatic and military adventures. It was for years denounced in the West as an heretical and deplorable affront to the "official narrative" propagated by the West. Poor little Al Jazeera should have been cowering in fear from the Western character assassinations, but somehow it wasn't. Then, suddenly, a climate change. Al Jazeera became mainstream, no longer blocked or censored, but actually recommended as a reliable news source, praised even by Hillary Clinton herself. What happened? The US made the Qatar government an offer it couldn't refuse, and control was sold to the CIA. Today, Al Jazeera is even worse (or better, depending on your point of view) than CNN or Fox News or the UK Guardian. Often, one cannot tell the difference. Here is the link to Al Jazeera's main page: click on it and see for yourself.

But this sale was the end of the trail, not the beginning. America's responses are invariably "Kill first, then negotiate." Not letting us down, Bush's first action was to bomb the bejeesus out of Al Jazeera's foreign stations, first those in Afghanistan, then in Iraq. To assist in the justification, the Americans cited the usual "intelligence reports" that some Al Jazeera staff were ISIS agents, then put cruise missiles into their front doors. (2) With Iraq, it's a shame that sometimes we contribute to our own demise; the head of Al Jazeera's Kabul office was so terrified by the events in Afghanistan he made a special trip to the US military headquarters to give them the GPS coordinates of his location. That was a mistake. The next day, the US military used the man's own coordinates to put a cruise missile into his front door. (3) They did the same with the Al Jazeera office in Baghdad, killing all in both locations. After this, Al Jazeera gave up and pulled out of Iraq. (4) On the same day, another ‘accident’ blew up a Reuters’ vehicle containing several reporters and a ‘stray’ missile destroyed the office of Abu Dhabi television. (5)

When this still failed to silence brave little Al Jazeera, Bush's next move was to nuke the Head Office in Doha, fortunately discouraged by Tony Blair. Hence the sale to the CIA. Reading between the lines, the US offer was, "You have already seen what has happened to your foreign offices. Either turn Al Jazeera over to us, or kiss it good-bye. Qatar had no choice. Hence, Al Jazeera/CNN.

That more or less took care of the newspapers and TV networks. The Western (Jewish-owned) ones were already onside and the remainder were now too terrified to report anything not approved by the Jewish-led ICG.

But there was more. I believe it was Chelsea Manning who released the video of a US gunship gleefully blasting two Reuters reporters and a dozen other people including two small children, filming the murders from their Apache helicopter. That video "caused the US government and military more reputational damage than all the other secret [Wikileaks] documents combined, and was what made Julian Assange "the foremost global enemy of state secrecy". (6)

But that was only one of dozens. Those reporters, not embedded with the US military but still mostly from NATO countries, had a sense of immunity not shared by Al Jazeera and, while their media may have been more or less on the right page, these reporters were nevertheless leaking uncomfortable amounts of very inconvenient truths - to the tabloids if to no one else. The silencing process was the same, but targeting reporters one by one was monotonous and attracted too much public attention. For one, the news of the entire process with Al Jazeera leaked out, including Bush's intention to nuke their Qatar headquarters. The UK Daily Mirror published "an explosive story riddled with implications" that attracted a hell of a lot of attention. So much so, that within 24 hours the Mirror and all British papers had been subjected to a “gag order” under the Official Secrets Act with threat of prosecution and serious imprisonment. (7)

Group Therapy

That killed the Al Jazeera story, but didn't stop stubborn Western journalists from reporting many other nasty things. Since single assassinations were proving troublesome, the US military tried "group therapy", and cleverly done, too. First, they found a 'Timothy McVeigh' to run a car bomb into the Hamra Hotel that housed among others, NBC News and the Boston Globe. The attack failed, so they tried again, but with similar results. (8) To improve the odds, they "relocated" all foreign reporters from the (unsafe) East side of Baghdad to the (safe) West side, where the only suitable residence location was the Palestine Hotel, with arrangements for the Hotel to evacuate the 15th floor and put all reporters in one place. Then they hired some Iraqis to push a truck loaded with explosives next to the hotel, but the heavy barricades prevented any damage and limited all the deaths to pedestrians on the street. A second attempt, with enough potential to make Timothy McVeigh envious, also failed; some damage to the hotel, but all the deaths again on the street.

