Propaganda and the Media -- Part 5

Let's Tell Some Lies

By Larry Romanoff for The Saker BlogJune 13, 2021

I stated in earlier articles that we are subjected - more often than we might imagine - to news articles that were entirely fictitious, reporting on news events that either never occurred, or where the description bore no resemblance to the actual event.

One of the most common ploys is to fabricate an event - usually an atrocity tale of some nature - and use an unrelated and misleading photo as evidence. CNN is famous for this tactic and, when challenged, invariably offers one of two responses: (a) 'Okay, so we accidentally mis-captioned a photo. Big deal.", or (b) "It doesn't matter. The photo was editorially relevant." These are not accidental; they serve as vital evidence for the fabricated story, and depend immensely on the ignorance of Americans and Westerners generally.