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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — Binary People in an Analogue World (Revisited)


Binary People in an Analogue World

By Larry Romanoff


One day in Rome, I asked the policeman, “Is it okay if I park my car here, partially blocking the emergency entrance to the hospital? I just want to go across the street for a coffee for a few minutes.” And he said, “Sure, but leave the keys in it in case I have to move it quickly.”


Italy is not renowned as an authoritarian environment. It is so interesting to observe Americans, and indeed all those in Western Right-Wing politically-conservative societies like Canada, the UK and Australia, gleefully condemn other nations as ‘authoritarian’ when the US is by far the most authoritarian country in the world, excepting only a few theocracies like Saudi Arabia and Israel. The Americans condemn politically Left-Wing, socialist nations as authoritarian when they are in fact the antithesis of authoritarianism, and where the authoritarian mentality flourishes only in a religion-based Right-Wing society. It is only these places and peoples who live in a black and white world that are authoritarian by definition. The fact that Americans have this understanding exactly backwards is due 50% to propaganda programming and 50% to native ignorance.


Authoritarian means “Do as I say, or else …”. It means you do it my way, or you don’t do it at all. It means there is no leeway when breaking rules or disobeying even minor laws about things like jaywalking. It means if the policeman sees you, you get a ticket. No warnings. It means that those in positions of authority, like policemen, can even shoot and kill you with impunity on the grounds you broke some minor legal code. It means paying your electric bill by the due date so you don’t freeze to death in the dark. There is no forgiveness built into the system, no leeway, no understanding government mother who will say “Okay, but try to do better next time”. A twisted evangelical religious base, a Right Wing mentality, political conservatism, and authoritarianism are part of the same package and cannot easily be separatedthese terms describing the US more or less accurately.


By contrast, China, which is constantly denounced in the US media as being authoritarian, is in fact and reality 180 degrees from this position, lacking all the above negative elements including the twisted religion and shrunken Right Wing brains. China is far more tolerant and forgiving a society than the Western Right-Wing countries precisely because it has not been corrupted with religion (as opposed to faith in God, which are not only not the same thing but are not even related), because it is politically liberal and socialist (caring for people) rather than capitalist (caring for companies and the money men). It is of great interest to me that Italy and China share many social characteristics, perhaps because they are ancient societies, but one of these shared attributes is a relaxed liberalism very far removed from anything we could call authoritarian.


It is in China and Italy where you can temporarily park illegally without incurring the wrath of god’s tow-truck. It is in China and Italy where you can be late with payments and not be punished, where the world and life are not experienced as black-and-white constructs but as infinite shades of grey, where encounters with the system or with bureaucracy are most often met with tolerance and understanding rather than harsh judgment.


One visitor to Shanghai made a delightful internet post describing an encounter he witnessed of two policemen handling a driver who was falling-down drunk, and claimed to be astonished at how gently they handled him. In the driver’s favor, he wasn’t violent or abusive, just very drunk, but still … I could testify to countless dozens of similar examples that, rather than displaying an authoritarian mentality, were pictures of tolerance, the precise opposite of authoritarian America. Westerners, and Americans especially, won’t want to hear this, but their willful blindness does not change the facts.

Westerners were born into a Judeo-Christian, Right-Wing, black-and-white, individualistic world. The Chinese were born into a Confucian, socialist, shades-of-grey, pluralistic world. We cannot use Western measures to understand China any more than we can use liters to measure distance. America is simplistic, almost a caricature of a society, while the East is deeply complex. With effort, the East can come to understand the West, but the West may never understand the East.


Right-Wing societies and peoples cannot easily relate to shades of grey pluralism. Their right-wing black and white religion creates for them a simplistic black and white world, with little room for ambiguity or what we might call soft skills or methods of evaluation and judgment. For Americans, conflict, confrontation, battle, winners and losers, are necessary conditions for dealing with differences, while Chinese and Asians generally prefer to avoid conflict and search for peace. They aren’t interested in winners and losers but in harmony and stability. They instead try to achieve a consensus that everyone can live with, which is why China sometimes drags out border disputes for decades, waiting patiently until everyone is in a mood to agree, and they often make large concessions in the name of harmony.


Right-Wing black and white societies like the US are belligerent and combative by nature, their warped religious morality seeking out conflict even where it doesn’t exist. Shades of grey societies tend naturally to negotiation and conciliation rather than war. When you enter a local police station in many Chinese cities, the first thing you see is a Mediation Room, where a policeman can help disputing parties settle their differences without resorting to the courts. Understanding and implementing such a socially excellent solution is impossible in a nation like the US where the entire social infrastructure is based on a model of conflict where, in any dispute, I must be “right” and you must be “wrong”And that means morally wrong. When infused with their religious moral supremacy, these Right-Wing, black and white societies have all been Imperialist, looking to conquer, subjugate and control other nations. They are also inherently racist, which trait does not exist in a vacuum but is justified by social Darwinism and sanctioned by God. The entire collection of American values is essentially Social Darwinism write large, the concept that social survival belongs to the “fittest” which, on an international scale, justifies the invasion, colonisation, and ultimate domination, of the world by the strongest nations.