We all know there are times when, if you want something done right, you just have to do it yourself. So, the US military rambled a massive Abrams tank down the streets of Baghdad, positioned itself conveniently to the Hotel, raised its turret barrel and blew out nearly all of the 15th floor, killing all the reporters present at the time. (9) And that took care of the mass media reporters. (10) (11) (12) Here are four other reports on the hotel bombings that killed all the journalists, if you care to read them: (13) (14) (15) (16) The internet appears to have been completely scrubbed of photos of the aftermath. I searched for two hours and found nothing.

The Palestine Hotel functioned as home and office for more than 100 international journalists in Baghdad at the time. Forced to conduct an investigation into the matter, the US military report stated that (a) they had no knowledge that the building was a hotel, (b) after moving journalists into the hotel, they had no knowledge that journalists had been moved into it, (c) the building was believed to be an 'enemy firing platform', (d) the Abrams tank had come under sniper fire and was acting in self-defense, (e) The shelling of the hotel was “not a deliberate attack” on journalists and the media, but the result of a "breakdown of communications", and (f) the firing was "clearly a proportionate and justifiable measured response". To cap the report, Pentagon spokesperson Victoria Clarke said journalists should know that "Baghdad is not a safe place. You should not be there." (17)

A French TV crew filmed the attack, which put a lie to most of the military's claims including the fiction of the tank coming under fire, and both the Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters without Borders testified that all Pentagon officials as well as all US commanders in Baghdad knew full well "that the Palestine Hotel was full of international journalists." Reporters Without Borders testified further that the US military had killed many dozens of journalists as well as imprisoning a great many more as "cyber dissidents" who posted information online and in the social media that the US military didn't like. (18) Not even a whisper of this latter item leaked out.

One of the most powerful executives in the cable news business, CNN's Eason Jordan, was forced to resign after he "spoke out of school" during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum. "In a rare moment of candor", Jordan told the audience US forces had deliberately targeted and killed dozens of journalists in Iraq - including Al Jazeera. (19) (20) Keep in mind that the Iraqis were very grateful to the foreign reporters because they were the only means of getting out the story of the destruction of their country by the Americans. The Iraqis were protecting foreign reporters, not killing them.

But there was still a problem with independent reporters. One in particular stumbled onto something he wasn't meant to see. He happened to observe the US military burying large numbers of body bags in mass graves out in the Iraq desert. At first, he assumed these were Iraqi bodies being disposed of, but the secrecy intrigued him and he finally learned the bodies were of Americans - both military servicemen and Blackwater's mercenaries. He said he was told the US military was reluctant to ship home many hundreds of coffins to the exposure of the media, even though photographing and reporting on these military coffins was prohibited as a felony offense. By classifying all those men as 'Missing in Action' (MIA), many family, media, and financial difficulties would be avoided. Also, recruiting for both the military and Blackwater's mercenaries would be much eased with smaller death tolls. The reporter knew he was being monitored, informed his family he feared for his life, and said he needed only a few days to complete his report and send it off with all the photos. Oddly, it seems the US military suggested he attend a public function a day later that promised to be of much interest; he did so, and received a sniper's bullet in the head. The news of the mass American graves in the Iraq desert has never leaked because all the evidence disappeared.

But still further complications arose. You may (or may not) be aware that the US fired millions of artillery and other rounds in Iraq that were made of depleted uranium (DU). I won't go into details here, but one effect of DU is that since then about 25% of all births in Iraq exhibit the most horrible deformities, babies born with no head, one head, two heads, or three heads. I'm serious. Many infants are born with most of their internal organs outside the torso, and many with the brain entirely outside the cranial cavity. Many have any number of limbs emanating from any part of the body, and many with no limbs at all. Some have no eyes; some have only one large eye in the center of their foreheads, if the nose isn't already there. A UN report described many emerging fetuses as "unidentifiable lumps of flesh". It was so bad that the midwives who still at that time delivered most births in Iraq, were refusing to assist at birthing because "We don't know what will come out."

Unidentifiable lumps of flesh



And More



The US at first denied using DU weapons; when reams of proof destroyed that story, the US then claimed they posed no danger to humans. The Western media supported this claim wholeheartedly, with multiple "medical studies" claiming that the radioactive elements in US munitions were of no danger to humans even in very large doses. Inexplicably, the UN echoed this. The editorial staff at The Economist magazine tried to mitigate the public impact by claiming Iraqi babies may have birth defects but they now have freedom and democracy.

