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EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — Biological Warfare in Action — Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks


EN — LARRY ROMANOFF — Biological Warfare in Action — Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks

January 29, 2024


Biological Warfare in Action


Biological Warfare in Action

Chapter 10 – Recent Bio-Weapons Attacks

By Larry Romanoff



10. 1. China’s 6 Bio-attacks

10. 2. China’s Bird Flu Outbreaks

10. 3. China’s “Pork Speculators”

10. 4. China-Targeted Bio-Weapons

10. 5. China COVID-19

10. 6. Beijing COVID-19

10. 7. China’s Second COVID Attack; 2022

10. 8. Hong Kong COVID-19

10 . 9. Let’s Look at SARS

10. 10. Let’s Look at MERS

10. 11. Let’s Look at ZIKA

10. 12. Let’s Look at EBOLA




I have assembled here a brief collection of recent events that meet all the criteria for biological weapons attacks, including the astonishing dissembling in the mass media. If we examine the detail, none of these events could possibly have been accidental or occurred within the realm of nature.


China’s 6 Bio-attacks

Shanghai Coronavirus Lockdown 2022

It wasn’t reported in the West, but China suffered a total of 6 serious biological attacks within two years – 2020 and 2021, COVID-19 being one of these. There were a deadly variant of swine flu, various concentrated outbreaks of bird flu, some of very deadly pathogens, with simultaneous outbreaks of unusual pathogens all exhibiting an unusual manifestation, and none of which had a clear natural source or origin. The question is, why China? The media propaganda narrative implied that China (or China’s vegetable markets) lacked sanitary cohesion, but the truth is that China is well above most countries in Asia in sanitation, India being perhaps the worst example. Logic encourages us to ask why India doesn’t have dozens of pathogen outbreaks, and why all these epidemics occurred only in China, and why all at the same timeAnd of course logic also induces us to ask who has around 100 biological weapons labs surrounding China and Russia.


China’s Bird Flu Outbreaks


Workers inoculate the newborn chickens with avian flu vaccines at a chicken hatchery in Shandong province.Photographer: Chu Baorui/Feature China/Future Publishing/Getty Images. Source


China was hit with virtually simultaneous eruptions of several variants of bird flu during these two years. H5N6 was almost unheard of in China but is a virus with a high mortality rate. According to Reutersthese infections “show the risk of fast-changing variants”[1] Reuters also reported that “The number of people in China infected with H5N6 bird flu this year has jumped, raising concern among some experts, who say a previously-circulating strain appears to have changed and may be more infectious to people.” [2] No information on where the strain was “previously circulating”, nor how it managed to change into something more lethal.


Then the UK Guardian [3] and the BBC informed us that “China confirms first human case of H10N3 bird flu strain”. The WHO and FAO noted that this is “not a very common virus”, with no information as to its origin or source. The BBC informed us that “China sees first human case of rare H10N3 strain”, with no indication of how a human in China managed to become infected. [4] There was also an eruption of the H9N2 variant, which was a milder form, with mortality not a serious risk. It was fortunate indeed that the Chinese authorities managed to identify these outbreaks and corral them immediately, before they were able to do any harm.


China’s “Pork Speculators”


People shop for meat at a new supermarket in Binzhou in China’s Shandong province. Pork prices have soared this year as an outbreak of African swine fever decimates hog herds. (AFP/Getty Images). Source


In 2019 and 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, China was hit almost simultaneously with several biological attacks, one being a nation-wide wave of deadly swine flu, necessitating the culling of around 100 hundred million pigs – China’s main meat source. This was a new strain, the disease first detected in China near its border with Russia, who had also experienced the same kind of outbreak from the same strain of the virus, the Russians claiming with some certainty the pathogen had been deliberately released from the US Lugar military biological weapons lab in Georgia. In China, the pathogen was distributed with small drones flying over countless thousands of farms while spraying something. [5] [6] This was a well-organised effort, since there many of these drones reported. One large farm was so inundated with these drones that the owner set up a jamming system to upset their navigation systems. In this case, he had to desist because his jamming systems were interfering with aircraft landings at a nearby airport. [7] [8]


