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CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 — 第6章——辉瑞公司对流行病把握的恰到好处



 生物战在行动 — Biological Warfare in Action 

    • 第1章—— 引言 — Chapter 1  — Introduction                                                                    
    • 第2章——美国国内项目和实验 — Chapter 2 — US Domestic Projects and Experiments                      
    • 第3章——美国可疑疫情 — Chapter 3 — US Suspicious Outbreaks                                              
    • 第4章——美国海外部署 — Chapter 4 — US Foreign Deployment                                                 
    • 第5章-世界卫生组织-人口减少是现实 — Chapter 5 — The WHO – Depopulation is Reality                            
    • 第6章——辉瑞公司对流行病把握的恰到好处 — Chapter 6 — Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic                                
    • 第7章——美国禽流感 — Chapter 7 — US Bird flu                                                                           
    • 第8章——英国口蹄疫 — Chapter 8 — UK Foot and Mouth Disease                                          
    • 第9章——意大利的橄榄树 — Chapter 9 —  Italy’s Olive Trees                                                              
    • 第10章——最近的生物武器袭击 — Chapter 10 – Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks                                        
    • 第11章——艾滋病 — Chapter 11 – AIDS                                                                                     
    • 第12章——非典型肺炎 — Chapter 12 – SARS                                                                                    
    • 第13章——中东呼吸综合征 — Chapter 13 – MERS                                                                                 
    • 第14章——埃博拉病毒 — Chapter 14 – EBOLA                                                                                
    • 第15 寨——卡病毒 — Chapter 15 –  ZIKA                                                                                    
    • 第16章——新冠肺炎疫苗和Oxitec的“飞行注射器” — Chapter 16 – COVID Vaccinations and Oxitec’s “Flying Syringes”
    • CN — LARRY ROMANOFF: 生物战在行动 — 第6章——辉瑞公司对流行病把握的恰到好处
    • 第17章——尾声 — Chapter 17 – Epilogue   生物战在行动 — Biological Warfare in Action6.第6章——辉瑞公司对流行病把握的恰到好处 — Chapter 6 — Pfizer’s Perfectly-Timed Epidemic

      By Larry Romanoff



      Manhattan, New York USA – July 9, 2011: Pfizer letter sign on the building’s Headquarters. Pfizer’s is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.Source

      美国纽约曼哈顿 – 2011 年 7 月 9 日:辉瑞信函签署在建筑总部。辉瑞是世界上最大的制药公司。来源


      The WHO, Pfizer, and Nigerian Meningitis






      It is by now well-known that many new drugs are accompanied by serious side-effects such as irreversible liver damage, and are often fatal to children. In 1996 Pfizer developed a new antibiotic called Trovan to treat a variety of infections – meningitis being one example. Many of these new antibiotics are very powerful and with side effects that normally make them too dangerous to use for children, often causing permanent liver damage, joint disease and many other debilitating complications. Inexplicably, Pfizer decided to perform test trials on infants. However, Pfizer had the standard problem that FDA certification in the US required clinical trials on humans, and these are almost impossible to conduct in developed countries because no parents are willing to allow their children to take part in such risky clinical trials, to say nothing of the lawsuits resulting from trials gone bad. Therefore, these pharma companies tend almost universally to take their trials to poor countries in Africa, Asia and South America where the laws are unprepared and the people don’t understand the risks of untested and unapproved drugs. The American (and European) pharma companies therefore transformed the developing world into an enormous test laboratory that carries no financial liability.



      A doctor vaccinates a child against meningitis in Dakwa village, Bwari, Nigeria. Source




      As luck would have it, at precisely the moment when Pfizer was ready to commence clinical trials of this new drug, Nigeria was suddenly and inexplicably hit with one of the worst meningitis epidemics in history. And of course, Pfizer was there to help the Nigerian government deal with the outbreak. But Pfizer didn’t exactly deal with the outbreak; what it did was to conduct a reprehensible clinical trial for its new medication, on a group of victims unlikely to complain. Rather than “helping” as it claimed, Pfizer gathered a trial group and a control group, giving one group Pfizer’s new medication and a competitor’s product to the other. It quickly became obvious that the Americans were not on a humanitarian mission but were saving the expense of live trials. After experimenting on about 200 victims, they gathered their test information and left – right in the middle of the meningitis epidemic, without having saved any lives. The Nigerian government tallied the deaths at about 11,000.