Life Magazine ran an article titled, “The tiny victims of Desert Storm”, detailing how many American soldiers returned home with the same radioactive contamination and whose wives experienced similar defective births. The article was touching, and focused on the fact that the US military adamantly refused to admit that its DU munitions were responsible, and disclaimed any responsibility for the welfare of these soldiers. But the real point is that Life was somehow unaware of the hundreds of thousands of similar frightening births in Iraq, focusing only on a few treasured American lives. The article, and the issue, have since been deleted from Life’s archive and scrubbed from the internet.



“Information Control”

One hospital in Fallujah was especially conscientious in cataloguing all these horrible deformities, tending to the live births, preserving the bodies of the dead infants, collecting volumes of photographs, and meticulously recording all their findings. One result was that not only news but photos were beginning to leak out. The American response was 100% effective; they launched a deadly series of air strikes and bombed the entire hospital to rubble, not only killing the deformed babies but destroying all the accumulated records and evidence, and killing the medical staff who were cataloguing it. Of course, the attacks killed all the staff and regular patients in the hospital as well.

When Blowing up Iraqi Hospitals, if at first you don’t succeed . . .


Try again


The BBC ran a story titled, "US strikes raze Falluja hospital", (21) an astonishingly dispassionate and forgiving piece in which they made the incredible claim that "These are the kind of preliminary operations which would be carried out before a full-scale assault on Falluja, our correspondent says." That was all the media attention this travesty obtained, except for Human Rights Watch who explained that "Iraqi government forces have repeatedly struck Fallujah General Hospital with mortar shells and other munitions. The government has been firing wildly into Fallujah’s residential neighborhoods . . .,” said Fred Abrahams, special adviser at Human Rights Watch. “This reckless disregard for civilians is deadly for people caught between government forces and opposition groups.” (22) Uh huh. Sounds reasonable.

The US did the same in Afghanistan, and for the same reasons. This one was a bit worse because the hospital administrators, believing this to be a mistake, called the US military headquarters immediately upon the first strike and repeatedly thereafter, requesting cessation, but to no avail; the bombing attacks continued. To make matters worse, US gunships were hovering near the hospital and strafing all those who tried to flee the carnage. None survived. (23) US General John Campbell said Afghan forces asked for the air strike at Kunduz hospital, but promised "a full investigation". (24) Campbell blamed "malfunctioning electronics and human error" for the “targeting mistake” on what crew members thought was "a Taliban compound" in spite of the huge red cross tattooed on the roof of all hospitals. The same was true with Libya and Yugoslavia, who also suffered terribly from DU munitions and with the same inhuman results. In these two cases, no reports leaked about infant deformities or destroyed hospitals. (25)

There was yet one more small problem requiring attention. You recall the statement above about the fetuses being "unidentifiable lumps of flesh" and of the photos being leaked. In downtown Baghdad, there was a major UN headquarters containing a Humanitarian Mission that had taken interest in these deformed births, and was proven to be the leak (or at least a major one) of the information and the photos. Conveniently, 'Timothy McVeigh' detonated a truck full of explosives at the (unfortified) UN headquarters, killing many people including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the head of the UN mission in Iraq. And that was the end of that problem.

As with the hotels, the blame was laid on "Iraqi terrorists", and nobody dared say otherwise, at least not out loud. There was no claim of responsibility for the explosion. ABC News military consultant Tony Cordesman said the bombing was part of a "systematic pattern of attacks mixed with sabotage", and that "it would be difficult to figure out who was responsible for the attack." (26) There is no smoking gun that can directly tie the explosion to the US military, but the UN Mission was nearly the only source of aid, medications, food and housing assistance for the tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens being slaughtered wholesale on the streets of Baghdad. Nobody local would have attacked it; it wasn't the UN they hated, but the Americans. In any case, if the US military would destroy the hospitals and kill all the reporters, they remain the prime suspects, and only they had something to gain.


