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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF: False Flags and Conspiracy Theories — Chapter 8 – UK Foot and Mouth Outbreak

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False Flags and Conspiracy Theories



False Flags and Conspiracy Theories

Chapter 8 – UK Foot and Mouth Outbreak

By Larry Romanoff


More than six million pigs, cattle and sheep were slaughtered across 10,000 UK farms in the 2001 outbreak. Photograph: Murdo Macleod/the Guardian. Source

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UK Foot and Mouth Outbreak

Bio-Hazard Facilities

Evaluation and Conclusions


UK Foot and Mouth Disease

UK Foot and Mouth Disease

In 2001, an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease ravaged the British farming industry. There are a few articles on this topic on the Internet, by the BBC and UK Guardian, but they mostly repeat the official story in generalities and provide no useful information. Almost all information of interest or value appears to have been expunged from the Internet.


The most horrendous two weeks’ – Reflecting on Foot and Mouth 20 years on. Source


When the outbreaks occurred exports from the UK of live animals, meat and dairy products were banned by other nations, as was the movement of animals from the infected areas, and the government ordered a mass slaughter of millions of animals. The losses to British farmers were nearly incalculable, with a great many farmers going bankrupt or otherwise put out of business, and some farmers committing suicide in anguish over their losses. Within six months, almost 4 million animals had been slaughtered and their carcasses burned, eventually reaching the astonishing total of around 12-14 million. Oddly, in the face of this enormous disaster, the government refused to hold a public inquiry into the outbreak, announcing instead three small separate investigations, the results of which would not be made public.


A Defra vet at work during the 2007 outbreak of foot and mouth disease. Source


The UK government initially blamed the disease outbreak on “animal activists”, but not everyone believed the official story. At the time, the Sunday Express reported that the outbreak had been attributed to some vials containing foot and mouth virus, which had gone mysteriously missing from the laboratories at Porton Down, which location is a top-secret government biological weapons research facility housing such agents as TB, anthrax, smallpox, Ebola – and the foot-and-mouth viruses. The report stated that “Authorities tried to play down the report by suggesting that “animal rights activists” had stolen and released the samples from the maximum-security government laboratory, though the authorities failed to explain how animal rights activists would believe they were promoting animal rights by releasing a biological agent that would result in the destruction of millions of animals, or how they were able to penetrate the multiple layers of defenses in the heavily-secured laboratory.


British Prime Minister Tony Blair explains 02 April 2001 at a press conference outside No 10 Downing Street in London his decision to delay local elections due on the 03 May until 07 June because of foot-and-mouth disease. (Photo by GERRY PENNY / AFP) (Photo by GERRY PENNY/AFP via Getty Images) Source


As well, one media report in 2001 stated that “An eminent scientist with thirty years’ experience of infectious diseases challenged [UK Prime Minister] Blair in a prominent Sunday newspaper to “come clean and tell the truth about the foot-and-mouth epidemic”. The scientist testified that the virus strain which devastated Britain’s livestock “was not active in any other part of the world and could only have come from a UK laboratory.” And indeed, the UK government bio-warfare labs at both Pirbright and Porton Down have been confirmed by the UK Minister of Health as containing more than 5,000 different strains of this virus, and in the end, it did indeed appear the virus had originated in the UK government’s bio-warfare labs at Porton Down.


A computerised image of the foot and mouth virus. Britons are being urged to keep away from farmland until the outbreak is contained.
Image: Oxford University. Source


Then, the Sunday Express reported that a routine audit of Porton Down’s bio-warfare labs revealed that a container of several vials of foot-and-mouth virus had gone missing two months before the first outbreak of the disease, stating that “There are very persistent rumors over missing phials from Porton Down linked to animal rights activists”. The government of course desperately denied such a possibility, stating that “… only the Institute of Animal Health Laboratory and the Merial Biological Laboratory at Pirbright are licensed to hold FMD virus”, and that tales of the virus being stolen from Porton Down were inaccurate and impossible. But then, a senior military source at Porton Down stated publicly that vials “appear to have gone missing from one of the labs [at Porton Downfollowing a routine audit last year.”