The differences between China and the West are matters of deep fundamental values. Chinese people value a society of peace and social stability more than they do freedom of information or personal liberties. Americans derive supremacist self-satisfaction in believing they have more “rights” than do the Chinese, but this based on ignorance of the Asian culture of shared values where collective rights are often more important. Due to this plurality, the Chinese are quite willing to forego much of what Americans might term ‘private rights’, but it goes much deeper than this, in terms of values resulting from civilisation and national identity, extending to what we might call ‘national dreams’. The American Dream is about an individual – me – I can have it all, while the Chinese dream is plural, for the rejuvenation of China. The number of Chinese (probably about 90%) who will work hard and make real sacrifices for the overall good of their country is likely in inverse proportion to the number of Americans (probably about 10%) who would give up anything or make any kind of sacrifice for the good of their country.

In this sense, among many others, China and the Chinese have been badly misrepresented by the West. The Chinese have no interest in remaking anybody to be like them. They think their system (political and economic) is good for them and they are happy with it, but will not try to inflict it on anyone else. The Chinese do not meddle, and the reason is that they don’t have the Judeo-Christian stem cells to tell them they must either convert or kill anyone who is different. China is not an imperialist nation because the Chinese have not been infected with religion. They are free of the repugnant supremacist belief that they are in some way divinely favored, hence the absence of racism and birth of tolerance.


Americans, emerging from their individualistic, law of the jungle mold, and infused with their thinly-disguised racism presented as a somewhat less inflammatory American Exceptionalism, cannot accept this because it would destroy the only argument they have for attempting to force their laws, values, beliefs and standards on the rest of the world. If you accept that all people and nations are equal, that there is a natural and desirable diversity in nations and cultures, you cannot justify forcing your values and institutions upon others. The American way of dealing with this is to deny reality, to treat claims of cultural or other differences with contempt, accusing nations of using their cultural diversity as an excuse to escape their true Christian destiny to become American clones.

We see this most particularly in the pressure to adopt US-style multi-party politics where the Americans use India or the Philippines as examples of societies that haven’t entirely self-destructed as proof of the ability of Asian nations to survive the American political system. But the hunger for world domination plays a much larger role in this evangelising than the Americans are willing to admitThey have so deeply embedded their lust for global supremacy into their so-called democratic value system that they pretend to ignore the deliberate and very real political threats underlying their proselytisation, as if their recommendations were based on humanitarian concerns – which they manifestly are not.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons). 

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CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 — 第16章——新冠肺炎疫苗和Oxitec的“飞行注射器”


生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action 



生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action

第16章——新冠肺炎疫苗和Oxitec的“飞行注射器”Chapter 16 – COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes”


作者:拉里·罗曼诺夫 —By Larry Romanoff


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CN -- LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 -- 第15 寨——卡病毒


生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action



生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action

第15章-寨卡病毒 —Chapter 15 – ZIKA


作者:拉里·罗曼诺夫 —By Larry Romanoff



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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF: American Dystopia – The Propaganda Mask and the Utopia Syndrome (Revisited)



American Dystopia – The Propaganda Mask and the Utopia Syndrome


By Larry Romanoff 




In an article in the NYT on America’s “Racial Democracy” (or racist democracy), (1) Jason Stanley and Vesla Weaver noted “The philosopher Elizabeth Anderson argued that when political ideals diverge very widely from reality, the ideals themselves may prevent us from seeing the gap. When the official story differs greatly from the reality of practice, the official story becomes a kind of mask that prevents us from perceiving it.”



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RO — LARRY ROMANOFF: Democrația, cea mai periculoasă religie — Capitolul 5 – Alegerea liderilor guvernamentali

 Democrația, cea mai periculoasă religie

5. Capitolul 5 – Alegerea liderilor guvernamentali

De  Larry Romanoff
Traducerea: CD




RO -- LARRY ROMANOFF: Democrația, cea mai periculoasă religie -- Capitolul 4 – Creierul din dreapta


Democrația, cea mai periculoasă religie

4. Capitolul 4 – Creierul din dreapta

De Larry Romanoff

Traducerea: CD


Acum avem dovezi științifice că cei care aparțin dreptei politice sunt mai primitivi și mai puțin capabili să raționeze clar decât ceilalți dintre noi, potrivit unui studiu recent al Institutului UCL de neuroștiință cognitivă din Marea Britanie. Oamenii în neuroștiință au descoperit dovezi că creierul politicienilor de dreapta are o formă diferită de cea a oamenilor normali, lipsit de materie cenușie într-o porțiune vitală a creierului asociată cu dezvoltarea, ceea ce indică o corelație puternică cu opiniile politice primitive și religiile bazate pe vrăjitorie și cercuri de decupaj. [1][2]


Aripile drepte au o secțiune mai subțire a creierului care permite gândirea rațională și conștientă – porțiunea cingulată anterioară și o parte mult mai groasă, mărită – amigdala – care este o parte veche a creierului asociată cu agresivitatea emoțională primitivă. Având în vedere tendințele tipic pre-umane ale aripii drepte politice, se pare că aceste loialități politice sunt conectate la acești oameni ca un defect genetic din cauza porțiunilor reduse ale creierului lor legate de dezvoltarea umană și civilizație. Nu’I nicio surpriză.