Pat Tillman


There was yet another problem, this time from within the US military, in the person of Pat Tillman, a football star and American hero who naively enlisted to 'serve his country' but then discovered the war was not what it seemed, and wasn't bashful about telling anyone who would listen, "This war is so f***ing illegal", and much more. Tillman was killed when his little battalion encountered merciless gunfire by Iraqi terrorists. His body was shipped home in celebration, with a post-humous Silver Star, the military comforting the aggrieved family.

But then, an extraordinarily brave young soldier, disobeying direct orders, secretly informed Tillman's family that Tillman was killed by "friendly fire", causing a huge PR mess. The military admitted they lied to the family, but the story repeatedly changed. First, Tillman's death was at the hand of the enemy in battle (from a distance of 100 meters), then by 'friendly fire' in battle (from a distance of 100 meters), but then it was admitted there had been no enemy in the vicinity and no battle at all. Explanations as to how 'friendly fire' could ensue in such a circumstance were all ridiculed. The matter became increasingly incendiary when more details came to light: (a) Tillman was killed by 3 closely-grouped shots in the forehead at very close range; (b) almost immediately after his death, Tillman's uniform, body armor, personal diary and many other personal items were burned, the military claiming this was merely a matter of 'hygiene'; (c) Messages were leaked where military lawyers celebrated their ability to derail and prevent investigations into Tillman's death. (27) (28) (29) (30)

The only other salient fact is that Tillman would soon have returned to the US and had already arranged a two or three-hour interview with Noam Chomsky where he planned to reveal everything he had learned about the illegalities of the war, the atrocities committed by the US military, and other inconvenient truths. The word on the street was that he and Chomsky planned to team up to conduct a long series of cross-country speeches to inform the American public about the truth of the war. We cannot absolutely prove that Pat Tillman was executed by his own military to silence him, though the US military and the CIA have a long-documented history of this. But the gunshot wounds didn't precisely fit the Military's description of "mistakenly gunned down by his fellow Rangers", and three closely-grouped shots to the middle of the forehead at point-blank range wouldn't normally be classified as "friendly". (31) (32)


Bug Splats and Crispy Critters

One of the despairing aspects of US (and ICG) involvement in recent wars is what appears to be an abominable contempt for human life. I'm sure all wars have instances of such an attitude, but with Americans it seems an obscene inhumanity is part of a widely-shared military culture. As one example, a 'bug splat' is the sound and the result of a large insect like a grasshopper hitting a car windshield at high speed. But American soldiers in both Afghanistan and Iraq boasted repeatedly of shooting children in the head with high-powered rifles, literally exploding the heads of the infants, these being mocked as "bug splats". (33) The famous American sniper Chris Kyle, who ". . loved killing. I only wish I could have done more of it.", claimed in one article that his favorite kill was at 1,000 yards, blowing the head off an infant while being held in its mother's arms. A 'bug splat'. Jewish soldiers in Israel are famous for this also; I have nearly 100 such photographs, usually of very small children, and all sickening.


Bug Splat


In Iraq, one more thing about DU ammunition that you should know is that when the munitions explode, they not only vaporise the radioactive elements, but do so at an astonishingly high temperature and with intense heat sufficient to not only incinerate anyone in proximity but to literally burn nearby humans 'to a crisp'. In Iraq, these deaths were widely mocked by American soldiers as "Crispy Critters". Photos were available but the Western media refused to publish them, and an order had gone out to recover and destroy all copies of these photos. This may be the only one that survived. Further comment would be pointless, except to note that none of these atrocities escaped the information blockade.

Crispy Critters



The Western media were all largely onside from the beginning, refusing to publish any information or photos to detract from America's sanitised 'Bambi' war where nobody suffered. The non-Western media looked at Al Jazeera and reformed their editorial policies in favor of survival. Those foreign reporters still alive, had come to their senses and stopped reporting unpleasant news. The Iraqi institutions also learned their lessons, and the UN was then no longer offside but happy to claim DU was as healthy as vitamins. The lessons were clearly understood by all: if you report the wrong things, we will kill you. And, there we are. A total news embargo which is still in force today and under the same rules.

The final addition to an information blockade is the more recent one of total information control, consisting of uninhibited censorship, de-platforming, accusations of "fake news" and "conspiracy theories", hit pieces, and the always-reliable labeling of "anti-Semitic, holocaust-denying, Nazi Jew-hater". To help this along, we will freeze your bank accounts and confiscate all your assets.