The government then admitted that such a thing did happen after all and, right on cue, the government blamed the usual “animal rights activists” for the theft and release of the deadly pathogen, the media dutifully reporting that “Ministry officials were informed immediately and an investigation was launched initially by Special Branch and then by MI5, who are interested in the activities of animal rights protesters.” Unfortunately, those animal activists and protestors were somehow never found.



This scenario was repeated in 2007 with another outbreak in the UK, the source of which was determined to have been another UK government bio-weapons lab, this time at Pirbright. At the time, the UK Guardian published an article stating that, according to the authorities, “a leaky drain allowed the disease to escape”. The Guardian reported that, according to government sources, there had been a “probable” new leak of foot and mouth disease virus from the Merial Animal Health facility at Pirbright, the virus believed to have escaped through a leaking valve, “allowing an unintended probable release of live FMD virus into the drainage system”. The government claimed in a written statement to have received Merial’s assurances that “the live virus had not been released to the environment”, though in fact it had been. A spokesman for Merial apparently told the Guardian that he was “surprised by the fuss”. Both the government Health Service and Merial shared the source of this outbreak, the “broken drainage system” which served both sets of laboratories, though apparently “investigators were strangely unable to determine which lab was actually responsible for the leakage and outbreak”.


The New Scientist Magazine echoed the official story, stating “A faulty drainage pipe was the most likely source of an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Britain on 3 August, official investigators concluded today. The pipe connected two world class research facilities on the same Pirbright facility in Surrey. One, Merial Animal Healthis a manufacturer of foot and mouth and other animal vaccines; the second, the Institute of Animal Health.”  [1]



Thousands of dead cattle and sheep on Malham Moor. Source


In June of 2008, soon after the second major outbreak of foot and mouth disease, the UK media ran a series of articles stating that “Security at British laboratories working with some of the world’s deadliest pathogens (that included anthrax, hemorrhagic fever and smallpox viruses), was undermined by a lack of investment and poor maintenance”. The media articles were in response to a report produced by some government MPs which claimed that the labs were “so dilapidated” and “run down” it was “not acceptable” that scientists were asked to work there. These facilities, the MPs claimed, had “outlived their usefulness“, and were in such ruinous condition they were “quite likely to experience” yet another leakage of deadly pathogens such as those of the foot and mouth virus that necessitated the slaughter of millions of animals. The committee of MPs especially singled out the labs at Pirbright and the secretive bio-warfare lab installations at Porton Down which, the media reported, were “Britain’s frontline defense against infectious diseases”.




It needs to be noted here that neither Pirbright nor Porton Down, but especially Porton Down, are a ‘frontline defense’ against anything and are in fact bio-weapons labs with a well-deserved evil reputation and a long and malicious history that includes human experimentation. This may have been the CIA’s version of a joke, but when anthrax spores were mailed to some US government and media representatives in 2001, CIA officials publicly speculated that Porton Down may have been their origin. In the end, the origin was determined to be (quite possibly courtesy of the same CIA) the US military’s bio-weapons labs at Fort Detrick, so perhaps a small false flag. Porton Down and the CIA have been close friends for many decades. It was to Porton Down that the CIA outsourced many of its “terminal interrogations”, i.e., questioning people until they died from the questioning methods. It was here that CIA biochemist Frank Olson witnessed firsthand the results of his ‘biochemistry’, began to suffer unbearable pangs of conscience, then suddenly met his death in most unusual circumstances, the result of an apparent suicide – as they almost always are. As you will read later, it was eventually revealed that Olson had been ordered killed by CIA Director Allen Dulles, that his death was neither an accident nor a suicide, but a deliberate murder to prevent the man from disclosing to the media the secret crimes of the CIA and Porton Down. Then-US President Johnson apologised to the family and paid $750,000 in compensation. So, let’s not pretend Porton Down provides defense against infectious diseases.