    • The Infectious Diseases Hospital in Kano, Nigeria, was treating meningitis patients in 1996 when Pfizer administered the experimental drug Trovan to children. (2000 Photos By Michael Williamson — The Washington Post) Source

      1996 年,尼日利亚卡诺传染病医院正在治疗脑膜炎患者,辉瑞公司向儿童施用试验药物特洛芬。 2000 年照片由迈克尔·威廉姆森拍  华盛顿邮报) 来源


      That would have been the end, except that a controversy erupted soon after about the relationship between Pfizer’s need for test trials and the meningitis outbreak. As it happened, the WHO was in Nigeria immediately prior to that time on another of its “life-saving” vaccination programs, this time for polio, and the timing and location of the meningitis outbreak apparently matched perfectly the WHO’s polio vaccination program. And of course, it perfectly matched Pfizer’s need for large numbers of test subjects. There were lawsuits and payments, accusations and denials, but to this day Nigeria refuses WHO entry into the country and will not participate in any further “humanitarian” aid from the UN or the WHO.



      We cannot definitively say that the WHO deliberately created the meningitis epidemic for the benefit of Pfizer’s tests, but it’s the only theory that fits all the known facts and it’s the kind of thing the WHO appears to do on a regular basis. We should note Pfizer’s intention to market Trovan in the US and Europe after its trials on these African children, but the FDA refused to approve Trovan for American children due to the severe dangers.






      Pfizer’s behavior after these “field trials” ended was, if anything, even more reprehensible. The lawsuits were based on claims that Pfizer did not have proper consent from parents to use an experimental drug on their children, the use of which not only left many children dead but others with brain damage or paralysis. Pfizer eventually reached a settlement with the Nigerian state government to pay $75m in damages and to create a fund of $35m to compensate the victims. This, after what the Guardian described as “a 15-year legal battle against Pfizer over a fiercely controversial drug trial”. Pfizer not only resisted to the end, forcing the poor families through 15 years of hell before finally relenting, but resorted to extortion and blackmail of Nigerian government officials in attempts to avoid making any payments to the families of the tiny victims of its illegal drug trial. The UK Guardian reported that leaked US government diplomatic cables revealed that “Pfizer hired investigators to look for evidence of corruption against the Nigerian attorney general in an effort to persuade him to drop the legal action”, with the apparent full knowledge and assistance of the US State Department.



      The Guardian stated the diplomatic cables recorded meetings between Pfizer’s country manager, Enrico Liggeri, and US officials at the Abuja embassy on 9 April 2009, stating, “According to Liggeri, Pfizer had hired investigators to uncover corruption links to federal attorney general Michael Aondoakaa to expose him and put pressure on him to drop the federal cases. He said Pfizer’s investigators were passing this information to local media.” The Guardian also reported there was no suggestion or evidence Nigeria’s attorney general was swayed by this pressure. Pfizer of course claimed the entire notion was “preposterous”, but we can assume the cables – which were classified as “Confidential” – didn’t lie.

      《卫报》称,外交电报记录了辉瑞公司国家经理恩里科·利格里和美国官员于2009年4月9日在阿布贾大使馆举行的会面,并称:“据利格里称,辉瑞公司已聘请调查人员揭露与联邦检察长迈克尔·安多阿卡之间的腐败联系,以揭露他并迫使他放弃联邦案件。他说辉瑞公司的调查人员正在将这一信息传递给当地媒体。” 《卫报》还报道称,没有迹象或证据表明尼日利亚检察长受到这种压力的影响。辉瑞公司当然声称整个概念是“荒谬的”,但我们可以假设这些被列为机密电报没有撒谎。


      It seems Pfizer was dissembling in all its statements, not only with claims of government approval and parental knowledge, but their claim a Nigerian doctor was in charge and directed the experiments. The government’s study found the local doctor was the director “in name only” and most often was not even informed of the procedures of the study and was typically “kept in the dark”. As well Pfizer used the fake letter from a non-existent department to obtain FDA approval for these clinical trials. Pfizer finally admitted the forged letter was “incorrect”, but I’m not sure that is the most appropriate adjective to use. Pfizer also made the infuriatingly dishonest claim that its antibiotic “Trovan demonstrated the highest survival rate of any treatment at the hospital. Trovan unquestionably saved lives.” Well, maybe, but the data on which Pfizer based this claim were the fact that in one location five patients died after using Pfizer’s drug while six patients died after using another medication, with no data as to infection severity or anything else. At best, an empty and fundamentally dishonest claim.



