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Armas Biológicas: Uma Visão Geral, Útil e Oportuna, Baseada em Factos. Parte 1/3ByLarry Romanoff, April 10, 2020
COVID-19: visando a Itália e a Coréia do Sul? “A cadeia de transmissão da infecção”By Larry Romanoff, March 31, 2020
COVID-1: Toda a verdade tem três etapasBy Larry Romanoff, March 20, 2020
COVID-19: All Truth Has Three StagesBy Larry Romanoff, March 19, 2020
Gaza: Murdering Children for SportBy Larry Romanoff, March 12, 2020
COVID-19 Marketing in the USA: Misinformation, Incompetence and BuffooneryBy Larry Romanoff, March 10, 2020
COVID-19 “Worldwide Epidemic of Biblical Proportions”By Larry Romanoff, March 06, 2020
Why Is the US Apparently Not Testing for the COVID-19 Coronavirus?By Larry Romanoff, March 06, 2020
State-Sponsored Commercial Espionage. The Global Theft of IdeasBy Larry Romanoff, February 28, 2020
COVID-19 May Have Originated from the US? Japanese TV BroadcastBy Larry Romanoff, February 24, 2020
China’s Coronavirus. “We Cannot Rule Out Man Made Origin of these Infections”By Larry Romanoff and Larry Romanoff, February 17, 2020
Genetically Modified Seeds: Conceived as a WeaponBy Larry Romanoff, February 11, 2020
The Geopolitical Deployment of Biological WeaponsByLarry Romanoff, February 10, 2020
Iran Attack on Two US Bases, The “Evil Empire” Strikes Back. The Casualties?By Larry Romanoff, February 09, 2020
Biological Weapons: A Useful and Timely Factual OverviewBy Larry Romanoff, February 07, 2020
Let’s Move the Goalposts. The US-China ConfrontationBy Larry Romanoff, February 06, 2020
China’s Coronavirus – How the Western Media Spin the NewsBy Larry Romanoff, February 05, 2020
Chinas neues Coronavirus: Eine Untersuchung der FaktenBy Larry Romanoff, February 04, 2020
China’s Coronavirus: A Global Health Emergency is Launched. What are the FactsByLarry Romanoff, January 31, 2020
China's new Coronavirus - An Examination of the FactsBy Larry Romanoff, January 26, 2020
Fake News and “The Naked Government”: Jessica Lynch and the US Invasion of IraqBy Larry Romanoff, January 24, 2020
Replant the American Dream. “Your USA Today is The World’s Most Hated Nation”. Why?By Larry Romanoff, January 22, 2020
Factors Behind the Hong Kong-China Extradition BillBy Larry Romanoff, January 21, 2020
My God and My Glock – The Theology of Guns in AmericaBy Larry Romanoff, January 20, 2020
Binary People in an Analogue World. What is an “Authoritarian Environment”? China versus The WestBy Larry Romanoff, December 31, 2019
The Criminalisation of Protest in AmericaBy Larry Romanoff, December 29, 2019
A Brief Introduction to TibetBy Larry Romanoff, December 26, 2019
As bombas Atómicas no Japão Foram Destinadas a Terminar a Guerra e a salvar vidas?                     By Larry Romanoff, December 23, 2019
“America the Shrunken”By Larry Romanoff, December 21, 2019
The Richest Country’s Empty Plates. 50 Million Hungry AmericansBy Larry Romanoff, December 18, 2019
Patents, Theft of Intellectual Property (IP), Product Piracy and US-China RelationsBy Larry Romanoff, December 17, 2019
China’s YiWu: Business Models You’ve Never Even Heard ofBy Larry Romanoff, December 15, 2019
Humanity at the CrossroadsBy Larry Romanoff, December 15, 2019
From Shanghai to Chongqing: The World’s Most Expensive RailwayBy Larry Romanoff, December 11, 2019
“The American Love Affair with the Automobile”: The Unspoken History of the Electric CarBy Larry Romanoff, December 09, 2019
The Planned 1933 Fascist Coup in AmericaBy Larry Romanoff, December 08, 2019
Arbitrary Law Enforcement in the USBy Larry Romanoff, December 05, 2019
China’s High-Speed TrainsBy Larry Romanoff, December 05, 2019
The Theology of PoliticsBy Larry Romanoff, December 04, 2019
The World’s Safest CitiesBy Larry Romanoff, December 02, 2019
The Short Road: Democracy to FascismBy Larry Romanoff, November 30, 2019
Spreading Democracy the American WayBy Larry Romanoff, November 29, 2019
The Next American Revolution? Anticipated Civil UnrestBy Larry Romanoff, November 27, 2019
Harassment, Surveillance, Intimidation: How America’s Police State Deals with Dissent and Political ActivismBy Larry Romanoff, November 26, 2019
How Does China Evaluate and Choose its Leaders? Understanding China’s University SystemBy Larry Romanoff, November 23, 2019
Economic Upheaval and the Rise of the US Police StateBy Larry Romanoff, November 22, 2019
Understanding ChinaBy Larry Romanoff, November 20, 2019
The Greatest Intellectual Property Theft in History: Operation PaperclipBy Larry Romanoff, November 16, 2019
US Economic Statistics: “Unreliable Numbers”By Larry Romanoff, November 10, 2019
The School of the AmericasBy Larry Romanoff, November 09, 2019
Substandard Education in AmericaBy Larry Romanoff, November 08, 2019
Japan – Ending a War and Saving Lives?By Larry Romanoff, November 04, 2019
God Save the Queen. The US Destruction of the British EmpireBy Larry Romanoff, November 02, 2019
US institutions
The CIA’s Greatest Hits – US Government AssassinationsBy Larry Romanoff, November 01, 2019
A US War StoryBy Larry Romanoff, November 01, 2019
Robert McNamara’s Infamous “Project 100,000” and the Vietnam War. A Premeditated Crime against HumanityBy Larry Romanoff, October 30, 2019
History of Chinese Inventions. The Present and the Future. Recent Chinese State of the Art InnovationsBy Larry Romanoff, October 24, 2019
Apologists of Global Capitalism: Multi-National Corporations Are Functioning as “Amoeba” in Pursuit of ProfitBy Larry Romanoff, October 23, 2019
US Interventions in Canada – A Brief HistoryBy Larry Romanoff, October 20, 2019
What is the Difference between Capitalism and Socialism?By Larry Romanoff, October 18, 2019