According to an “independent” report, the buildings housing the lab facilities that contained the foot and mouth viruses were apparently “visibly substandard”, were suffering from a “creeping degradation of standards”, and were “poorly managed and regulated”. A Dr. Iain Anderson, who led a similar inquiry into the larger similar outbreak in 2001, was quoted as saying, “This virus should never have got out. [No argument there] Everything was wrong around Pirbright; the regulatory system was poor; the risk management was poor”. He further stated, “… the facilities … fall well short of internationally recognised standards, and the governance and funding arrangements are muddled and ineffective”. As well, his report described the laboratories as “shabby and dilapidated”, thus leading to the deadly virus “probably leaking from faulty pipes”. One British MP was quoted as saying, “When you think about how important biosecurity is, [… this] is staggering“. No kidding. I would have to agree.


At the time of the release of these so-called independent reports, the media were uniformly frightening us with claims that “Many scientists believe” that “climate change and terrorism” would now “bring many new diseases” and cause many pathogens such as anthrax to be “deliberately released in public places”though it wasn’t immediately clear how ‘climate change’ might ‘deliberately release’ anthrax in a public park. The only scientists who believe that, are the same ‘scientists’ planning the next release. Those reports were not meant as either an apology or explanation for past disease outbreaks, but to create fear because a fearful public is malleable and will easily surrender civil rights to a fascist government in exchange for protection – most often from that same government. It was also a political statement to justify to the public the planned expense of a new, and quite massive, bio-warfare pathogen facility in the UK, one that would of course be “necessary to combat whatever our enemies throw at us”. Or to produce whatever we might want to throw at ourselves.


Aside from the implausibility inherent in the official narratives of these disease outbreaks, there are three other curious items I would bring to your attention.


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho


    1. The UK Government appeared to have prepared precisely for the epidemic of 2001. From an article by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho in an Institute of Science in Society Report dated September 24, 2001, entitled “Foot & Mouth Outbreak, GM Vaccine and Bio-warfare


“Investigations by the Evening Chronicle uncovered that the United States, Canada and Mexico began preparing for ‘a simulated outbreak of foot and mouth disease’ last October. According to papers leaked from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the exercise – which took place between November 6 and 9 – was ‘for the purpose of emergency planning.’ The papers reportedly state: ‘This exercise is the first of its kind and provides all three countries with a unique opportunity to apply their emergency response plans in the event of a real disease outbreak.‘ “: [2]


Ominously, the WHO was also involved in these simulations, as it has been in all other simulations where the identical pathogens have soon after appeared in the public, including those for COVID-19. It appears that all information and documents relating to the above simulation, have been removed from the Internet.


In August/September 2000 a company called United Biomedical Inc. based in the USA had conducted tests on a vaccine for FMD Type O. This is the exact strain of the disease that is currently infecting UK animals. Bovine sera were obtained from animals infected with the indicated viruses in biocontainment facilities at the USDA Plum Island Animal Disease Centre, at the Merial Animal Health Ltd. Biological Laboratory, Pirbright, UK. [3]


At the same time, the UK Government was reported to be preparing its own ‘contingency plans’ for a foot and mouth outbreak. The Evening Chronicle reported that officials from the Agriculture Ministry began telephoning timber merchants as early as December asking if they could supply wood for pyres, should foot and mouth strike.” [4]


    1. UK farms appeared to have been targeted in advance, each marked with yellow tapes, for a visitation from unannounced and unidentified “government animal inspectors”, those farms being unfortunate enough to earn an “inspection” apparently coinciding with those suffering an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, with all livestock being destroyed.


According to one report that appeared credible, and there were others, a local resident named Martin Grant, who lived in Hatherleigh, Devon, described events he observed while cycling through the countryside in the Spring and Summer of 2001. Grant claims to have seen yellow tapes tied to fences, hedges, and trees on the roadside at the entrances to farms in the area. He, and others, later noted that these same locations were those “inspected” by staff claiming to be government agricultural workers. Though Grant was not conducting a scientific survey, he later stated that these locations appeared to coincide not only with the so-called inspections but also with the specific appearances of foot and mouth disease. He said it all occurred “generally just about the same time … this seemed to coincide that anyone that got a tape got foot-and-mouth. As if somebody had deliberately done something.” He was asked if his impression was that the yellow tapes were, “In other words, to ear-mark the farm for possible infection?” His response was to say, “Yes. That was the impression that I got…yes.” He added further that at the time, fragments of the yellow tapes were still hanging on many of the fences.


