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EN — Interview from ION COJA to Larry Romanoff: “The Khazar Jews’ Plan for a One-World Government”

AUGUST 31, 2023      The Khazar Jews Plan for a One-World Government



“The Khazar Jews’ Plan for a  

One-World Government”




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 Interview from ION COJA to Larry Romanoff

The interview is taken for the website with questions for Professor Larry Romanoff, coming from Professor Ion Coja as well as from CD, the external collaborator of the website

The website is a Romanian website of discussions and opinions of a nationalist nature contextualized to the international political scene. Many of the translated materials posted on the website originate from the website, belonging to Professor Larry Romanoff.

Professor Romanoff’s writings have been translated into 32 languages, and his articles have been posted on over 150 foreign language news and political analysis sites and over 100 English language platforms. He was a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai, in the EMBA courses. Now we have the happy opportunity to interview this prolific and very kind author to answer some questions that concern both us and the readers of the https://IonCoja.rowebsite.

    • CD – But let’s give Professor Ion Coja the floor for the questions he has for Professor Larry Romanoff.
    • IC – I was greatly pleased by your Lordship’s response to accept this interview and I thank you for your kindness. Please, Professor Romanoff, make an overture – an opening for the subject of this interview.

LR – The most necessary introduction would be to emphasise that the Khazar Jews really do have a plan for a one-world government which will hold all the nations of the world in a kind of massive fascist dictatorship that will in turn be controlled exclusively by Jews. It has been easy in the past to dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory”, but the facts are solid and the evidence is everywhere. It hasn’t even been a secret. As early as 1950, James Warburg testified to the US Congress that “We shall have world government, whether we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” James was the son of Paul Warburg who was the father of the Jewish-owned US FED, and very active in promoting the Morgenthau plan for the permanent destruction of Germany after the Second World War. The main issues are then how this is to be achieved and what the landscape will look like at the end.

    • IC – Is there a conclave at the top of the Jewish congregation that also includes non-Jews? How does this conclave work?

LR – Yes, there is definitely a ‘conclave’ of the International Khazar Jews, and it exists in layers, centered on The City of London. Some speculation is necessary since this in an intensely private organisation and they do no publish staff lists. I am told there are 13 families who are at the core of this group, headed by a Rothschild who is generally deemed “The King of the Jews”. This is the heart of the Hydra. This group would contain several Rothschilds but the other names are not so easy to identify. It would likely contain a Sebag-Montefiori, a Sassoon, an Israel Moses Seif, perhaps one or two Warburgs – the usual names. These are also the people who own the US FED and the central banks of many other Western nations. It absolutely does not include any non-Jews.


According to the most reliable evidence I have available, this core is surrounded by a group of 300 men, all of whom know each other and who would be in frequent contact with those in the core. The membership of this group has never been accurately identified, but it would include major bankers and industrialists – those who own and control companies like Royal-Dutch Shell, Nestlé, Goldman Sachs and so on. It is this group that would receive instructions and policy from The City of London, formulate detailed policies, and transmit these to the next layer. This group acts as an effective insulator for those in the core, to keep the core totally anonymous, out of the media spotlight, and to ensure no connections can be made by the general public between the core and the resulting execution of policies.


The next layer is subject to even more speculation, but would likely number in the thousands of individuals. These are the people who would actively work for the execution of the determined policies and various international events such as the overthrow of the Ukraine government, the invasions of Iraq, Libya and Syria, and so on. It would prepare further detailed policies and tactics for dealing with Russia, China, Iran, and others, and would then pass these along to what would probably be “middle-men” and then to the final recipients who would carry out the policies. This would be to provide a further level of insulation. Henry Kissinger might be in this group.


There will be no non-Jews anywhere in these levels. The Goyim are merely lieutenants who serve the Jews in their efforts, a large category of educated lawyers, accountants, business professionals and others. These people are essentially compradors, traitors to their ideals and their countries, but who benefit from high salaries and some legal immunity, and thus are happy to feed at the trough.


