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EN -- LARRY ROMANOFF -- Biological Warfare in Action -- Chapter 1  -- Introduction

December 02, 2023


 Biological Warfare in Action

    • Chapter 1  — Introduction
    • Chapter 2 — US Domestic Projects and Experiments
    • Chapter 3 — US Suspicious Outbreaks
    • Chapter 4 — US Foreign Deployment
    • Chapter 5 — The WHO – Depopulation is Reality
    • Chapter 6 — Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic
    • Chapter 7 — US Bird flu
    • Chapter 8 — UK Foot and Mouth Disease
    • Chapter 9 —  Italy’s Olive Trees
    • Chapter 10 – Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks
    • Chapter 11 – AIDS
    • Chapter 12 – SARS
    • Chapter 13 – MERS
    • Chapter 14 – EBOLA
    • Chapter 15 –  ZIKA
    • Chapter 16 – COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes”
    • Chapter 17 – Epilogue


Biological Warfare in Action

Chapter 1 – Introduction

By Larry Romanoff




I will repeat here a few comments from the Introduction to the previous series, The World of Biological Warfare, since they are especially pertinent to the content of this next series of articles. I wrote earlier that we tend to think of biological warfare in simple terms within a simple framework, imagining the use of these agents in times of war, such as the US inflicting biological pathogens in North Korea (as it did), or dispersing swine flu in Cuba and China (as it also did). But biological warfare acts in many guises and has many objectives. It also has many categories of perpetrators as well as classifications of intended victims. Biological warfare has long since passed from the military world into the civilian one, a fact that will be illuminated by the content of these essays. The main actors are no longer restricted to state governments but, as we will see, are now often institutions, NGOs, corporations like Big Pharma and Big Agra, and even UN agencies like the WHO and UNICEF, but all collaborating in some fashion at the higher levels. Because of this, it is not always easy to identify the powers for whom the perpetrators are ultimately acting.


Shepherd Józef Klimowski, left, and others lead a flock of sheep in Nowy Targ, Poland, in the country’s southern highlands, on Oct. 8.Maciek Nabrdalik—The New York Times/Redux


When the US government and military conducted their decades-long litany of biological and chemical experiments on the American population, this counts as biological warfare. Similarly, when the US military subjected its soldiers to various pathogens and vaccines, in biological experiments designed to learn how to infect and disable an enemy’s military, these also count as biological warfare. Turning to another direction, when a group of financiers and industrialists conspire to kill off domestic animal herds or flocks so that Big Agra can eliminate small farmers and take control of a nation’s food supply,as they almost certainly did in the US and the UK as we will see, this also classifies as biological warfare even though the targets in this case are animals.


65% of conventional cotton products end up in our food chain, directly through food oils or indirectly through the milk and meats of animals feeding on cotton seed meal and cotton gin by-products. Source


The prospect of depopulation is another example of increasingly immediate concern. As you may already know, the UN’s WHO concocted a “sterility vaccine” utilising the human female hormone Hcg combined with tetanus toxoid as a carrier and, in Third-World countries, sterilised about 150 million women without their knowledge, under the guise of conducting tetanus vaccinations. This will be covered in a later Chapter. There is yet another aspect to this: GM seed. It is by now well-known that various companies and governments have succeeded in splicing many different pathogens into GM seed, which actions can easily be malignant as when companies produced spermicidal corn that would render men sterile. In fact, it  has been proven that a great many deadly pathogens can be spliced into GM seed, with consequences I will leave to your imagination. GM seed qualifies as biological warfare, at least potentially. In the same context of depopulation, seed and bio-chemical companies were in the recent past suddenly promoting the use of cotton seeds as a primary foodstuff for underdeveloped countries. Cotton seeds are toxic, containing a chemical called gossypol which is an effective male sterilant. The seed companies claimed to have removed this toxin to a safe level, but there is no safe level for gossypol. Even very minute doses taken repeatedly (as when used for a basic food) will render an entire male population sterile. This also qualifies as biological warfare, in this case by Western governments and UN agencies against the population of the entire Third World.


Zika virus hijacks the host cell’s own defense mechanism to cause disease. Source


Drug trials and vaccinations are other categories of concern. There are quite a few instances where it appears almost certain that a major pharmaceutical company arranged for a disease outbreak in a poor country – with the kind assistance of the WHO’s ubiquitous vaccination programs – to save the cost of live trials of a new experimental medication. These are also classified as biological warfare, in this case by a UN agency and a big pharma company against the poor people of the world. There are other categories too. Sometimes pathogens can be released which are harmless in themselves but can be used to create fear which can then be applied to remake a nation’s social policies. As one example, it is obvious to intelligent observers that the ZIKA virus was deliberately dispersed to create sufficient fear among the involved populations to force national governments to relax their policies on abortion. I will deal with this later as well.