When news of this epidemic emerged, much of the Western media, including Hong Kong, immediately flooded their pages with claims that Chinese “pork speculators” or possibly “Chinese gangs” were responsible for this. The explanation was that they could then buy (diseased) pigs cheaply, with no detailed analysis offered for their subsequent disposal. [9]  It is of interest that only two years ago there were literally dozens of US news media reports about this, but a search today produces zero results for “pork speculators“, which cannot possibly be an accident. But let’s ignore the media claims for a moment and try to apply some logic.


First, many laboratories in many countries research such pathogens as swine flu, but the amounts necessary for research typically are a cupful. The volume of pathogen necessary to infect and\or kill 100 million pigs would be at least tens of thousands of liters. Where would our ‘pork speculators’ obtain such a volume of a deadly pathogen? The nearest 7-11? Wal-Mart? The only source of any pathogen in that volume would be a military bio-weapons lab where it was created for use. There is no evidence that China has any such labs but for the moment let’s assume they do have. How would the “pork speculators” gain access to it? What do you suppose would happen if you and I went to such a military installation and said, “Good morning. We would like to buy 5,000 liters of anthrax, please.” Exactly. And if the Chinese did have such a facility, they would be unlikely to supply people wanting to kill most or all of their own country’s meat supply.


Perhaps more to the point, in any country, WHO would have access to these facilities and the pathogens contained therein? Only agencies of that government. Nobody else. And certainly not civilian “pork speculators”. Logic permits us to dismiss the possibility of the pathogen arising from a Chinese facility, so what would be the source? We don’t have a smoking gun, but China and Russia are surrounded by about 100 American military bio-weapons labs. There is no other likely source for such a volume of pathogen, and no other country with a likely motive or with ample experience in this area, which means the swine flu epidemic in China was almost certainly a US biological weapons attack. And the media flood about “pork speculators” was merely a supporting propaganda effort meant to pre-empt rational thought on the part of readers and lead everyone down the wrong path.


The New York Times then told us that, however it happened, it was all China’s fault. According to an article ostensibly written by a Mr. Yanzhong Huang, self-styled as “a global-health expert specializing in China”, Swine fever devastated China’s stock “because with unsound governance, even sound regulations have perverse effects”. [10] Mr. Huang did not elaborate on how an American bio-weapons attack would constitute “unsound governance” on the part of China, but then this is the New York Times we are reading. Worthy of note is that two years prior, Russia was hit with an outbreak of the same pathogen, the first time such a thing had ever occurred in the Southern Caucasus regionand the Russians apparently had much circumstantial evidence that this pathogen was released from the Lugar US biological warfare lab in Georgia.


In a Western country, with 50% of the livestock slaughtered, American Big Agra firms would have had an open door to take control of the nation’s pork supply. But the Chinese government, not being a party to the pathogen, immediately provided financing and other assistance for the small farmers to rebuild their herds. The event did, of course, inflict a significant financial blow to the Chinese economy already suffering from the COVID slowdown, and I assume this was the purpose. However, if the multiple pathogen outbreaks had succeeded in escaping confinement, the entire country would have been devastated. No government can deal with the unknown prospects of COVID-19, the swine flu and multiple outbreaks of various strains of deadly bird flu all at the same time. The Chinese government deserves enormous credit for having contained all of these at the same time. There is no other government in the world that could have done this.


China-Targeted Bio is worrying that there have been persistent claims arising from scientific sources in many countries that the US has been collecting Chinese genes for incorporation into a gene-specific bio-weapon. As we will see, there is much justification for suspicion on this matter, including strong evidence that various recent diseases appearing in China appeared almost certainly to have had a laboratory origin, with one Chinese Air Force official flatly stating that several diseases, including the H7N9 Flu outbreak, were engineered by the US as a gene-specific bio-weapon. Given the strong evidence, it is difficult to dismiss these claims out of hand, and there certainly is no shortage of evidence of large-scale American efforts to collect Chinese DNA.