They are not only well-paid but well-deluded; they believe they are part of “us” when they are really “them”, and that means that when the final curtain comes down, they will be disposable Goyim like all the others.


As an example, it would be determined in The City of London that the anti-Western government in Ukraine should be overthrown and that NATO should expand to encircle and surround Russia, all in preparation for the eventual control and partition of Russia. The strategy would be planned in The City of London, and then passed to the group of 300 who would further flesh out the strategy. The larger group surrounding this would be comprised of highly-educated bankers, industrialists and professionals who would determine the details and tactics, and possibly assign eventual execution responsibilities to various named individuals. Once all this had been done, the “middle-men” would deliver the final instructions to those named for the execution of these plans.


As another example, the seeds of creation of the World Economic Forum, the WEF led by Klaus Schwab, would have originated in The City of London with a general plan as to purpose and execution, being yet one more part of the planned World Government. From here, the next layer would discuss and plan the details and tactics, and obtain confirmation and agreement from The City. Following this, the individuals would be chosen to lead the effort, and the plans communicated to the next level who would then organise the entire program and select the individuals to execute the program.

    • IC – What would be the most visible and destructive actions of the Khazarian machine to destroy the world order as we know it?

LR – The stillborn Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TPP would have been another of these portions of the planned World Government. This plan was too aggressive, too ambitious, and it failed. Had it succeeded, humanity would have been doomed because it would have removed the sovereignty of nations almost entirely and placed all the power in the hands of Jewish bankers and multi-national industrial companies. The International Khazar Jews have made it plain that the concept of “nation-state” is archaic and useless, and a new world organisation is necessary.


The TPP would in fact have removed the power of nation-states to control their own military, financial matters, economy, health regulations, transferring virtually all power to the Jewish bankers and industrialists, all of this controlled ultimately from The City of London. It is very important to realise that National governments would have been left with only two functions: tax collection and population suppression. The WEF is taking us in the same direction by a more circuitous route and not so aggressively done.


Keep in mind that the Jews have been preparing and training national leaders for this new world, for decades now. Justin Trudeau of Canada is one such, and a brief search will provide the names of many others who are already psychologically prepared to betray their own nations into this Hydra. Trudeau already boasts of Canada being the first “post-nation state”, and that means precisely what it seems to mean: Canada is no longer a sovereign nation, but a kind of subsidiary political unit that is entirely controlled from The City of London. All Western nations are going in the same direction. The current foreign migrations into all Western nations are an integral part of this process. The intent is to reduce national ethnic populations below the level necessary to produce effective resistance and to help eliminate the concept of nationality. It is an accepted fact that as a country like Romania or Germany   obtains a level of foreign migrants above about 30%, the society loses its cohesion and Germans or Romanians are no longer able to function effectively as a national group.


    • IC – So the Khazars know from scientific studies what is the critical figure in altering national cohesion?

LR – This is not difficult to understand.


Imagine a future Romania where citizens are upset with some new government policies and 100 persons have gathered to discuss protests and tactics to oppose those measures. Now imagine that 30 of that 100 are foreigners – Jews, persons from Haiti, Algeria, Cambodia, Uganda. Those people do not think as you do; your ideas are not theirs. They do not share your values, your ethics, history, traditions,  religion. Your concerns with your government are not their concerns. They do not see things the way you see them, and their natural opposition will serve to sabotage all your efforts. You will never be able to obtain the critical mass of public support necessary for this effort or for any other. Those people do not in any sense see themselves as Romanian, and your society will have lost much of its cohesion. This is one more part of the plan to eliminate the very concept of nationality, and intermarriage between national citizens and foreigners will serve over several generations to virtually eliminate “real” Romanians. This is a planned cultural genocide, and needs to be taken much more seriously than is done today.


