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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — Diplomatic Immunity, American-Style — August 28, 2022

Diplomatic Immunity, American-Style

By Larry Romanoff, August 28, 2022


15 Myths about Diplomatic passports - Best Citizenships


In a recent podcast, Kevin Barrett stated that the rule of law has disappeared in the US. This is so obviously true to outsiders looking in, and is even more true of American official conduct abroad, but I find myself wondering about the extent to which Americans generally are aware of this and how it is perceived.


In days gone by, this lawlessness was usually deeply buried and obfuscated but today it seems there is no longer even a pretense of any rule of law. We see this most recently in the so-called "sanctions" the US so freely applies to countries and individuals, being no more than illegal rampaging and looting.


But there is another category that may not be as visible and yet is indicative of an extreme breakdown of the rule of law, this applying to the category of "diplomatic immunity", real or imagined, where the US government absolutely treads on a one-way street. This article is only a brief introduction with a few examples of hundreds that could be cited.


EN -- LARRY ROMANOFF -- The US Government Declares War on America -- August 17, 2022


The US Government Declares War on America

By Larry Romanoff, August 17, 2022


Protesters, with one wielding a Confederate battle flag that reads ‘Come and Take It,’ clash with police at the US Capitol on 6 January 2021.



Covert nuclear, biological and chemical experiments on the American public are not new. The US government and military have a history of at least 150 years of performing illegal, unethical and immoral experiments on live subjects at home. Countless millions of US civilians have been exposed to astonishing procedures and pathogens. According to a US Congressional investigation, by the late 1970s "at least 500,000 people were used as subjects in radiation, biological and chemical experiments sponsored by the US Federal Government on its own citizens".


These pages contain only a brief summary of the litany of illegal and immoral human experimentation carried out the by the US government and its various agencies, experiments that are by all accounts still continued today. The US government hypocritically claims the high moral ground in the area of human rights, but no nation, not even the worst of the colonial powers, has ever displayed such a consistent, despicable and utter disregard for human life.


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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — CIA Project MK-ULTRA Updated — July 2, 2020




By Larry Romanoff, July 2, 2020

Retiring director of the CIA Allen Dulles (centre) with US President John F Kennedy and Dulles’ CIA replacement John A. McCone in Washington, DC. In early 1960s. Picture: AP




  • CIA Project MK-ULTRA 
    •The Stanford Research Institute 
    •Gottlieb’s Chamber of Horrors 
    •The CIA’s Holocaust of Small Children – and Canada’s Crime of the Century 
    •The Sleep Room’s Missing Memories 
    •The Death of Harold Blauer 
    •The Life and Death of Frank Olson 
    •CIA Project MK-DELTA Stanley Glickman The Great French Bread Experiment 
    •Americans Once Again Facing Their Crimes 
    •Sidney Gottlieb


Note to readers:

This essay is an edited and abridged version, with content reformatted, of that originally posted here. It is updated with some new material and full references. A list of the most important references is at the end of the essay, before the notes. I deleted the small portion on P. W. Botha because I was unable to locate my primary reference which was text extracted from the Truth and Reconciliation hearings held in South Africa. The content was testimony by one of Botha’s underlings at a hearing that Botha refused to attend. Rather than leave questions about the validity of statements, I deleted that section.

    • CIA Project MK-ULTRA


 The United States government funded and performed countless psychological experiments on unwitting humans, especially during the Cold War era, perhaps partially to help develop more effective torture and interrogation techniques for the US military and the CIA, but the almost unbelievable extent, range and duration of these activities far surpassed possible interrogation applications and appear to have been performed from a fundamental monstrous inhumanity. To simply read summaries of these, even without the details, is almost traumatising in itself.