The British Medical Association, in an article on Biotechnology, weapons and humanity, [11] revealed that FBI crime labs in the US, while doing routine work, “have stumbled across genetic markers specific to blacks, whites, Hispanics and native Americans; (and that) the same markers have been discovered in Palestinians, setting them apart from Israelis. And in an article on the bird flu virus in August of 2013, Susanne Posel [12] [13] wrote that British and Chinese researchers discovered a genetic variant common to the Chinese that make them more susceptible to swine flu, apparently some 25% of Chinese having this gene variant which is also common to Japanese and Koreans. [14]


In 2012, The PLA Daily, China National Defense, published an article revealing a strong suspicion that American universities and scientific researchers were collecting the genes of ethnic Chinese for the purpose of developing ethnic-specific bio-weapons, discussing some evidence of a Top-Secret military project involving the participation of large numbers of American non-military NGOs and other American organisations in China, largely on the pretense of “assisting” in medical research or helping to control AIDS. And we do have incontrovertible proof of American universities Harvard [15] [16] and Tufts [17] coming into China on precisely such missions for the US military, performing “studies” and “experiments” that were later uncovered and universally condemned as illegal and fraudulent. Even the Washington Post agreed that “This was no ordinary blood drive. It was genetic research.” [18]


American scientists may be collecting the genes of ethnic Chinese people for the purpose of developing genetically engineered bioweapons, reports China National Defence, a military newspaper sponsored by the PLA Daily of the People’s Liberation Army. Source


It was outrageous and infuriating that as soon as these clandestine, illegal, dishonest – and definitely criminal – events were revealed, the Jewish US media, ignoring the actual facts, went into full attack mode with a flurry of news releases and articles claiming that it was China that was attempting to collect DNA on Americans. The New York Times led the parade (as always), telling us “U.S. Warns of Efforts by China to Collect Genetic Data.” [19] The NPR was right behind them, claiming, “China Wants Your Data — And May Already Have It.” [20] The Business Insider claimed, “China is scooping up DNA data to target … you, the US government says.” [21] But not a mention anywhere of the massive frauds that the US military, universities, and pharma companies, had recently committed in China.


The fear of course is that the US military, which has never hidden its desire for such weapons, hopes to develop pathogens and GM seeds that will mutate the genetic structure of certain racial groups – of which the Chinese is definitely one. The report stated evidence that the US had already developed some genetic weapons directed to African and Middle Eastern races, which used viruses implanted in winemaking yeast that would infect specific populations.


China COVID-19


Distribution of Patients with Covid-19 across Mainland China. Source


I will dwell here on only one segment of this topic, that of the source and distribution of COVID-19 in China. The Western media, beginning with Radio Free Asia, were at first unanimous that the virus emerged from the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. When this was proven an impossibility since many infected persons had had no contact with the market, then the new Western narrative was that the outbreak resulted from a “leak” at the biological labs at Wuhan University. But when China counter-attacked with Fort Detrick as the most likely source, the media narrative quickly changed to bats, and even the CIA suddenly agreed there was no sign of a lab leak.


But  the greatest leap of all in the logic of the entire COVID affair was the timing and location of the outbreak, the idea that either a natural occurrence or an accidental escape of a pathogen would occur in one of China’s main transportation hubs on the eve of Chinese New Year, when literally tens of millions of travelers would be  leaving or passing through that precise location. This is China’s annual migration – the world’s largest – where several hundred million people would be traveling home for Chinese New Year. If I were a pathogen wanting to escape confinement, I couldn’t do better. Utilising this one location at that specific time would virtually guarantee an instant nationwide epidemic of biblical proportion, spreading the infection throughout the entire country within 24 hours, with the potential to set China’s economy back 30 years in one swoop. That is simply too much of a coincidence for any thinking person to accept.