      To deflect the issue of Pfizer’s Trovan being lethal to children, the company claimed that the international body Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans Frontières) were administering Pfizer’s drug in their own large treatment program, a claim MSF vehemently denied, saying, “We have never worked with this family of antibiotic. We don’t use it for meningitis. That is the reason why we were shocked to see this trial in the hospital.” It was Pfizer’s Liggeri who claimed the lawsuits against Pfizer “were wholly political in nature”, and Liggeri as well who concocted the accusation that MSF had administered Pfizer’s Trovan to children.

      为了转移辉瑞公司的Trovan对儿童具有致命性的问题,该公司声称国际组织无国界医生组织(Médecins sans Frontières)正在他们自己的大型治疗方案中使用辉瑞公司的药物,无国界医生组织强烈否认这一说法,并表示:“我们从未使用过这种抗生素家族。我们不将其用于脑膜炎。这就是为什么我们看到医院里的这项试验感到震惊的原因。”正是辉瑞公司的Liggeri声称对辉瑞公司的诉讼完全是政治性的而且Liggeri还捏造了无国界医生组织将辉瑞公司的Trovan用于儿童的指控。


      In 2006 the Washington Post reported on a lengthy Nigerian government study that concluded Pfizer violated international law by testing its unapproved drug on children with brain infections. The Post apparently obtained a copy of the confidential report which had been hidden away for five years, and which stated Pfizer had never received authorisation from the government for its clinical trial, the apparent authorisation letter having been forged on the letterhead of a non-existent department and backdated to a date prior to the study. According to the Post’s article, the government claimed Pfizer’s ‘humanitarian effort’ was “an illegal trial of an unregistered drug, and a clear case of exploitation of the ignorant.” [1] [2]

      2006年,华盛顿邮报》报道了尼日利亚政府的一项长期研究,该研究得出结论,辉瑞公司通过在脑部感染儿童身上测试其未经批准的药物,违反了国际法。 《华盛顿邮报》显然获得了这份机密报告的副本,该报告已被隐藏了五年,其中指出辉瑞公司从未获得政府对其临床试验的授权这封看似授权信的信笺上印有不存在的部门的抬头并追溯到研究之前的日期。 根据《华盛顿邮报》的文章政府声称辉瑞公司的人道主义努力对未注册药物的非法试验以及对无知的明显剥削”。 [1] [2]


      The American response was not one of shame for participating in this fraud, nor did the State Department condemn Pfizer for either conducting the drug trials or attempting the extortion and blackmail. Instead, the US ambassador condemned the leak of US embassy cables, as if publicly revealing a crime constituted a worse action than the crime itself. The State Department rushed the high moral ground to condemn “endangering innocent people” and “sabotaging peaceful relations between nations”, ignoring the facts that Pfizer’s trials did far more to ‘endanger innocent people’ and ‘sabotage relations’ than could be done by the revelation of a crime. But in the eyes of the US government, Americans do not commit crimes, and in any case the victims weren’t white. The cables further claimed Pfizer settled only because legal and ‘investigative’ fees had been costing the company more than $15 million per year, which leads one to wonder what occurs in the minds of these people who will spend $15 million a year for 15 years, to avoid paying half that sum to compensate lives they destroyed.