In studies that began in the late 1940s and early 1950s, the US Military began identifying and testing truth serums like mescaline and scopolamine on human subjects, which they claimed might be useful during interrogations of Soviet spies. These programs eventually expanded to a project of vast scope and enormous ambition, enzedrine under the CIA in what would come to be called Project MK-ULTRA, a major collection of interrogation and mind-control projects. Inspired initially by delusions of a brainwashing program, the CIA began thousands of experiments using both American and foreign subjects often without their knowledge or against their will, destroying countless tens of thousands of lives and causing many deaths and suicides. Funded in part by the Rockefeller and Ford foundations and jointly operated by the CIA, the FBI and the intelligence divisions of all military groups, this decades-long CIA research constituted an immense collection of some of the most cold-blooded and callous atrocities conceivable, in a determined effort to develop reliable techniques of controlling the human mind.


CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 美国人在犯罪上是精神错乱的 — 2022年8月18日










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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — Americans are Criminally Insane — August 18, 2022


Americans are Criminally Insane

By Larry Romanoff, August 18, 2022



I have in the past been accused of being 'anti-American' and, while that was perhaps true, those sentiments were directed primarily to the US government and its agencies and not the people of the nation, on the grounds that, democracy notwithstanding, the people were not responsible for the atrocities of the psychopathic criminal enterprise acting as their government.


My stance has changed. Just as leaves cannot turn color and roots cannot wither without the silent knowledge of the whole tree, no government can commit centuries of unremitting wars and atrocities against other peoples and nations without the knowledge and approval of the great majority of its population. Nor can it do so without the cooperation of its corporations, its civilian infrastructure, and its educational institutions.


And, since the US government, military and CIA are almost 100% controlled by, and functioning as lieutenants and enforcers for,  the Khazarian Jewish mafia resident in the City of London, my observations apply equally to both parties. Still, these are startling accusations, so let's examine the substantiation. We can begin with:


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EN -- LARRY ROMANOFF -- The Chinese Quality Disease -- August 15, 2022

           The Chinese Quality Disease

By Larry Romanoff, August 15, 2022



This is a very strange thing. In decades of exposure to Chinese people and in nearly 20 years of living in China, I still cannot understand this nor have I found anyone who can explain it to me. I will provide first a bit of background.


EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — The Branding of America – Putting Lipstick on a Pig — August 08, 2022

The Branding of America - Putting Lipstick on a Pig

By Larry Romanoff, August 08, 2022




One of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on consumers is the branding of consumer products, a practice created almost entirely in the US, achieving significance only from an overwhelming flood of abusive psychological propaganda and advertising. In probably no other place did American corporations and ad agencies apply Bernays' psychiatric propaganda methods of public manipulation with more bloodthirsty determination than in their creation of the fiction of branding, and in no other country are brands treated with the reverence they are in the US.


CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 美国竞争优势的神话 — 2022年8月13日



通过 拉里·罗曼诺夫,2022年8月13日




美国人不断吹嘘自己的竞争力和掠夺性资本主义制度的奇迹,但经过审查,这些说法似乎大多是轻率的沙文主义,将历史偶然事件转化为宗教。如果我们审视一下记录,美国公司很少表现出明显的竞争力。有大量证据表明,他们的努力主要是为了确保一个不对称的竞争环境,使他们能够避免面对真正的竞争。而且,在很大程度上,美国大公司的成功不是因为任何竞争优势,而是来自国务院和军方的压力和威胁。《纽约时报》专栏作家托马斯·弗里德曼(Thomas Friedman)写道:“没有隐藏的拳头,市场的隐藏之手永远不会起作用。没有麦克唐纳·道格拉斯,麦当劳就无法繁荣。”


CH -- LARRY ROMANOFF -- 消费社会 -- 2022年8月6日




通过 Larry Romanoff,2022年8月6日




CH -- LARRY ROMANOFF -- 肤浅的美国 -- 2022年7月24日


Superficial America



通过 拉里·罗曼诺夫,2022年7月24日




中文     英语   西班牙文

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CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 美国梦 — 2022年7月26日










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RU -- LARRY ROMANOFF -- Китайские скоростные поезда. Америка, где ты? July 25, 2021


Китайские скоростные поезда. Америка, где ты?