Beijing COVID-19

Distribution of COVID-19 infections, fatalities and mortality rates (fatalities/infections * 100) across the prefectures of China (updated on 23 May 2020), and the distribution of the tropospheric column amounts of three representative air pollutants derived from the 2019 averaged satellite measures of: Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), and Formaldehyde (HCHO). The values in the square brackets show the COVID-19 cases’ counts of administrative units.Source


By late May of 2020, Beijing had been virus-free for nearly 60 days. I recall having an uncomfortable feeling that this wasn’t the end, my fears justified when Beijing experienced a new outbreak in the Xinfadi market. [22] The media immediately hit us with a small flood of propaganda that Beijing was experiencing its “second wave” – a characteristic of COVID-19 that had been heavily promulgated by the media in spite of the clear fact that no epidemic in history has ever exhibited second and third or fourth natural ‘waves’. And yes, I’m aware of the 1918 pandemic, but that was a special circumstance and unrelated to what happened with COVID. We were also hit with repeated claims that “China’s wet markets” were a natural breeding ground for pathogens, and that this latest outbreak “showed how the virus can still come back as restrictions are eased”.


But the media went silent rather quickly from an announcement of “a groundbreaking virus tracing discovery” in China, [23] which was that the strain of the new virus in Beijing was the same as that in much of Europe, that this variety had never before been detected in China and was clearly an import. Dr. Daniel Lucey confirmed a Reuters report [24] [25] on the genetic sequencing that “the virus is from a different continent”, and thus was clearly imported. It was also much more contagious – and more deadly – than previous varieties. The China Daily also confirmed studies that the virus likely came to China from Europe. [26] PubMed confirmed the outbreak [27] and Science Magazine stated “Source of Beijing’s big new COVID-19 outbreak is still a mystery” [28]


Xinfadi is the largest fresh-food market in all of Asia, equivalent to nearly 160 football fields, with many thousands of shops. According to reports in China, the entire market was “severely contaminated” “from head to foot” while nothing in the surrounding area was touched. It was obvious the contamination entered the market – and only the market – from a source external to China. This was an entirely new version of the virus (Type A) that had not been in China before, a much more virulent strain (at least to ethnic Chinese) and one which, had it escaped confinement, might have created a humanitarian disaster. Fortunately, the authorities had not relaxed their vigilance and discovered the infections almost immediately, shutting down the market, locking down the neighborhood, tracing all the contacts, and killing it dead within two weeks with only a handful of infections.


The question is how a new variety of a virus could travel from another continent to Beijing without leaving infections along the way. And this new virus was traveling with friends if it could infect 160 football fields in a couple of days. Virus outbreaks always begin on a very small scale, and then expand, so what would be the source of such an enormous amount of pathogen released in one place at one time? Consider the astonishing coincidence of a new strain of a virus migrating from Europe, crossing half of China without leaving a trace, then choosing to land on and infect only that one location in Beijing, the largest market in all of Asia with hundreds of thousands of visitors each day, while not leaving a trace anywhere else, and sparing every other possible victim, even avoiding shops literally across the street. That would almost require an intelligence. And a large pail. To forestall such conclusions, the Western media placed a news embargo on this topic immediately upon the facts being released.


In this context, recall the information about a natural epidemic starting small, gaining traction while infecting a core group, then expanding. But the Xinfadi market started with totally infecting 160 football fields of shop space. This isn’t done by a “patient zero”, but rather by a large group carrying perhaps 1,000 liters of pathogen. How can it be otherwise?


