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COVID-19: Targeting Italy and South Korea? “The Chain of Transmission of Infection” -- March 21, 2020

Global Research, March 21, 2020
A high-level Italian virologist, Giuseppe Remuzzi, has published papers in the Lancet and other articles in which he states facts not hitherto known. (1)

The doctor stated that Italian physicians now recall having seen:
 “a very strange and very severe pneumonia, particularly in old people in December and even November [2019]. This suggests that the virus was circulating, at least in Lombardy, and before we were aware of this outbreak occurring in China.“(2)
Chinese medical authorities have determined the same underlying phenomenon, that the virus had been circulating among the population for perhaps two months before it finally broke out into the open.
Further, according to the Italian National Health Service (ISS):

COVID-19: All Truth Has Three Stages -- March 19, 2020

Global Research, March 19, 2020
Region: USA
First, it is ignored.
Second, it is widely ridiculed.
Third, it is accepted as self-evident.
With COVID-19, we have now entered Stage 2. At first, the media ignored the claims and the analysis that the virus could have originated in the US. But the spread of information and restatements of evidence from all sides, including in the US itself, has become too intense and now the claims are being openly ridiculed in the Western media.
Briefly, Chinese virologists discovered conclusively that the original source of the virus was not China, nor Wuhan, nor the seafood market, but had been traced to the US, a possible scenario being that the virus might have originated at the US Military’s bio-weapons lab at Fort Detrick (which was shut down by the CDC in July, because of outbreaks), and brought to China during the World Military Games in October 2019.
Also, Japanese and Taiwanese virologists arrived independently at the conclusion that the virus could have originated in the US.
The Americans did their best from before the beginning to deflect culpability by crafting tales of bats, snakes, pangolins, the seafood market, the Wuhan University being a bio-weapons facility (which it is not), and the CIA tale leaked through the VOA and Radio Free Asia that the virus leaked from that university. They stated (factually) that Chinese researchers had participated (7 years ago) in similar virus research funded by the US NIH, thus somehow insinuating Chinese culpability, ignoring that the prior research was irrelevant to current events.

China’s Coronavirus - A Global Health Emergency is Launched. What are the Facts -- January 31, 2020

Global Research, January 31, 2020
While this coronavirus is indeed serious and is causing deaths, one wonders if the responses, especially in the West, are reaching out of control.
Canada, with a population about the same as Shanghai, has so far this flu season had more than 20,000 confirmed cases, 2,200 hospitalisations, and 85 deaths, roughly the same as all of China with the new corona virus at the same time. But there is no panic in Canada about the flu, and United Airlines isn’t cancelling all flights to Canada.
By the same token for the US in this flu season, there have been 140,000 hospitalisations and about 8,500 deaths.
But the flu barely rates a mention in the US media and the government is not shuttering cities or air travel. Even more, in 2017, the US recorded 61,000 fatalities from the flu with 45 million becoming very ill, yet there was no national emergency cited and life remained normal.(1)

US Action in Addressing COVID-19. “Attributing Virus Deaths to the Flu” --March 16, 2020

The US is following the same pattern with COVID-19 as with prior virus outbreaks. Downplay and understate initially, cover up the truth, flood the media with misinformation, then slowly release the true facts as necessary to maintain the narrative.
”Health authorities have warned that the outbreak is already well-entrenched in the US: The state of Ohio likely has more than 100,000 people carrying the virus, its health department says.” (1) [This Ohio assessment  is in sharp contrast to official  CDC figures].
If Ohio has 100,000 infections, New York and California have ten times that number.

The latest media reports point to approximately 3000 cases (March 15). The total number of cases for March 13 recorded by the CDC is 1629. The latest CDC breakdown (March 13) indicates the following

It is now apparent the CDC is not producing its own tests, but waiting for private enterprise to learn how to do it, in the meantime burying the statistics by attributing virus deaths to the flu.
Also, the CDC is still ”strongly” recommending that hospitals test first for the flu and all other possible conditions, applying virus tests only to those from ”heavily-infected” regions, and only If they appear very ill. ”We are testing only the sickest people”. This policy is insane by any standard.
Robert Redfield, the head of the CDC has as much as admitted all this. It now appears more certain that the brief epidemic of vaping deaths was not due to e-cigarettes as claimed, but was the first outbreak, shortly after Fort Detrick was shut down. This was the testimony of the virologist from Taiwan.
Then, having two years ago eviscerated the health care system, forcing all communication to be made through the White House, and declaring all such information as classified.
This is a cover-up on a large scale, supported by secrecy and a massive misinformation campaign directed against the American public.
The media still attempt to ignore the rising groundswell of opinion and fact that the virus originated in the US, although the UK Guardian broke new ground in an article claiming China was ”pushing propaganda” that the virus began in the US, adding that the theory that this is ”an ‘American virus”’ ‘was ”gaining traction” in China. (2)
Nevertheless, the Washington Post, Reuters, and several others have been attempting contact since a spokesman from the Chinese Foreign Ministry posted links to one of my prior articles on Twitter and asked everyone to forward it as much as possible because it was of ”the greatest interest” to all the Chinese people.