Аватар пользователя walrom




В Китае действует самая длинная в мире сеть высокоскоростных железных дорог (ВСЖД) протяженностью около 38 000 километров, который включает в себя почти 70% всех высокоскоростных линий мира и более чем в три раза больше, чем во всем Европейском Союзе. В Китае эксплуатируется более 2500 высокоскоростных поездов, больше, чем во всех остальных странах мира вместе взятых и у него также есть самые быстрые поезда в мире, несколько поколений теперь работают на скоростях от 350 км/ч до 400 км/ч. Поезда на магнитной подушке в Шанхае по-​прежнему остаются самыми быстрыми поездами в мире, с постоянной скоростью 430 км/ч. Железнодорожная система Китая перевозит около 3,5 миллиардов пассажиров в год, почти 70% из них на высокоскоростных поездах. В течение 40 дней китайского праздника весны (китайский Новый год) пассажиропоток достиг пика в более чем 400 миллионов человек.

Сеть высокоскоростных железных дорог Китая

Сеть высокоскоростных железных дорог Китая

SV –LARRY ROMANOFF — Kreativitet, entreprenörskap och andra amerikanska myter – Myten om den amerikanska konkurrenssituationen -August 13, 2022



Kreativitet, entreprenörskap och andra amerikanska myter – Myten om den amerikanska konkurrenssituationen


Här förklarar Larry Romanoff varför han tror Kina vinner kampen om världshegemonin.

Datum: 14 augusti, 2022

Författare: lars bern

fritt översatt från:

Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and other American Myths, by Larry Romanoff – The Unz Review





Amerikaner skryter oavbrutet om sin konkurrenskraft och miraklerna i deras råkapitalistiska system, men vid närmare undersökningar verkar dessa påståenden vara mestadels tanklös jingoism som förvandlar historiska olyckor till religion. Om vi granskar utfallet så har amerikanska företag sällan varit särskilt konkurrenskraftiga. Det finns mer än rikliga bevis för att deras ansträngningar främst är inriktade på att säkerställa en asymmetrisk spelplan som gjort det möjligt för dem att undvika att konfrontera verklig konkurrens. Och till stor del har stora amerikanska företag lyckats inte på grund av någon konkurrensfördel utan genom påtryckningar och hot från utrikesdepartementet och militären. New York Times kolumnist Thomas Friedman uttalade sanningen ganska exakt när han skrev: ”Marknadens dolda hand kommer aldrig att fungera utan den dolda näven. McDonald’s kan inte blomstra utan McDonnell Douglas.”


RU — Larry Romanoff. Твор­че­ство, пред­при­ни­ма­тель­ство и дру­гие аме­ри­кан­ские мифы — August 13, 2022



LarryRomanoff. Твор­че­ство, пред­при­ни­ма­тель­ство и дру­гие аме­ри­кан­ские мифы[пе­ре­вод]

 3.7K 11:03 - 14/Авг/22  sinc_func


Миф об аме­ри­кан­ском кон­ку­рент­номпре­вос­ход­стве





Аме­ри­кан­цы по­сто­ян­но хва­ста­ют­ся своей кон­ку­рен­то­спо­соб­но­стью и чу­де­са­ми своей хищ­ни­че­ской ка­пи­та­ли­сти­че­ской си­сте­мы, но при рас­смот­ре­нии эти за­яв­ле­ния ка­жут­ся по боль­шей части без­дум­ным ура-патриотизмомко­то­рый пре­вра­ща­ет ис­то­ри­че­ские слу­чай­но­сти в ре­ли­гию. Если мы по­смот­рим на по­служ­ной спи­сок, то уви­дим, что аме­ри­кан­ские ком­па­нии редко были за­мет­но кон­ку­рен­то­спо­соб­ны. Су­ще­ству­ет более чем мно­же­ство сви­де­тельств того, что их уси­лия в ос­нов­ном на­прав­ле­ны на обес­пе­че­ние асим­мет­рич­но­го иг­ро­во­го поля, поз­во­ля­ю­ще­го им из­бе­жать ре­аль­ной кон­ку­рен­ции. И в зна­чи­тель­ной сте­пе­ни круп­ные кор­по­ра­ции США до­би­лись успе­ха не бла­го­да­ря каким-либо кон­ку­рент­ным пре­иму­ще­ствам, а бла­го­да­ря дав­ле­нию и угро­зам, ис­хо­дя­щим от Го­су­дар­ствен­но­го де­пар­та­мен­та и во­ен­ных. Обо­зре­ва­тель New York Times Томас Фрид­ман до­воль­но точно из­ло­жил ис­ти­ну, на­пи­сав: «Скры­тая рука рынка ни­ко­гда не сра­бо­та­ет без скры­то­го ку­ла­ка. McDonald's не может про­цве­тать без McDonnell Douglas ».