China’s Second COVID Attack; 2022


A patient with Covid-19 lays on a bed in a hallway at Tangshan Gongren hospital in north-east China. Photograph: Noel Celis/AFP. Source


China had been virus-free for a long time, with all segments of life having returned to normal, but then the country began to experience persistent attempts at outbreaks in various provinces, all of which the Chinese medical authorities quickly quashed. Those cases at first appeared to be ‘local’ domestic infections that were minor but that seemingly appeared from nowhere, with no clear source, and no patient zero located. At first, the infections appeared in only one or two provinces in very small numbers, but it seemed that as the authorities quashed one eruption in one location, others would appear simultaneously in several other locations. It was a constant battle, with new outbreaks in previously clean provinces, the number of these independent and unrelated outbreaks continually increasing. Then China was hit suddenly with new infection outbreaks in half its provinces, the numbers suddenly jumping from a mere handful to nearly 3,500 new infections on one day, this huge spike described as “complicated and severe”. [29] Again, no clear epidemiology, no identifiable source(s), and no patients zero[30] If you look at the graphic below, China went from around zero to this in literally a week. Note the vertical spike at the right of the graph, something natural virus outbreaks cannot do.


China Mainland subsequent COVID outbreaks. Source


When watching these developments live from day to day, it became obvious quite quickly that something abnormal was taking place. Again, China had been completely free of the COVID virus and life had returned to normal. There was no sensible reason for these outbreaks in areas that had been clean for many months. As one fire was extinguished, several others would break out, always in different provinces, and sometimes different strains, which would indicate independent outbreaks with no relation to each other. This was not a pattern of a natural spread of an infection, but clearly the repeated imposition of an infection of various strains in locations far distant from each other, and all happening simultaneously. The Chinese authorities were certainly aware of this; if it was obvious to me that China was under attack, it was much more obvious to them. When we examine all the details of this series of events, the  only possible explanation is of an organized biological weapons attack on China. In the end, this persistent series of outbreaks covered all provinces and overwhelmed the system, and the virus spread until it naturally died out.


Hong Kong COVID-19



Hong Kong, like mainland China, had been pursuing a “zero-tolerance” COVID strategy that sought to curb infections with strict control measures. The city was at the end of its virus epidemic with only small numbers of new daily infections, then – and more or less simultaneously with the sudden increases in the Mainland – Hong Kong was blasted with an enormous epidemic, suddenly and inexplicably reaching nearly 60,000 cases in one day. That was more than in the entire US, and with only 2% of America’s population. [31] [32] [33] The outbreak was so sudden and so widespread Hong Kong recorded nearly 700,000 COVID-19 infections in about two weeks. And again, no identification of the source of this massive infection spike and obviously no hope of finding a “patient zero”.


That astonishing explosion of COVID-19 could not possibly have resulted from any combination of natural events. A natural pathogen outbreak begins with a single source, essentially a patient zero, and progresses from this, according to its infectiousness and other factorsAccording to all of science, an outbreak of a pathogen begins from a single central source, infects a core group, slowly gains some traction, then expands rapidly, reaches a peak, then slowly tails off and dies, essentially following a skewed Bell curve as in the diagram below.


Look at the chart below. The numbers of infections in Hong Kong were approximately zero until February of 2022 when an epidemic exploded. The city had been virtually free of the virus but then it suddenly exploded to infect nearly 60,000 people on one day.


Hong Kong COVID-19 Infections. Source


No natural outbreak of an infectious disease can suddenly explode and infect tens or even hundreds of thousands of people simultaneously. The reason is that the pathogen is “infectious”; it can spread only by infecting people who then infect others. It is not possible to infect huge numbers of people simultaneously, yet this is precisely what happened to Hong Kong. Further, the infections were not localized; it wasn’t as if 75,000 people were in the same football stadium and all sprayed with a contagion. The infections occurred simultaneously in multiple locations, and there is no natural process that can account for this.


Such a violent and widespread outbreak can occur only through the coordinated distribution of a pathogen by a large number of individuals infecting many locations simultaneously. There is no other possible explanation. Hong Kong has open borders, making this kind of infiltration rather easy.