Western European nations are being flooded today with migrants from Africa. If we look at Germany, France, Italy, England, the social situation is bleak. There already exists an astonishing animosity between the native population and the immigrants, much as exists today in the US between the blacks and whites. This is not accidental; the animosity is a feature of social disintegration, and in many countries could easily lead to a kind of civil war, not between government factions but between kinds and classes of people. A society overloaded with immigrants that are “too foreign” will eventually collapse into anarchy: the post-nation state where a main function of the selected government will be population suppression.


Here are a few comments by a reader in Western Europe, on the present condition of society. This is not promising.


“Paris is completely flooded by Africans. To ride their subway, you have to cover your nose and mouth — the stench is overwhelming.”

The fabled Riviera, especially Marseille, is now a third-world shanty town, with garbage lying everywhere. Switzerland and Germany were flooded with Middle Easterners, Afghans, and others speaking every language except German. The once great city of London is now filled with an undulating mass of black and brown humanoidal protoplasm. London is a multicultural toilet, maybe worse than NYC if that’s possible. Look at Luxembourg; the place looks like Africa, tons of them, hanging out, loitering, clownish behaviors, screaming yelling, defecating/urinating all over Ettelbruck and Dunkirk.

Canada is quickly following suit – thanks to Justin “Jackboot” Trudeau and his right-hand Jewess Chrystia Freeland.” “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”


Another tool in this box is NATO. If Romania joins the EU, a condition is that the nation must surrender its military to NATO. Thus, Romanian soldiers are no longer Romanian, but part of a multi-national military. It is not widely-known, but new NATO soldiers are taught that they are not part of their former national military but now owe their loyalty to this supra-national force, and are further told that one day they may be engaged in battle against their own country.


NATO is entirely a Jewish construct. It has not had, and does not have now, any valid reason for existence. Its only purpose is to function as the Jews’ military when the time comes. With the exception of the British East India Company, the Jews have never had their own armies. For 200 or more years they used the British army due to their control over the government of England. That is why it was the British army that effectively invaded South Africa in the Boer wars so that one of the Rothschilds could obtain control of the vast gold and diamond mines. They functioned truly as what I call “The Bankers’ Private Army’.  The Jews destroyed the British Empire in the two World Wars, but that was of no consequence because they had already transferred their flag to the US. They are today destroying the US in a similar manner, socially, economically, and politically, but that is also of no consequence because the plan is to transfer their flag to NATO. The Jews will use the US to execute one last World War, which will almost certainly end with the destruction of the US as a military and political force, but NATO will already be there as the Jews’ supra-national military to control the appointed governments and populations of all their “post-national states”. And this supra-national military will be controlled and directed by The City of London.

    • IC – In their plan to unify and blend nations, the culture, traditions or religions are not forgiven, what are the actions that are easiest to detect in this campaign against humanity?

LR – There are further issues. Inherent in the plans for the kind of world government we will eventually have, is not only the removal of national governments and militaries, but the destruction of society, the family, morals, and religion. All of these are happening at the same time, as integral portions of the same plan. We tend to look at all these sectors as disconnected items, but they are all closely related and form a unit.


The US is perhaps the country that has progressed the farthest in these directions, but all Western nations (and eventually all nations everywhere) will follow the same pattern. In terms of society, the US has opened the floodgates to ‘very’ foreign immigration in huge numbers, while at the same time animosities are being openly encouraged between white Americans and all others. Black on White crime is increasing exponentially in the US, and it may not be long before the Whites begin to retaliate in kind and we have civil strife that will be essentially a civil war. Already, social cohesion is disintegrating.

    • IC – As we can see, no aspect of economic, political or social life is forgiven, everything must be destroyed beyond recognition, probably the family is condemned to the same process of identity destruction…

LR – In terms of the family, the US leads the world in single-parent families, in unmarried young people, in single-person households. The Jewish-owned news media are promoting “swinging”, which is men trading their wives for sexual use, and the young generation are being led into gross sexual perversions. Canadian and American newspapers during COVID were openly promoting the use of “glory holes” which is a walled partition with small openings through which a man would insert his penis and a woman on the other side would offer her mouth or vagina to satisfy it. They also published instructions on how to conduct orgies during the pandemic.