As a side note, the hypocrisy is so interesting. The West have eliminated access to all Russian news sources so they "cannot continue to spread lies about Putin's war" but, when Russia cut off Facebook, this was the shameless response from Nick Clegg, Facebook's Head of Global Affairs: "Soon millions of ordinary Russians will find themselves cut off from reliable information, deprived of their everyday ways of connecting with family and friends and silenced from speaking out." (34)

And that is how our Anglo-Zionist International Cabal of Gangsters (ICG) can not only propagate the preferred story-line for every occasion, but manage so well to avoid the negative publicity from their own foreign policy adventures as well as Israel's 70 years of atrocities. It has worked wonders in the recent past for 9/11, for Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, Ukraine and, if you're the suspicious type, for COVID-19. It has worked excellently with Cuba for more than 60 years.

Now, the “WHY?”

There is one last item. WHY did our ICG so desperately need a 100% information blackout, a total news blanket, on Iraq, that they would resort to such drastic measures? It wasn't primarily to cover up the crimes of their invasion of Iraq, but to prevent the purpose of that invasion from ever becoming known.

In simple terms, Iraq was hijacked. I don't know if 9/11 was part of the plan or merely presented a golden opportunity, but Iraq has disappeared as a country. It isn't even a colony. The US makes a show of withdrawing all "combat forces" from Iraq, but there are more than 50 huge military bases that are permanent; the US never had any intention of leaving, and cannot leave because the hijacking needs constant military maintenance. One of the largest 'embassies', i.e., Trojan horses, in the world is the US Embassy in Beijing with about 1,200 people. The US embassy in Baghdad has more than 16,000 people. It is the Middle East Headquarters for the ICG.

Jewish European bankers and industrialists have taken over virtually all of Iraq, most importantly the oil. Iraq's new 'constitution' allocates to the ICG a perpetual 65% of Iraq's oil – at no cost, leaving only 35% for Iraq. Even worse, many of the oil tankers in Iraq are loaded with the meters turned off; no one knows how much oil is actually shipped nor who receives the money. Iraq has no control over its own oil.

They have confiscated and now own the central bank, all the media, most businesses of consequence, the ports and airports, and very much more. And they control the government. The details are too numerous to list here. Libya is similar or identical in most respects, hence the 100% news embargo on Libya as well. You may have noticed that absolutely NO news emanates from either Iraq or Libya, or the remnants of Yugoslavia today. That is not an accident. This is also what is happening to Venezuela; they want that oil too. In a previous article titled Humanity at the Crossroads, I covered this part of Iraq in much detail. If you want to fully understand, you might care to read this:

The simple truth is that a total news embargo on Iraq was necessary to keep the hijacking out of public knowledge because if the full truth were to become widely-known, many Western governments might fall and the Jewish bankers might have severe recovery troubles. Most governments know, but the Western cabal won't talk and the others are simply spouting Russian or Chinese propaganda. No publics anywhere are aware of this.




This is our Anglo-Zionist ICG, some of the worst mass-murderers of all time, complemented by people of like psychopathology - Madeleine Albright, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Victoria Nuland and so many more, all heavily abetted by the little Jewish cabal that controls the mass media.

These people are gangsters, the most morally-deformed psychopaths and sociopaths that have likely ever existed in the history of the world, led by the remnants of Khazaria, the most brutal, feared, and hated peoples who have ever populated the earth. It was the Russians who destroyed the Khazar Empire, killed the bulk of these phallic-worshipping Satanists, and scattered the rest to the four winds. That was hundreds of years ago, and it appears they will not rest until they destroy Russia in return.

We are dealing with a people who are evil personified, Satanists to the core. It is they who are most likely responsible for the CIA's killing of more than 150 world leaders and officials, the Kennedy brothers and more. It is they who have instigated all the wars and "color revolutions", and who (through the media owned by their friends) have been lionising Russia, China and Iran for years, desperate to start World War Three after which Satan's new Temple can be built in Israel and we can properly begin our New World Order as Goyim cattle. That is the plan. Your belief in it is not material to its execution.

I am almost certain we will soon have that third world war, with Americans once again stupidly functioning as the 'Bankers' Private Army', believing they are doing God's work while destroying our world and killing half the population.

Thank you, America, for making the world safe for democracy




Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at  +  

He can be contacted at:




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