I will cover these individually in more detail in later Chapters of this series, but will make a quick summary here.


Let’s Look at SARS


How SARS terrified the world in 2003, infecting more than 8,000 people and killing 774. Source


We don’t know how SARS was created and released, but we do know the official narrative as presented in the Western media was false from beginning to end. And if the media are promulgating a lie, we know they are covering for those responsible. Why else would they do it? Let’s look at only one part of the SARS epidemic, the “super-spreading event” at the Amoy Gardens residential complex of 30 and 40-story buildings, home to almost 20,000 people that experienced a massive outbreak and had to be evacuated. Virologists were unanimous in categorising this as “the most spectacular event” of the entire SARS crisis.


The official (Western media) narrative flood told us the virus was spread through defects in the building complex’s drainage or sewage system, Wikipedia adding poetically that the virus “was blown by a gentle maritime breeze” from the toilet sewage pipes into the stairwells and thence to all the apartments. We don’t need facts here; we just need to use our heads.


What would be the source of the huge amount of SARS pathogen required to infect all those buildings, and what would be its means of locomotion? Why would it choose to gather in volume in that one location, and how could it do so? Do SARS viruses form flocks? By what means would such a huge amount of this coronavirus enter the sewage systems in the first place? The sewers are all underground; there is no entry point. How could a breeze, ‘gentle maritime’ or otherwise, possibly enter the sewage system of a huge apartment complex? Is there a hole in the external wall where all the toilet pipes emerge? Next, to blow air and pathogen from an underground sewer upwards to infect all apartments on 40 floors of 10 buildings would require more than a gentle breeze – more likely a hurricane.


I am not a plumber, but a “defective sewage system” in a high-end high-rise apartment building does not seem to possess the claimed qualifications to distribute lethal pathogens to all apartments. In any case, aside from the initial – and unsubstantiated – claim, there were no reports either before or after the outbreak to suggest any plumbing defects ever existed. The story sounds plausible to a casual reader until we stop to think about the practical logistics. After all, sewage and drainage pipes are no doubt dirty places which make a happy home for germs of all kinds, but those germs are there because we put them there each time we dispose of waste. They don’t enter a building and seek out the drainage pipes of their own accord, then run around independently like mice looking for a place to hide, and lurking until victims approach. Nor do they spread throughout a building and intentionally enter each home. Either case would require an intelligence. And a large pail.


Upon the outbreak of SARS, the immediate conclusion by Russian virologists that the SARS virus “absolutely” originated in a lab. It was interesting that while SARS emerged first in Guangdong Province, fate led the infected persons to travel to Hong Kong where the virus spread. The health officials in the Chinese Mainland snuffed it out immediately while Hong Kong took the hit, and SARS was statistically a Hong Kong epidemic rather than Mainland Chinese. That almost sounds like an attempt that failed.


Let’s Look at MERS


Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) is a lethal zoonosis that causes death in 35·7% of cases. The Lancet


In late 2012, the world experienced the onset of a new mini-epidemic from a novel coronavirus that was named MERS because it supposedly originated in the Middle East, infecting small numbers of people in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar. The virus was blamed on camels which, after millennia of friendly cohabitation with man, suddenly decided to share their virology with humans.


The outbreak in Korea was the largest manifestation of MERS outside the Middle East, hitting that country with economic damage in the billions. According to the official narrative in the Western media, South Korea’s infections were apparently traced to an (unidentified and almost certainly fictitious) “businessman” who developed MERS after returning from a trip to the Middle East.


One item neglected by the media was the massive outbreak of MERS at the US Osan Air Base in Korea, which conveniently was very near the home of the likely-imaginary ‘infected businessman’. The Osan airbase is the home of the US JUPITR ATD, a military biological program that operates its other lab facility at Fort Detrick, MD, as well as home to one of the US military’s bio-weapons production labs and a very secretive WHO bio-lab operated by the US military. The theory most closely fitting the facts is that the MERS outbreak in Korea may have been caused by a laboratory accident at the JUPITR biowarfare project.