Another report was from a family named Bratton who lived in the area in question. Mrs. Bratton reported that she “encountered two men in white overalls outside the cattle shed” while walking to the buildings on her farm. She had no idea who they were or why they were on her property and, upon inquiring, was told they were UK Ministry of Agriculture officials “who had every right to inspect agricultural premises”, and ordered her to go inside her house because she was not permitted to witness their “inspections”. Mrs. Bratton said she called the local police several times, was assured they would investigate and contact her. She claimed she received no response, and was later informed the police had no record of her prior calls. Shortly thereafter, all her farm’s livestock was discovered to be infected and were subsequently destroyed. I have not seen much of the documentation, but there were many apparently many similar reports of animal inspections from farms suffering the same fate.


Agriculture Minister Nick Brown talks to Army officers at the Kenton Bar government building in Newcastle the foot-and-mouth disease control centre in the North East. * Slaughter officials welcomed Brown’s decision, to bury cattle less than five years old instead of burning the carcasses, saying it would speed the Army’s operation to dispose of the bodies. (Photo by Owen Humphreys – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images) Source


    1. Perhaps the most curious of all was the well-documented activity by staff from the office of the UK Minister of Agriculture inquiring about the supply of lumber (for burning infected livestock) and the requisitioning of it, prior to any apparent need. There were at least several published accounts of various government officials or their representatives inquiring about “combustible materials”as well as stockpiling them, and of the issuing of contracts to trucking companies and machinery operators for ground excavation and for the hauling of dead livestockseveral months prior to the disease outbreak in February of 2001.


One headline stated, “Timber merchants around Britain say that in early February they were approached by the ministry for wood supplies to burn animals with foot-and-mouth. Timber merchants say they were approached by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in early February, before the outbreak was confirmed, to supply wood for the pyres which are used to burn the diseased animals that have been killed.” UK Agriculture minister Nick Brown insisted this was part of a “regular contingency planning exercise”, and added, “There are a number of urban legends doing the rounds that the ministry knew about this disease before. That is not true.”


Mr. Brown was pointedly questioned about the contacts made by his office with suppliers – many months prior to the disease outbreak – “to establish the availability of timber, suitable for use in pyres for burning dead livestock.” The Minister’s reply was to say that “Information on all the timber stockists contacted by the Ministry over the last year is not held centrally and could be provided only at a disproportionate cost.” If that isn’t clear, the Minister effectively stated that his staff created no accessible records of their approaches to lumber dealers, purchases made and contracts signed, that any records that did exist were widely dispersed and could be accessed only at unreasonable cost. That might be true if 50,000 lumber dealers were approached by several thousand different staff members in a wholly uncoordinated fashion but, if the number of dealers were only in the tens, which is likely, the Minister’s statements beg some questions.


There is one final matter I would bring to your attention, one which rears its head in many similar situations. There were many rumors, some articles, and several letters to the Editor at the time, dealing with what was called a “planned rationalisation” of UK animal farms, ‘rationalisation’ in this sense referring to the elimination of small farmers and the concentration of livestock production in the hands of Big Agra. This would have included, according to these people, increased and prohibitively costly new regulations which small operators would find onerous or impossible to implement, preparing the way for small agra to be “eventually absorbed by the multi-national food processing corporations”. Writers claimed this was one of the ambitions of then Prime Minister Blair. I do not know if this was the intent, but it certainly was the result. According to my information, countless thousands of small farmers have disappeared from the UK, driven out by unrecoverable losses, poor compensation, and new regulations. And Big Agra has apparently indeed proliferated in the aftermath, [5] one agricultural website stating that around 85 percent of animals in the UK are now raised on factory farms”. [6]


I do not know the totality of truths for these outbreaks of foot and mouth disease, nor specifically how the virus was removed from the secure P-4 facilities and spread around the entire country. It certainly was not the result of either accidents or activists, and the weight of evidence would seem to absolutely exclude the possibility of either accidents or activists., meaning the spread had to be done deliberately. I think we can be forgiven for suspicions that the deep state that controls so many Western governments is the most vicious criminal enterprise in the world today.