US CDC Director Robert Redfield Admitted that Coronavirus Deaths Have Been Miscategorized as Flu -- March 13, 2020

Global Research, March 13, 2020
The US has been lying all along.
Robert Redfield, CDC director, testifying to Congress, today admitted that virus deaths have been miscategorised as the flu.
He also stated that the standard practice has been to first test people for the flu and, if the test is positive, they stop there. They don’t test for the coronavirus.
So Japan and Taiwan were correct. Many of the US deaths attributed to the flu were actually from the coronavirus.
One Senator asked Redfield if post-mortems were performed to learn the cause of death, and he stated that such were done, and they revealed mis-diagnoses.
CDC director Robert Redfield admitted some Americans who seemingly died from influenza were tested positive for novel #coronavirus in the posthumous diagnosis, during the House Oversight Committee Wednesday. #COVID19
— Global Times (@globaltimesnews) March 12, 2020
The infections and deaths have been knowingly mis-categorised for months, and the CDC ‘strongly’ recommended that hospitals not test for the virus except as a last resort. It is not an accident that the US has no reliable tests. They don’t want to test. Blame everything on the flu.
And now all meetings and discussions on the virus are classified, and all public information must be first cleared through the White House

China’s Coronavirus - A Shocking Update. Did The Virus Originate in the US? -- March 04, 2020

Japan, China and Taiwan Reports on the Origin of the Virus

Global Research, March 04, 2020

The Western media quickly took the stage and laid out the official narrative for the outbreak of the new coronavirus which appeared to have begun in China, claiming it to have originated with animals at a wet market in Wuhan.
In fact the origin was for a long time unknown but it appears likely now, according to Chinese and Japanese reports, that the virus originated elsewhere, from multiple locations, but began to spread widely only after being introduced to the market.
More to the point, it appears that the virus did not originate in China and, according to reports in Japanese and other media, may have originated in the US.
Chinese Researchers Conclude the Virus Originated Outside of China

China’s Coronavirus – How the Western Media Spin the News -- February 05, 2020

China’s Coronavirus – How the Western Media Spin the News

Reporting from Shanghai
It is not possible to understand the situation of China’s new coronavirus infections without some context. Let’s place ourselves in the position of patient and physician. If you develop a headache, what is your first thought? Do you say to yourself, “My god, I have a brain tumor and I will die”? Not likely. Similarly, if you report your headache to a doctor, his range of thoughts is unlikely to involve your immediate demise. Both parties assume the event is merely one more common and typical occurrence and, barring unusual symptoms that indicate additional testing, the physician’s advice would most likely be to “take two aspirins and call me tomorrow”.
This was essentially the circumstance in China with the new coronavirus. The initial symptoms of the first patients were quite mild, seemingly no more than a typical winter flu and thus of no special concern. It was only after about two weeks, when the symptoms became more severe and patients required hospitalisation, that medical experts realised they were dealing with a new contagion.

China’s New Coronavirus - An Examination of the Facts -- January 25, 2020

Global Research, January 25, 2020
The Western mass media have discussed the new corona virus that began in the city of Wuhan in Central China but, apart from repetitive small details and the inevitable China-bashing, not much light has been shed on the circumstances. My initial commentary here is composed from a medley of nearly 100 Western news reports, primarily ABC, CBS, CNN, AFP, and from some Chinese media. Officially called the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the contagion is a respiratory illness, a new type of viral pneumonia, in the same family of infections as SARS and MERS.
At the time of writing, Chinese health authorities announced 830 confirmed cases caused by this virus in 29 provincial-level regions in the country, resulting so far in 25 deaths primarily among the elderly who had been suffering serious prior medical conditions and were perhaps in weakened physical states. A few cases have been reported in other countries, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, the US, Japan, all of which involved ethnic Chinese who had traveled to Wuhan. The virus initially showed no signs of spreading between humans, but then may have mutated with 15 medical workers in Wuhan apparently contracting the pathogen from other victims. It still remains unclear how easy it is to contract it from another infected individual.