Interestingly, there was sparse Western media coverage of the MERS outbreak in South Korea, certainly compared to SARS, where we were treated to virulent China-bashing 24/7 for most of a year.


Let’s Look at ZIKA


Cumulative suspected and confirmed cases of Zika virus disease per 100,000 population — Region of the Americas,* October 2015, January 2016, and December 2016. Source


An unremarkable little virus so mild most people don’t even know they have it, and one that had never done any harm to anyone. ZIKA is spread only by mosquitos and never traveled anywhere in its entire life, remaining sequestered in a forest in Uganda where it was discoveredBut then one day ZIKA developed a kind of viral wanderlust and traveled 12,000 kilometers or so, crossing the Pacific Ocean, the US and Mexico, all of Central America and the Caribbean, and finally traversing all of South America to land on the Atlantic side in Rio and São Paulo. From there, it almost instantaneously radiated outward 4,000 or 5,000 kilometers in all directions to cover most of Brazil, then spread to all of South and Central America and the Caribbean, flooding more than 20 countries within a few months, voyaging as far as Mexico and Puerto Rico.


How did this happen? Well, according to the WHO and the Western media, ZIKA was brought to Brazil by an infected traveler from Micronesia who had come to watch the World Cup. Here once again, we don’t need facts; we just need to use our heads. ZIKA is not a contagious disease; it is spread only when bitten by an infected mosquito. If the (fictional) traveler had indeed been infected, how many millions of clean local mosquitos would have had to bite this unfortunate Micronesian, to become infected themselves, and then infect millions throughout Latin America? And they would have to do all of that within a very short time because a mosquito’s life is measured in days and they had thousands of kilometers to travelTo cause such a rapid outbreak would require hundreds of millions of infected mosquitosEven more, how could infected mosquitos traverse all of South America? Can mosquitos fly over the Andes? How could they travel 10,000 or more Kms. to flood 20 countries in a few months? How did they travel the 12,000 Kms. to Brazil in the first place? You know the official story cannot possibly be true.


ZIKA was given massive prime time Western media coverage, replete with photos of graveyards, tombstones, urns filled with wilting flowers. Why? The number of people who had experienced even mild illness from ZIKA was perilously close to zero, and no person had ever died from it. What was happening? Two things. First, something that was heavily censored in the Western media: a UK company named Oxitec had for several years been conducting “transgenic mosquito trials” throughout Latin America, pretending to mate their mosquitoes with the local variety to produce sterile offspring, releasing hundreds of millions of mosquitoes in all countries. It was after this that the outbreak of ZIKA occurred.


The second thing was that ZIKA was being tarnished with tales of brain damage to infants, tales entirely lacking medical or logical foundation, but propagated nonetheless. On the heels of these tales, and interspersed with them, was the sudden awakening or resurrection of literally hundreds of US-based and funded NGOs all campaigning loudly – with massive media support – for all of Latin America to abandon its laws against abortion – for the sake of all these ZIKA-infected mothers who would now give birth to infants with “devastated brains”. But in fact there was never any connection made between ZIKA and microcephaly.


And that is the entire story. The pro-abortionist NGOs are primarily Jewishas are the media, and as is Oxitec with its funding and connections naturally including the usual group of suspects. The only conclusion that fits all the known facts is that ZIKA was deliberately unleashed, using pre-infected mosquitoes, as part of a plan to eliminate the anti-abortion laws in Latin America – the world’s only holdout.