      And there is still more. We have seen so many documented examples of the US courts assuming jurisdiction where they have none, agreeing to try cases without any US involvement that occurred wholly outside the US, in flagrant violations of international law, and indicative only of imperial arrogance. But when Nigeria attempted to file claims against Pfizer in the US, the American courts refused to hear the cases, oddly claiming they had no jurisdiction. And this isn’t the first time the US government, the State Department and the US courts have circled the wagons to protect a US multinational by closing the courts. [3] [4] [5]

      还有更多。我们看到许多有记录的例子,美国法院在没有管辖权的情况下承担管辖权,同意在没有美国参与的情况下审理完全在美国境外发生的案件,公然违反国际法,只表明帝国的傲慢。但是当尼日利亚试图在美国对辉瑞公司提起诉讼时,美国法院拒绝审理这些案件,奇怪地声称他们没有管辖权。这不是美国政府、国务院和美国法院第一次通过关闭法院来保护美国跨国公司。[3] [4] [5]


      In 2004 and 2007, the Nigerian media carried reports which were heavily suppressed in US and Western media that the country was refusing to permit UN health authorities to carry out further administration of polio vaccines. The government adamantly blamed the WHO for having initiated the meningitis epidemic with their polio vaccination campaign, which occurred immediately prior to, and in the same areas as, the meningitis outbreak. Nigerian leaders were also concerned that polio and other foreign vaccines were deliberately contaminated with sterilising and other agents, as occurred in the Philippines and other nations at around the same time. In much of Africa, there appears to be little remaining of the trust that once existed in international agencies and US and European pharma companies. Today, they are viewed primarily as imperial predators with a distinctly anti-human agenda, or at least an agenda that is anti non-white. The portions of Nigeria and other African nations that do still permit vaccinations now insist these be prepared in a trusted non-Western country with no involvement of the WHO or other Western agencies.






      Many nations today insist the WHO is a tool to reduce Muslim populations, a claim that is increasingly difficult to dismiss as simple paranoia, and in fact Nigeria also discovered sterilants in WHO vaccines in that country that were clearly capable of preventing fertility in women. The Western media steadfastly ignore the body of evidence supporting these claims and suspicions, and focus instead on a moralistic concern that “the world might be slipping in its efforts to wipe out polio”, categorising the valid concerns of so many nations as ignorant and uninformed suspicion. The Western media of course are all reading from the same page as the perpetrators of this outrage, and the more damning reports have all seemingly been removed from the Internet.



      We also have the ever-present corporate apologists, weaving their tapestries of misinformation attempting to irreversibly confuse an issue with irrelevancies and so as to place doubts in the minds of the public. One perennial favorite is a claim that “these attacks on pharmaceutical companies could encourage countries to enact legislation that would lower drug profits, which in turn could hamper the development of new medications”. This foolish statement from Roger Batea “fellow” at the International Policy Network, which is a lobby group for big pharma, funded by the usual Foundations and corporations, and dutifully reported by London’s Daily Telegraph in its campaign to confuse the uninformed public. The statement is actually rather clever, suggesting that our condemnation of the atrocities and illegalities of big pharma are somehow unjustified violent “attacks” on undeserving corporations.



      Hajara, photographed in 2007, survived the trials but became deaf afterwards and is unable to speak. Source



      In the case of Pfizer and its Nigerian Trovan trialsThe Telegraph gives us an added incentive to sympathise with big pharma by telling us – without evidence or documentation – that “the Nigerian government’s motives (in condemning Pfizer) have also been questioned”, the issue being morphed from reprehensible drug trials resulting in death of children into one of an untrustworthy government with questionable political motives. Thus will the Western media will spin and weave until truth in all its forms disappears from the landscape forever.




      Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).



      His full archive can be seen at

      他的完整文章库可以在以下看到 +


      He can be contacted at:






      [1] Panel Faults Pfizer in ’96 Clinical Trial In Nigeria

      [1] 小组对辉瑞公司在尼日利亚进行的 1996 年临床试验提出质疑

      [2] Secret report surfaces showing that Pfizer was at fault in Nigerian drug tests

      [3] Nigerian Families Sue Pfizer

      [3] 尼日利亚家庭起诉辉瑞

      [4] Pfizer pays out to Nigerian families of meningitis drug trial victims

      [4] 辉瑞公司向脑膜炎药物试验受害者的尼日利亚家庭支付赔偿金

      [5] Pfizer: Nigeria drug trial victims get compensation

      [5] 辉瑞:尼日利亚药物试验受害者获得赔偿



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