Această revelație științifică uimitoare demonstrează, în sfârșit, ceea ce am bănuit întotdeauna, și anume că Aripa Dreaptă Politică este un fel de Cro-Magnon deviant de la creierul „normal” de stânga, care a scăpat cumva de dispariția evolutivă, păstrând în același timp perspectiva lui Neanderthal. Vedem acum de ce este atât de dificil să le explicăm conservatorilor lucrurile în moduri pe care le pot înțelege, deoarece procesele lor mentale funcționează doar în termeni de trei sau mai puține puncte marcate, migrenele fiind cel mai frecvent rezultat al expunerii la concepte. Se pare că înclinațiile lor religioase și politice primitive ar fi insensibile la educație sau mediu, ceea ce ar explica ratele ridicate ale criminalității din SUA și tendința pentru arme și religii creștine năucitoare. Acest lucru explică multe despre Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, George Bush, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, toți Congresul SUA, mare parte din populația Israelului, cea mai mare parte a Regatului Unit și 85% din Australia.


De fapt, studiul despre creierul celor de dreapta a fost rezultatul șocant și total neașteptat al unei glume și a fost raportat pe scară largă în presa din Marea Britanie la acea vreme. Un domn al cărui nume, din păcate, îmi scapă, plănuia o dezbatere politică la un talk-show din Marea Britanie. Ca pregătire și ca o glumă, el a adunat câțiva neurologi și specialiști în creier și a întrebat dacă pot identifica ceva în scanările creierului care i-a făcut pe oamenii de dreapta în mod natural violenți și proști. Oamenii de știință au efectuat cu respect acele scanări ale creierului și alte examinări și au descoperit, spre marea lor surprindere, că există într-adevăr diferențe fizice semnificative în structurile creierului între cei care s-au identificat fie ca liberali, fie conservatori. Această surpriză a generat în mod natural multe alte studii, iar rezultatele sunt acum clasice.


În 2011, Samuel Goldman a scris un articol util pe această problemă, menționând că oamenii sănătoși „au respins conservatorismul ca pe un defect mental de când a apărut ca un brand distinct de gândire politică”. [3] Thomas Paine a echivalat mințile conservatoare cu „o distrugere a cunoștințelor”. Goldman a relatat afirmația lui John Stuart Mill că „deși nu toți conservatorii sunt proști, majoritatea oamenilor proști sunt conservatori”. [4] Theodore Adorno a diagnosticat opiniile conservatoare ca fiind simptome ale unei „personalități autoritare” patologice. [5]


Nu aș fi putut să spun mai bine. În cele din urmă, universul se desfășoară așa cum ar trebui. Dacă putem evolua puțin mai departe, poate că putem trimite Aripa Dreaptă Politică la coșul de gunoi istoric și să construim un viitor mai pașnic pentru cei dintre noi care supraviețuim.



Scrierile domnului Romanoff au fost traduse în 32 de limbi, iar articolele sale au fost postate pe peste 150 de site-uri web de știri și politică în limbi străine din peste 30 de țări, precum și pe peste 100 de platforme în limba engleză. Larry Romanoff este un consultant de management pensionar și om de afaceri. A deținut funcții de conducere în cadrul unor firme internaționale de consultanță și a deținut o afacere internațională de import-export. A fost profesor invitat la Universitatea Fudan din Shanghai, prezentând studii de caz în afaceri internaționale la cursurile EMBA de nivel superior. Domnul Romanoff locuiește în Shanghai și scrie în prezent o serie de zece cărți legate în general de China și Occident. El este unul dintre autorii care contribuie la noua antologie a lui Cynthia McKinney „When China Sneezes”. (Cap. 2 — Confruntarea cu demonii).

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[1] Institutul de neuroștiințe cognitive;

[2] Creierele de dreapta „diferite” | Independentul;

[3] După conservatorism | Conservatorul american;

[4] Arhiva Spectorului

[5] Personalitatea autoritară a lui Adorno;


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EN — Larry Romanoff: If America dissolves . . . (Revisited)

CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 — 第14章——埃博拉病毒


生物战在行动 —Biological Warfare in Action 



生物战在行动 — Biological Warfare in Action

第14章——埃博拉病毒 — Chapter 14 – EBOLA

By Larry Romanoff




Health care workers wearing full body suits burn infected items at the ELWA Hospital in Monrovia on Aug. 30, 2014. Images Dominique Faget/AFP/Getty

2014年8月30日,在蒙罗维亚的ELWA医院,身穿全身防护服的医护人员焚烧受感染的物品。图片Dominique Faget/法新社/盖蒂




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What part will your country play in World War III?

By Larry Romanoff, May 27, 2021

The true origins of the two World Wars have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology. Neither War was started (or desired) by Germany, but both at the instigation of a group of European Zionist Jews with the stated intent of the total destruction of Germany. The documentation is overwhelming and the evidence undeniable. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)


L.Romanoff´s interview