In light of the above explanations for the release of the pathogen throughout the UK, and the clearly false official story of animal activists pilfering the pathogen from the military biological weapons labs at either Porton Down or Pirbright, I urge you to read carefully the following factual description of these P-4 laboratories and ask yourself what are the most likely conclusions to draw.


Bio-Hazard Facilities


The biological weapons lab at Porton Down in the UK. Source


Let’s consider this in a bit more detail and take a look at a typical bio-hazard or bio-weapons facility, using the UK’s outbreaks of Foot and Mouth Disease and their bio-weapons labs at Porton Down and Pirbright. For background, and according to UK government numbers at the time, there were ten laboratories in the country “equipped with the P4 containment facilities necessary to handle the deadliest viruses and bacteria” and another 600 labs working with “less dangerous pathogens” at a security containment capability one level lower. In the UK, Pirbright possesses one such P4 containment facility, with three others at Porton Down. At the time, there were reported to have been more than 250,000 scientists working with these dangerous pathogens in Britain. In order to help us evaluate the above claims about thieving activists, faulty pipes and leaking drains, and the shabby housing afforded to small bottles of hemorrhagic fever and smallpox, let’s take a quick look at a biological weapons laboratory or other high-risk bio facility such as those at Pirbright and Porton Down.


Porton Down security fence. Note the “Public Health” and “Science Campus”. Source


Biological Containment is generally categorised by the relative danger the contents represent, classified as Biological Safety Levels (BSL), ranging from BSL-1 (lowest danger) to BSL-4 (highest danger), or otherwise identical categories P-1 through P-4. The P-4 level is lethal, involving work with the most dangerous and exotic biological agents known to man, all of which cause at least severe illness and most being fatal to humans, sometimes immediately on exposure. This category includes anthrax, hemorrhagic fevers, smallpox, Ebola, some strains of lab-created bird influenza, and things like foot and mouth disease.


These are internationally-described and designated bio-hazard levels, with internationally-defined containment practices. At the P-4 level, maximum containment is mandatory, requiring a total, absolute and fail-safe isolation of biological organisms, the procedures involving an extensive array of physical protection that include the building systems, sealed pressurised rooms and containers, positive pressure suits and complex and elaborate procedures for entry and exit, as well as intensive decontamination procedures. Human entry to these facilities is restricted to those holding top-level security clearances, with overall security being pervasive to ensure that only specifically-authorised personnel are able to gain access to any area of a containment zone. Most importantly, the buildings and entire facilities are constructed in such a way that nothing – and I repeat, nothing – can exit the facility without intense decontamination and human involvement. In part, this means that nothing can escape accidentally.


These P-4 facilities are contained in separate, unconnected buildings, often a building within a building, and which are completely isolated from their surroundings. All buildings are negatively pressurised to ensure that air pressure will force everything inside to remain insideEntry to hazardous areas, which means an area containing anything more dangerous than KFC’s chemical chicken, is through multiple airlocks which in which both doors cannot be simultaneously open. Moreover, all doors and windows are sealed with inflatable seals when rooms and labs are occupied, and each lab contains an elaborate effluent containment system which prevents anything, of any kind, whether gas, liquid or solid, from escaping the isolated and confined areas. Even exhaust air cannot escape the facility without heavy filtering, and the units are constructed with elaborate facilities for the introduction and storage of air for breathing, including storage reservoirs, and with HEPA filters that essentially remove even the smallest air-borne particles.