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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — The Consumer Society — August 06, 2022

Creativity, Entrepreneurship, and other American Myths


The Myth of American Competitive Supremacy


By Larry Romanoff, August 13, 2022




Americans boast incessantly about their competitiveness and the miracles of their predatory capitalist system, but on examination these claims appear to be mostly thoughtless jingoism that transmutes historical accidents into religion. If we examine the record, US companies have seldom been notably competitive. There is more than abundant evidence that their efforts are mostly directed to ensure an asymmetric playing field that permitted them to avoid confronting real competition. And, in very large part, major US corporations have succeeded not because of any competitive advantage but by pressure and threats emanating from the State Department and military. New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman stated the truth quite accurately when he wrote, “The hidden hand of the market will never work without the hidden fist. McDonald’s cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas."


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SP — LARRY ROMANOFF — La Sociedad de Consumo — August 06, 2022


La Sociedad de Consumo

Por Larry Romanoff, 6 de Agosto, 2022

Traducción: PEC 




No sé si los estadounidenses fueron alguna vez fiscalmente responsables, si alguna vez tuvieron una época en la que se valoraba el ahorro, en la que no se pedía prestado para el consumo y en la que se evitaban los bienes y productos de usar y tirar de baja calidad, pero si vivieron un periodo así en su historia, fue breve. Veinte años antes de que Elmer Wheeler descubriera el chisporroteo, Bernays y sus amigos ya habían inculcado el concepto igualmente importante de gastar hoy el dinero de mañana. El proceso comenzó con los planes de Layaway*, y luego se pasó al "Pague mientras lo disfruta", "Sin dinero de antemano", "Compre ahora, pague después", y otros planes de crédito fácil. Los anuncios de televisión mostraban a gente guapa disfrutando de su nueva casa y de su coche, de los electrodomésticos y los muebles, de la televisión, de la ropa y de las vacaciones, sin tener que pagarlos hoy. Los mercadólogos contrataron a los psicólogos de Bernays para que crearan un plan táctico que cambiara los valores estadounidenses del ahorro al del consumo perpetuo, y tuvieron un éxito que superó sus sueños más salvajes. Los mercadólogos estadounidenses concibieron y crearon una sociedad de "usar y tirar", donde la apariencia era más importante que la sustancia, donde la calidad se sacrificaba por la moda. Los fabricantes de automóviles estadounidenses cambiaban toda la apariencia externa de sus modelos cada año, convirtiendo el transporte en un accesorio de moda con campañas publicitarias que hacían que la gente se avergonzara de conducir el coche del año anterior. Tanto es así que, desde los años 50, uno de los mayores "acontecimientos de moda" del año era la presentación de los nuevos modelos por parte de los fabricantes de automóviles estadounidenses. Nunca se prestaba atención a la ingeniería ni a la calidad; todo era consumismo superficial.