When I was a young man, the rule was that a girl would never kiss you on a first date. Today, young American girls of 14 and 15 are saying boys want oral, anal, and vaginal sex, and expect it all on the first date. That is not a small change in morals or values.


When Bela Kuhn (Cohen) initiated the Jewish Communist Revolution in Hungary, his first acts were attempts to destroy the family, morals, and religion. He instituted new programs in elementary schools encouraging young children to engage in open sexuality and intercourse, and married women to freely engage in adultery. This plan has never changed. The program further contains all the overheated media onslaught today about “trans-gender” and changing the genders of children, and an increasingly extreme program in the sexualization of children. The UN agencies are part of this, with the WHO now stating that children should have “sexual partners” from elementary school onward. With the genders, new laws are being implemented – as in Canada – that teachers can encourage children to change their genders, that the parents must not be notified by either the teachers or the children, and that parental “interference” in these surreptitious gender changes will be a crime that would result in arrest and imprisonment. This is real. It is the same with another program of “assisted suicide” where, again in Canada, a child as young as ten years can request an assisted suicide, and the parents are legally prohibited from interfering.


The destruction of morality began in earnest in the 1960s with the Jewish invention of the contraceptive pills for females and the resulting widely-promoted “sexual revolution”, and that was the beginning of the end for the family. This was further enhanced by the so-called “Women’s’ Liberation Movement” in the 1970s and 1980s.


The theory was that marriage was a millstone for women, and served only to prevent their full development as individuals, leaving women to conclude that without the anchor of a family, they would all achieve great success. This propaganda was so successful that divorce rates in the US and Canada jumped by over 200% in about ten years. Not long after, a similar anti-marriage propaganda campaign reappeared, heavily promoted by the Jewish-owned media,that increased the divorce rate by another 60%. None of this was an accident or a natural social evolution, but part of a long-term concentrated plan to destroy the family.


One of the propaganda tactics used by the Jews in these social engineering programs is to change the meanings of words to force the public to accept that “red is the new blue”. As one example, the definition and meaning of “family” have been substantially altered in the West, a family no longer consisting of a husband, wife and children. We have been heavily programmed to accept a “marriage” between two men, their being designated “husband” and “wife”, and having legal permission to adopt small boys. In the popular press we no longer have the concept of heterosexual husband and wife; instead, we have “partners” and “significant others”. This isn’t simply terminology; the actual concept of “family” is being destroyed, turned into a kind of confusing nothingness.


Coinciding with this, the intense push for free abortions that has been occurring for the past 100 or more years, was entirely Jewish in construct and execution.

    • IC – These not only immoral but even criminal actions to influence and distort human behavior, especially among young people, have intensified recently. What is your opinion?

LR – This is also true for pornography and for the legalisation of drugs like marijuana and cocaine. There is no difficulty in tracing all of these to Jewish roots, and it is obvious that these measures are all heavily supported by the Jewish media.


Respected national newspapers in the US and Canada carry articles advising women on the “best places to find pornography”.


Coincident with the sexualization of children is child sexual trafficking which is apparently increasingly widespread and originating from the same sources. There is no shortage of stories of US Secret Service men bringing small boys into the White House through the back door in the late evening. It appears that most Western government leaders are well-acquainted personally with this issue, including European royalty.


There is more to do with children. The Jewish bible, the Talmud, contains extensive discussions about whether a girl of three years old can be used for sexual intercourse or if one must wait until she is “three years plus a day”. It also states that when a small girl is repeatedly used for sexual intercourse, her hymen repairs itself repeatedly, and she remains “undamaged”.


These Jewish social engineering programs – all part of the coming New World Order – are sexualising and corrupting the children in ways that can never be repaired even if the ambitions eventually fail. In the West, we can never revert to where we were during sane times.