In all of these circumstances, it has become exceedingly difficult to know whom to trust. It seems increasingly that those who should be our protectors, or our “whistle-blowers”, and our “investigative media” are those who are most likely to mislead us and lie to us. I would remind you of the US government conducting nearly 1,000 above-ground nuclear tests to determine the effects on a population of nuclear radiation, with Eisenhower instructing the media to tell women suffering miscarriages, hair loss and cancers, that they were suffering from “housewife syndrome”. There are many dozens of such outrageous examples in the books of buried history, with compelling evidence that the authorities will commit these atrocities, then lie, deny, stonewall, and classify as “top-secret”, until all the participants have died. The mass media, who should expose these travesties, are often the most shameless liars, covering up until the end.


It is important to realise that in virtually all instances the mass media provide only a few sound bytes but no detail; their claims are almost always made without evidence. Yet observers challenging these empty claims  are quicky dismissed as conspiracy theorists. Even worse, the “fact-checkers” are owned or controlled by the same media groups or their friends, and the fact-checking consists merely of denial – one empty claim defending another empty claim, neither providing documented evidence to support their positions.


In reading through the following Chapters of plagues, epidemics, and pandemics, your best friend is cynicism, followed by a healthy dose of suspicion that refuses to accept any official explanation without irrefutable proof. In the real world of domestic and foreign affairs, including epidemics and “pathogen leakages”, there are very few events that could be termed as accidents. When any significant medical emergency (or travesty) arises anywhere in the world, your first thought should be that it was planned, and you should normally not revise that opinion unless and until the authorities provide irrefutable evidence to the contrary. This means refusing to accept an idle claim that “SARS, MERS, or COVID originated from bats”, but demanding firm evidence to document these assertions, evidence that is beyond dispute. In fact, aside from things like volcanoes and tornadoes, your safety is in assuming a certainty that these events were planned, and to act accordingly.


One of our worst enemies is a natural human tendency to assume the best in our media and our leaders, or at least to refuse to accept the worst explanation. We are held back by our own trusting nature that prompts us to say, “They would never do that.” It is sometimes very difficult for us to accept that the truth is, “Yes, they would do that”, based on the evidence that “they” have done similar things hundreds of times. The US government deliberately sent the Lusitania (carrying illegal cargos of munitions) into the path of German U-boats, instructing the captain to not pursue a zig-zag course, and to travel slowly near the coastline. A great many lives were sacrificed to give the US an excuse to enter the European war. This is proven fact, not fantasy. Similarly, it has now been adequately proven that the US knew the precise date and time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, but refused to notify Hawaii because that attack was necessary to justify an American entry into the Second World War. This, which was for decades dismissed as another “conspiracy theory” is now proven fact. The sacrifice of a few thousand lives was irrelevant in the larger political picture.

Romney’s “Treason” Smear of Tulsi Gabbard is False and Noxious, But Now Typifies U.S. Discourse. Source


In the next Chapter you will read of the thousands of unconscionable experiments conducted by the US government and military against the citizens of the United States, experiments that were denied, accompanied by thousands of lies, until the truth finally emerged. I would remind you of the syphilis experiments carried out by the US government in Tuskegee and in Guatemala, in the latter case infecting thousands with a venereal disease to determine how best to spread it and to observe the deterioration of the victims. Penicillin was freely available, but all were left to slowly die for the sake of an “experiment”. If you want to understand the powers, agendas, and purposes behind all these recent “medical events”, you must thoroughly disabuse yourself of any notion that there are morals or ethics in government, military, or the media. There are not.


As you read through the examples discussed in this series, keep these cautions in mind and it should become increasingly clear that many past biological events we dismissed as accidents were almost certainly carefully planned and with a very definite purpose. And as you review in your mind the “official narrative” from governments and the media on these events, it should become increasingly clear to you that the official stories in many cases could not have possibly been true.


Lastly, in all the examples of outbreaks of strange illnesses in these Chapters, keep in mind the criteria for identification of the potential application of a biological weapon:


* Disease caused by an unusual, rare, or uncommon pathogen, or an unusual strain of a common pathogen, indicating it was potentially genetically engineered

* Lack of an epidemiological explanation. i.e., no clear idea of source or origin, no evident “cause” (other than undocumented media speculation), no patient zero.

* Unusual presentation or manifestation of the disease, i.e., race-specific

* Unusual geographic or seasonal distribution;

* Multiple epidemics. Simultaneous outbreaks at different locations with the same organism

* Reverse or simultaneous spread. Diseases typically occur first among a susceptible animal population, then spread to humans.


As you read the details of these events, epidemics and pandemics, ask yourself in each case which of the events appear suspect, in which cases does the “official narrative” appear contrived and falseand which events meet the necessary criteria for the deliberate deployment of a biological agent.




Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).


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