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SP -- LARRY ROMANOFF -- El Sueño Americano -- July 26, 2022

El Sueño Americano

Por Larry Romanoff, 26 de Julio, 2022

Traducción: PEC 



Estados Unidos tiene una de las ideologías nacionalistas más arraigadas de cualquier nación. Junto con las grandes histerias de masas del patriotismo y la libertad, uno de los eslabones más penetrantes de la cadena ideológica que crea el sentido de identidad estadounidense es la creencia en el "sueño americano", un ideal imaginario que ofrece un camino de prosperidad que va de los harapos a la riqueza. En este universo mítico, todas las oportunidades están disponibles por igual para todos los ciudadanos, en una tierra en la que incluso los que no tienen credenciales, educación o experiencia pueden acumular riquezas incalculables e incluso llegar a ser presidente del país. En este contexto, Estados Unidos es un mito utópico fantástico promovido por la maquinaria de propaganda como un concepto idealista de Shangri-la de oportunidades y esperanza, donde incluso los más desfavorecidos tienen una oportunidad justa de riqueza y de fama.


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CH — LARRY ROMANOFF — 美国中央情报局MK-ULTRA项目 — 2020年7月2日






Retiring director of the CIA Allen Dulles (centre) with US President John F Kennedy and Dulles’ CIA replacement John A. McCone in Washington, DC. In early 1960s. Picture: AP





      • 中情局项目MK-ULTRA
      • 斯坦福研究院
      • 戈特利布恐怖室
      • 中情局对幼儿的大屠杀-以及加拿大的世纪犯罪
      • 睡眠室丢失的记忆
      • 罗德·劳尔之死
      • 兰克·尔森的生与死
      • 中情局项目MK-DELTA Stanley Glickman The Great French Bread实验
      • 美国人再次面临犯罪西德尼·戈特利布



    • CIA Project MK-ULTRA
    • 美国中央情报局MK-ULTRA




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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — The Consumer Society — August 06, 2022



The Consumer Society

By Larry Romanoff, August 06, 2022



I don’t know if Americans were ever fiscally responsible, if they ever had a time when saving was valued, where you didn’t borrow for consumption, and where low-quality throwaway goods and products were avoided, but if they did experience such a period in their history, it was brief. Twenty years before Elmer Wheeler’s discovery of sizzle, Bernays and his friends had already instilled the equally important concept of spending tomorrow’s money today. The process began with Layaway plans,  then moved to ‘Pay as you Go’, ‘No money Down’, ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, and other easy credit schemes. Television ads displayed beautiful people enjoying their new home and car, kitchen appliances and furniture, TV, clothing and vacations, and not having to pay for them today. The marketers hired Bernays’ psychologists to create a tactical plan to change American values from saving to perpetual consumption, and succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. US marketers conceived and created a ‘throw-away’ society, where appearance was more important than substance, where quality was sacrificed for fashion. US automakers changed the entire external appearance of their models each year, converting transportation into fashion accessory with advertising campaigns that made people ashamed of driving last year’s car. This is so true that since the 1950s, one of the largest ‘fashion events’ of the year was the unveiling by American auto manufacturers of their new models. There was never any attention paid to engineering or quality; it was all superficial consumerism.

Thursday, August 4, 2022



América Superficial

Por Larry Romanoff, 24 de Julio, 2022

Traducción: PEC 




Si tuviéramos que identificar un momento de la historia de Estados Unidos en el que la superficialidad arraigó en el país, bien podría ser un discurso de un vendedor estadounidense llamado Elmer Wheeler, que en 1937 acuñó la ahora famosa máxima de "No vendas el filete, vende el chisporroteo". Para los que no lo sepan, el chisporroteo es el sonido que hace un filete cuando se lanza por primera vez a una barbacoa caliente. Su idea tenía mérito. Ver una foto de un bistec o escuchar un anuncio de radio sobre bistecs probablemente no generaría una respuesta de compra inmediata, pero escuchar ese sonido podría traer buenos recuerdos y persuadir a los compradores a dirigirse al supermercado. Su teoría era que no es el simple producto lo que genera una compra, sino nuestra respuesta emocional a algún elemento de ese producto.




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What part will your country play in World War III?

By Larry Romanoff, May 27, 2021

The true origins of the two World Wars have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology. Neither War was started (or desired) by Germany, but both at the instigation of a group of European Zionist Jews with the stated intent of the total destruction of Germany. The documentation is overwhelming and the evidence undeniable. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)


L.Romanoff´s interview