All air and water service going to and coming from a P4 biolab will undergo similar decontamination procedures to eliminate the possibility of an accidental release. In particular, any liquid effluent or other waste must, by design, experience full decontamination, meaning that prior to discharge, everything will automatically undergo a tedious process of passing through an extensive, multi-stage, effluent decontamination system. There are no P-4 biolabs where scientists pour lethal effluent down the drain at the end of the workday, and in fact any “drains” existing are physically part of the totally-enclosed decontamination system that is itself physically separated from the external environment.


Within work areas of the facility, all activities are confined to, and all pathogens are stored in, Class III or better biological safety cabinets, which are locked, which require the cooperation of two or more individuals for accessand which cannot be entered without wearing the one-piece ventilated pressure suits with their independent life support system.


Those personnel gaining access must wear a positive-pressure personnel suit with a mandatory segregated air supply and life support system. Attendance at a P-4 biolab will involve not only severe entrance security but exits that use multiple 4- minute chemical and water showers, ultraviolet light, vacuum rooms and a range of other processes and precautions designed to destroy any trace of a biological pathogen before exiting the facility. In other words, you will strip naked and undergo chemical showers and decontamination procedures before you are allowed to leave. Containers or vials of pathogens cannot be withdrawn from such a facility except by top-level security clearance into a contained bio-hazard vehicle, and with the participation of several staff members. There is no way to bypass or shortcut this tedious and severe process, even if you’re an animal rights activist.


Working inside a biological weapons lab. Source


Evaluation and Conclusions



Military guardhouse at Porton Down entrance. Source


How do we assess the claim that a group of “animal-rights activists” entered Porton Down, made off with some deadly pathogen and spread it around the countryside farms, thus spurring an enormous epidemic resulting in the deaths of millions of animals? First, no ragtag collection of anybody from anywhere would ever have access to such a facility, much less know how to deal with it. Neither terrorists nor animal rights activists are renowned Ph.Ds. with high-level security clearances and access to the top-secret and impossibly-secured facilities that contain these pathogens. And even if they did obtain access, the chances of any of them escaping the military check-points and exiting alive, are perilously close to zero. Given all of this, what do we make of the UK government’s claims that “activists” entered Porton Down, stole “a few” vials of foot and mouth virus, then apparently walked out of the facility unchallenged and proceeded to infect cattle and other farm animals, apparently by the hundreds of thousands? And why would they do such a thing?


Transporting Level-4 biological pathogens. Do these people look like “animal-rights activists”?. Source


What do we make of the claim that large amounts of foot and mouth virus escaped through “a leaky drain” at Pirbright? When we have leaks from drains or similar, in all cases the leaks simply pool on the ground, filling the depressions while waiting to evaporate. These leaks do not flow around the countryside, and in any case would flow only downhill in depressions, not covering the countryside. How do we account for the leaked pathogen winding its way through English hill and dale, visiting and somehow infecting millions of animals, for hundreds of kilometers in all directions from the biolab. Viruses are not renowned for  (1) their motive ability to travel a countryside, nor (2) for the necessary tracking radar to hunt down thousands of animal herds, nor (3) for the aggressive disposition that would lead them to attack and infect every animal they found. That would almost require an intelligence – and a vehicle.


But let’s think just a bit further about the government’s independent and unbiased study and evaluation of these two P-4 facilities from which the disease emerged on two separate occasions. Given the lethality of the contents and the immense danger to the public at large, are we really to believe the UK government and the military would contain these pathogens in facilities that had such poor security (in fact, no security) as to permit “activists” to just walk in off the street, steal “a few vials” of lethal pathogens, and just walk out again, without notice or challenge? All you need to do is use your head. Both Pirbright and Porton Down are Level-4 Military bio-weapons laboratories under 24-hour military guard. No ‘activist’, animal-rights or otherwise, could possibly penetrate such an installation without being shot dead in the attempt.