Gaza: Assassínio de Crianças por Desporto

Global Research, 12 de Março de 2020
Tema: Lei e Justiça, PALESTINA,
Mohyeldin era o repórter egípcio da Al-Jazeera English que havia coberto dezenas de grandes acontecimentos no Médio Oriente para muitas redes americanas e outras. A sua reputação era enorme e as suas reportagens sobre o ataque israelita a Gaza eram uma actividade jornalística tão brilhante que a NBC “o perseguiu agressivamente para deixar a Al Jazeera, pagando-lhe muito acima do salário normal. . . ” A sua nova missão na NBC era cobrir Israel e a Palestina, uma tarefa amplamente auxiliada pela sua capacidade de falar árabe e pelo seu conhecimento pessoal do Médio Oriente e da sua História.
Mas, em Julho de 2014, Mohyeldin foi afastado abruptamente da NBC por David Verdi, um dos principais executivos da NBC, que ordenou que Mohyeldin deixasse Gaza imediatamente. A NBC atribuiu o afastamento de Mohyeldin a “preocupações com a segurança” não especificadas, mas havia um factor adicional em jogo. (1)
Mohyeldin tinha estado a jogar futebol numa praia com quatro rapazes palestinianos, e logo que se afastou deles e não estava a muito longe deles, quando uma canhoneira israelita que os observava a curta distância da costa, disparou um projéctil de artilharia directamente para o grupo de rapazes, fazendo-os explodir, todos eles, em pedaços. Mohyeldin testemunhou o assassinato deliberado de quatro meninos palestinianos levado a cabo por militares israelitas e apresentou um relatório completo à NBC, que retirou furtivamente o seu relatório para substituí-lo por uma versão diferente, apresentada por um repórter substituto. (2) (3) (4)

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Parte 2: Un Cambio di Paradigma COVID-19 ha Bisogno di un'Indagine Penale

da Larry Romanoff
April 16, 2020
A que países já chegou o coronavírus? O mapa atualizado – Observador

Questo articolo è il seguito della Parte 1: "Il governo degli Stati Uniti dichiara guerra all'America", che elenca una storia, lunga 70 anni, dell'esercito e della CIA statunitensi che hanno eseguito segreti e micidiali "esperimenti" biologici, chimici e radioattivi sugli americani e su molte altre nazioni.

Le circostanze attuali hanno causato un cambio di paradigma nella percezione del pubblico di questa pandemia e sono richieste risposte. Una di queste circostanze è un altro studio più definitivo, questa volta condotto da esperti dell'Università di Cambridge e dai loro coetanei tedeschi, che hanno analizzato 160 genomi virali estratti da pazienti umani in tutto il mondo. La loro scoperta principale è stata che il coronavirus aveva tre distinti ceppi, vale a dire A, B e C. Hanno dimostrato che il tipo che ha infettato la Cina - B - non era il virus originale, ma un derivato dal genitore (A) che esisteva principalmente negli Stati Uniti, almeno inizialmente.

Hanno anche completato un'analisi, ancora inedita, di altri 1.001 genomi, e il loro studio fornisce prove concrete (come hanno fatto altri) che la diffusione della malattia tra gli esseri umani si è verificata tra il 13 settembre e il 7 dicembre 2019, molto prima che fosse identificata in Cina.

C'è dell'altro:

Nel 2004, l'Hong Kong Wenweipo pubblicò un articolo intitolato "Il primo focolaio di SARS sospettato negli Stati Uniti", citando AP e Reuters (3), su una donna americana di 45 anni che si ammalò gravemente con i tipici sintomi della SARS pochi mesi prima dell'epidemia di Hong Kong e che morì nel giro di un giorno, con l'intero ospedale e circa 80 altre persone, con cui aveva avuto contatti, che furono immediatamente messe in quarantena. Wenweipo, ricercatori cinesi, virologi russi ed esperti militari hanno ipotizzato che il virus SARS fosse stato necessariamente creato dall'uomo e quasi sicuramente rilasciato da un laboratorio militare americano, essendo la copertura americana nascosta. È ancora un mistero spiegare come i media occidentali (USA) abbiano immediatamente, e all'unanimità, saputo che la SARS era causata da zibetti quando per mesi nessuno sul campo sapeva nulla di concreto.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Part 2: A Paradigm Shift -- COVID-19 Needs a Criminal Investigation

A que países já chegou o coronavírus? O mapa atualizado – Observador

This article follows from Part 1: "The US Government Declares War on America", which listed a 70-year history of the US military and CIA having performed secret and deadly Biological, Chemical, and Radiation "Experiments" on Americans and on many other nations.