    • IC – Beyond the lack of respect for the Christian religion or even other religions, it seems that there is a clear mission to destroy religions by any means provided or not allowed.

LR – The destruction of religion, most especially Christianity, is a vital part of this plan.


When I was a young man, Sunday was a special day, reserved for worship and family. Only vital commercial establishments were open.


If I were stranded in another city over a weekend and had friends in that city, I might contact one of them on the Saturday, but I would never call or interrupt them on the Sunday. That would have been an almost inexcusable violation of privacy. The Jews began there, with an intense push to open cinemas on Sundays. With that success, they progressed to grocery stores, supermarkets, and eventually Sunday as a special religious day was destroyed.


To say that many Jews detest Christianity and have an intense hatred for it, is a serious understatement. This hatred for Christianity and the Jews’ determination to eliminate it, is far more serious than commonly understood. I will give you here a brief quote from one of my earlier articles. It is instructive to understand the contempt that Jews hold for Christianity in general and Jesus Christ in particular.


“Puterea din spatele tronului”


Gary Aldrich was an FBI agent for 26 years who spent the latter part of his career investigating security clearances to White House staff.


In his book, Aldrich tells what it was like decorating Hillary Clinton’s White House Christmas Tree, with ornaments created by various Jewish artists, featuring pornography, “sex toys and self-mutilation devices”.


Aldrich wrote, “I couldn’t believe the disrespect that these ornaments represented. Many of the Jewish artists invited to make and send something to hang on the tree must have had nothing but disgust, hatred, and disrespect for the White House and the citizens of this country, a disgust obviously encouraged in the name of artistic freedom … Here was another five golden rings ornament — five gold-wrapped condoms. I threw it in the trash. There were other condom ornaments, some still in the wrapper, some not.


Jews write and publish articles in the mass media titled, “F… you, Jesus”. This trash is everywhere to be found, if one takes the time to look. And it will increase in intensity. By contrast, a person writing or doing such things against the Jewish religion would be in prison.


After all, the Jews are “victims”.

    • IC – How real is Jewish hatred of the goyim, non-Jewish world? Who maintains it? At what level of the Jewish hierarchy is this policy cultivated? Is there also a racial, anti-goyim basis to Jewish aversion to Christianity? An aversion inherited from the days of ancient Rome? Or Carthage?

LR – As you can see from the above, the hatred is real. The policies originate in The City of London and executed by lieutenants all over the world. The bias is certainly related to contempt for the Goyim (non-Jews) generally. It is not true that all Jews hate all non-Jews or hold them in contempt, but it certainly is true that the Jews who oversee this massive “control the entire world” program do indeed hold the Goyim in utter contempt. Their feelings toward non-Jews and Christianity cannot be separated.


And the Jewish bible, the Talmud, reinforces this attitude, stating that a male Jew can treat a Goyim woman “like a piece of meat”, that Goyim can be killed without blame, cheated without blame. One of the most prominent Jewish prayers is the Kol Nidre, through which these Jews pray to their god (presumably Satan) to permit them to renege on any and every promise made to a Goy during the coming year.


Many Jewish writers (and including the Talmud itself) state clearly and openly that the Goyim are merely “cattle” for the Jews, not really human, and have no purpose but to serve Jews. This attitude and writing are so widespread they cannot be denied.

    • IC – The concern of the Jews to promote their representatives is notorious!The Nobel prizes are particularly targeted. I know a little bit about literature and I realized that most of the award-winning Jews are impostors! Are there just as many impostors among the other Jewish Nobel laureates?

LR – The Nobel Prizes are largely fraudulent, mostly controlled by European Jewish bankers, and far too often granted to Jews. The Nobel Peace Prize is especially notorious for its use as a political tool. The Economics Prize is not really a Nobel Prize although it is presented as such, but it seems that nearly all recipients are Jews. A group of Jews petitioned for more than ten years for Albert Einstein to receive a prize for physics, but he was so undistinguished and incompetent, to say nothing of being an outrageous plagiarist, that they could find no basis for such an award. Finally, he was granted a Nobel Prize for “contributing to the field of physics”. In other words, they could find nothing deserving a reward so they fabricated a new general category.