Protesters outside Porton Down to demonstrate in favor of animal rights, Wiltshire, UK, 18th February 1984. (Photo by Chris Wood/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty Images). Source


Second, a ‘vial’ is a tiny glass bottle containing maybe 10 ml. of fluid, something you could easily put into your pocket. But the deadly pathogen was spread throughout the entire nation and infected many millions of cattle and other animals, which would require several thousand liters of the pathogen. You cannot accomplish that with a ‘vial’, and you cannot carry it on a bicycle. So now we have our animal-rights activists approaching a forbidden, off-limits, deadly-force environment, backing up a 5-tonne truck, loading it with several cubic meters of a deadly pathogen, and driving away not only unmolested but apparently unnoticed. Further, we must have had thousands of activists to cover all of England and infect the millions of animals on virtually every small farm in the country. Even more, they must have been wearing Harry Potter invisibility cloaks because they did all that unseen and undetected. Why does this story make sense to you? You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to know that somebody is lying to you.


Next, these “spontaneous outbreaks” of animal diseases appear more frequently than you might imagine, in many countries, the mass media not normally devoting many column-inches to the events. But if you dig beneath the surface in each case, you will find the same story: small farmers have been largely eliminated, and a few “Big Agra” companies have moved in to fill the void. The result is that the world’s food supplies are increasingly concentrated into fewer hands, so that eventually only a few very large firms will control nearly all the major food needs of the Western nations.


When we review all the evidence in this case, the only conclusion that fits all the known facts is that this is one of the more egregious examples of criminal collusion in recent history. Neither Porton Down nor Pirbright are in such “shameful condition” that scientists should not be asked to work there, and neither are so “dilapidated” that lethal biological effluents can escape on a whim. These stories were simply rubbish to smoke up the room and confuse citizens while creating a kind of “plausible deniability”, for which our Western governments have become so famous.



Tony Blair, the UK Prime Minister at the time, was one of the “Young Global Leaders” who graduated from Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, and who undoubtedly subscribed to Schwab’s version of a one-world government controlled from The City of London, and with its basic precepts including those the stillborn TPP failed to create: the total control of nations, of energy and food supplies, of commerce and banking, by a small group of Khazar Jewish financiers and industrialists in The City of London.


This episode is unquestionably part of the agenda of this aggressive Jewish mafia to take control of the world’s food supplies. Henry Kissinger stated 50 years ago, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” [7] Of course, Reuters immediately “fact-checked” the quote and pronounced it false: “A spokesperson for Kissinger told Reuters the quote is untrue”. [8] But they are playing with words, pretending that a paraphrase is irrelevant, and denying the quote. In fact, in 1970, Kissinger really did say, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people”. For those of you who do not already know, Reuters is as dishonest as the New York Times in presenting falsified information as authoritative gospel truth. I have seen enough Reuters’ “fact-checks” to immediately toss them into the trash bin where they belong.


This is also related to the development and propagandised promotion of GM foods. The result is the same: a few large companies (Monsanto, Syngenta, et al) will control almost all the food emerging from seed crops. If you have been paying attention, these people have very powerful supporters, including the Chief Justices of every Western nation. Citizens in many countries are aware of the potential dangers of GM food, but with the positive media support, few people are aware of the conflation of events that turns this into a genuine conspiracy. One of the real dangers of GM food is that the seed is sterile, forcing farmers to purchase new seed from these companies each year. If they refuse to sell, your population will starve. A second fatal risk is that the US, Israel, the UK, have experimented with splicing every manner of biological pathogen into these seeds, and with great success. If you don’t die from starvation, you will die from typhus. Or Ebola or AIDS or H5N1.


The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. Source


But let us not lose the main point. The only conclusion that fits all the known facts of this case strongly suggest the UK government colluded with the Khazar Jews who own Big Agra to eliminate the small UK farmers and help them take control of the UK food supply. This conclusion is strongly supported by the fact that – as almost always – these people ran a simulation of this precise event shortly before it occurred.




Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at

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What part will your country play in World War III?

By Larry Romanoff, May 27, 2021

The true origins of the two World Wars have been deleted from all our history books and replaced with mythology. Neither War was started (or desired) by Germany, but both at the instigation of a group of European Zionist Jews with the stated intent of the total destruction of Germany. The documentation is overwhelming and the evidence undeniable. (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)


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