Current circumstances have caused a paradigm shift in the public's perception of this pandemic, and answers are demanded. One of those circumstances is 
another more definitive study, this time by experts from the University of Cambridge and their peers from Germany who analyzed 160 virus genomes extracted from human patients around the world. Their major finding was that the coronavirus had three distinct strains, namely A, B, and C. They proved that the type which infected China - B - was not the original virus but a derivative from the parent (A) which existed primarily in the US, at least initially.

They also completed a still-unpublished analysis of another 1,001 genomes, their study providing solid evidence (as have others) that the spread of the disease among humans occurred between September 13 and December 7, 2019, long before it was identified in China.

There is more:

PT -- Parte 2: Uma Mudança de Paradigma -- O COVID-19 exige uma investigação criminal

16 de Abril de 2020
A que países já chegou o coronavírus? O mapa atualizado – Observador
Este artigo é a continuação da Parte 1: “O governo dos EUA declara guerra à América” , que relatou uma história de 70 anos das Forças Armadas dos EUA e da CIA, a realizar “Experiências” biológicas, químicas e de radiação, secretas e mortais, em americanos e em muitas outras nações.
As circunstâncias actuais causaram uma mudança de paradigma na percepção do público sobre esta pandemia, e exigem-se respostas. Uma destas circunstâncias é outro estudo mais definitivo, desta vez realizado por especialistas da Universidade de Cambridge e pelos colegas da Alemanha, que analisaram 160 genomas de vírus extraídos de pacientes humanos em todo o mundo. A sua descoberta principal foi que o coronavírus possuía três linhagens distintas, a saber A, B e C. Provaram que o tipo que infectou a China - B - não era o vírus original, mas um derivado do progenitor (A) que existia principalmente nos EUA, pelo menos, inicialmente.
Eles também concluíram uma análise ainda não publicada de outros 1.001 genomas, cujo estudo fornece provas sólidas (assim como outras) de que a propagação da doença entre os humanos ocorreu entre 13 de Setembro e 7 de Dezembro de 2019, muito antes de ser identificada na China.

Mas há mais:

Part 1 --The US Government Declares War on America

Biological, Chemical, and Radiation "Experiments" on Americans

Children Fed Radioactive Cereal
This article is Part 1 of 2. It provides the background and some necessary context as an introduction for what follows, an environment of secret US military activity conclusively supported by thousands of pages of documented evidence.

For the past 70 or so years, the US government waged a war against its own citizens, a reprehensible history of illegal, unethical and immoral experiments exposing countless millions of US civilians to deadly procedures and pathogens. According to a US Congressional investigation, by the late 1970s "at least 500,000 people were used as subjects in radiation, biological and chemical experiments sponsored by the US Federal Government on its own citizens". The truth is in the tens of millions.
The United States Government Accountability Office issued a report on September 28, 1994, which stated that between 1940 and 1974, the United States Department of Defense and other national security agencies studied hundreds of thousands of human subjects in tests and experiments involving hazardous substances.

A quotation from the study:

PT -- O Governo dos EUA declara guerra à América

Experiências” biológicas, químicas e de radiação infligidas aos americanos

16 de Abril de 2020

Children Fed Radioactive Cereal

As crianças da Fernald State School foram alimentadas com Cereais Radioactivos


Parte 1 de um artigo dividido em 2, que fornece os antecedentes e algum contexto necessário como introdução para o que se segue - o ambiente da actividade secreta militar dos EUA – apoiado, rigorosamente, por milhares de páginas de provas documentadas.

Nos últimos 70 anos, o Governo dos EUA travou uma guerra contra os seus cidadãos, uma história repreensível de experiências ilegais, anti-éticas e imorais, expondo incontáveis milhões de civis dos EUA a procedimentos e agentes patogénicos mortais. De acordo com uma investigação do Congresso dos EUA, no final da década de 1970 “pelo menos 500.000 pessoas foram usadas como sujeitos em experiências de radiação, biológicas e químicas, patrocinadas pelo governo federal dos EUA nos seus próprios cidadãos”. A verdade está na casa das dezenas de milhões.



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What part will your country play in World War III?

By Larry Romanoff, May 27, 2021

The true origins of the two World Wars have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology. Neither War was started (or desired) by Germany, but both at the instigation of a group of European Zionist Jews with the stated intent of the total destruction of Germany. The documentation is overwhelming and the evidence undeniable. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)


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