Let’s Look at EBOLA


A woman crawls toward the body of her sister as a burial team takes her away for cremation on October 10 in Monrovia, Liberia. The sister had died from Ebola earlier in the morning while trying to walk to a treatment center, according to her relatives. (John Moore/Getty Images) . Source


There was also the outbreak of the Ebola virus simultaneously in several African countries in the middle of 2014 that at the time of writing had already killed around 1,000 people. It was surprising to learn that the variety of Ebola that appeared was “an especially powerful mutated strain that had no apparent natural origin and immediately raised questions in many minds of having been engineered. This caught my attention because the circumstances seemed so familiar – (a) a sudden, inexplicable outbreak of a new, unusual, and deadly disease, (b) in dispersed but focused locations, (c) with nobody searching for the origin, (d) claims that the virus was primarily race-specific, affecting primarily Africans, and (e) the WHO once again in full attendance.


In June of 2003, the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article [34] titled, “Scientists Search For Human Hand Behind Jungle Virus”, stating that “Some scientists are turning their attention to a question asked all too infrequently once deadly viral outbreaks have been contained: Where did that come from?” The article provided a long list of mostly new diseases resulting from (probably) manufactured retroviruses like Ebola, Hantavirus, HIV, HTLV-I, HTLV-II, Lassa, Mad Cow Disease, Monkey Pox, Nipah, SARS, and West Nile Virus, as well as other curiosities like Gulf War Illness and Lyme disease, asking, “Where did the pathogens originate?”


Several physicians wrote an article titled, “There is no natural disease called Ebola”, [35] in which they noted that while the main focus was on treatment, an increasing number of people were questioning the disease’s true origin, a decreasing number of investigators being convinced of the official story of Ebola evolving from “infected fruit bats”, and much skepticism about how Ebola traveled 6,000 kilometers across Africa – from the site of one US bio-weapons lab to another – without causing infections in the intermediate areas. The Washington Post tells us these statements “may plant further seeds of mistrust and suspicion” on the authorities. [36] However, these physicians and virologists insist there is no such natural disease, and believe it is a weaponised virus created in a US military bio-lab. [37] [38] One media report, for which I have not yet seen documentation, claims the US Department of Defense was funding Ebola trials on humans in the weeks preceding the outbreaks in Guinea and Sierra Leone. No word on precisely which organisation was physically conducting the trials, but the DOD apparently had a $140 million contract with the Canadian pharma company Tekmira to conduct Ebola research that included infusing humans with the Ebola virus. [39] The Liberian Observer ran a rather stinging editorial on this matter, but the article appears to have been deleted or suppressed.


Further, I managed to locate some records of the WHO’s vaccination programs for the countries in Africa where this Ebola virus erupted, and was not surprised to learn of the correlation with WHO inoculations since there has been a perfect correlation with other similar incidents to date. [40] [41] [42] Yoichi Shimatsu noted what he calls “the strange coincidence of the earliest breakout in Guinea with major vaccine campaigns conducted by the WHO and UNICEF. [These involved] a cholera oral vaccine effort by Médecins Sans Frontières under the WHO, and UNICEF-funded prevention programs against meningitis and polio. The reason for suspecting a vaccine campaign rather than an individual carrier is due to the fact that the Ebola contagion did not start at a single geographic center and then spread outward along the roads. Instead, simultaneous outbreaks of multiple cases occurred in widely separated parts of rural Guinea …”. Shimatsu wrote, “How one of the deadliest viral strains in human history could have jumped a distance of 4,000 kilometers undetected from Central to West Africa defies logic.”, and I would certainly have to agree with his assessment.


There was another disturbing aspect to this entire Ebola enterprise, that being a report in the New York Times that the Zaire Ebola strain was identified or created many years ago[43] [44] and that the WHO ordered it shipped to the UK’s bio-weapons facility at Porton Downfrom where it was sent to the US-based CDC who do similar work. [45] [46] Dr. Boyle speculated this virus was then exported to the US military’s bio-labs in West Africa where development was continued. Yoichi Shimatsu noted correctly that “the simultaneous eruptions [of this virus] in widely-separated zones” suggest it was introduced as part of the US military-funded bio-weapons research program.



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