    • IC- In recent years, several hundreds of thousands of Jews have secretly obtained Romanian citizenship in Romania, many of them have owned real estate, have successful businesses. Is there a political strategy to this population movement? What would be the Zionist goal?

LR – I didn’t know about this, but I would certainly worry about it.


With these large numbers, this cannot be accidental; it must be part of a plan. I would guess that Romania’s strong Christian roots are playing a part in this, because these roots will have to be ripped out.



    • IC – What is the number of those considered Jews? How many are the true Jews?

LR – There are two races of Jews. One is the Semitic Jews originating in the Middle East. The other is the Ashkenazi, who are not Jews at all but are of European stock, the original Khazars. They adopted the Jewish (Babylonian) Talmud as their bible and present themselves as Jews, but they are not. Benjamin Freedman insists on calling them “so-called Jews”, which is accurate. Most Jews today, more than 95% by Jewish estimates, are European Khazars. I covered this in some detail in an article titled “Who is a Jew?”.


Rather than provide much detail here, readers could review this article.

    • IC – Is there a real opposition within the Jewry to the crimes committed by the Jewish leaders? Are there dissensions among the Jews? At what level?

LR – There certainly is opposition within the two classes of Jews as to the crimes committed and to the concept of a one world government. Unfortunately, the media at all levels is almost entirely controlled by the Khazar Jews and they permit no such discussion or reports to reach the general public. It is thus very difficult to estimate the number of “conscientious objectors”. We do see occasional articles in the print media, generally objecting to the Jewish crimes and challenging all the historical lies being propagated, but there is not much of this. Jews occasionally write books exposing the crimes and lust for control, but usually these books meet with silence; Amazon and the book-sellers will not carry them, the New York Times will never publish a book review, and so the general public are unaware they exist.


A Jew, Norman Finklestein, wrote a book titled “The Holocaust Industry, which was a significant exposure of this immense fraud. It is available for free download in pdf format from the archive, and worth reading:


There are few Jews at a high level who would dare to contradict those in The City of London. The few who have done so, have either been killed or have had their reputations and careers hopelessly destroyed. These Khazars are gangsters and will turn on their own as quickly as on anyone else, with a viciousness that is surprising.


Dominique Strauss-Khan was the President of the IMF and touted to become the next President of France, when he crossed these people and was totally ruined. I wrote an article about this, if readers are interested:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Revisited


I mentioned earlier the membership in the various layers of authority. Consider that Strauss-Khan, as prominent and highly-placed as he was, was in no way part of the inner circles. In referring to them, he told his wife “They are out to get me”, clearly suggesting he was far removed from the real power.

And persons like George Soros would be only in the outer circle.

I think it’s best to stop here. It would be distracting to also include discussions on other topics about economics or Germany or Hitler.

Perhaps this one topic is sufficient.

    • CD - Thank you Mr Romanoff and Mr Coja for your passionate commitment to the clarification of this darkness of the world that needs to be clarified once and for all and for everyone.

The interview will continue with some very interesting questions and answers.

See you soon.


Note from the Editor:

Although the interviews usually do not include references, I have added supplementary information on the sexualisation of children and divorce rates as it could be useful for readers to consult:

"Schools must equip children to have sexual partners" - say the UN and WHO

Gender-mad teachers smugly trample parents' rights

Canadian MPs want assisted suicide for children without parental consent

In Germany, kindergartens have "sex testing rooms" where children participate in sex games

The Kita room should allow "sex games"!

The Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) has planned a private room for "medical games" in at least one of its kindergartens.
German kindergartens promote "sexual exploration rooms" where children are encouraged to masturbate and touch each other

On divorce rates:
Divorce rates in Canada


Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at +

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