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The Tragedy of Libya

By Larry Romanoff



This is one of a long series of tragic tales involving US imperialism and media disinformation. As with all the others, you need to put aside all the rubbish you’ve read in the Western media about Libya and its President, Moammar Khaddafi, and learn some truths.


On Nov. 14, 1969, Muammar Gaddafi greets the crowd for the first time since the overthrow of the Libyan monarchy. Gamma-Keystone / Getty Images. Source 


Khaddafi became the leader of Libya in a bloodless coup against the old King Idris,[1] who had been installed by the Imperial powers after the last war, and who had been more than willing to turn over all of Libya’s oil resources to the Western multinationals in return for his “kingdom”. The West never forgave Kaddafi for that, and constantly demonised him in the media, imposed many kinds of sanctions against the country, and generally did their best to punish him for decades for the loss of their Puppet King. The American media will tell you otherwise, but this is the root cause of Western hostility against both Kaddafi and Libya.


“The end of [King Idris’] rule came only a decade after the discovery of oil in Libya, a development that changed the mostly barren desert nation from one of the poorest of countries into one of the most potentially prosperous. . . the Libyans seemed to settle down under a benign autocracy. The King steered his country to a close alliance with Britain and the United States.”[2] It was all engineered from The City of London, with foreign oil companies owning all Libya’s petroleum assets – which was the cause of the coup.


Libya used to be a fine country, rich and prosperous, and easily one of the most progressive nations in Africa. Today, it is a disaster zone of poverty, misery, illness and lawlessness, thanks to the fabricated “humanitarian war” of intervention by the US. The story is a simple one, as most are: a nation’s leader underestimated the savage brutality of the Jews when faced with political disobedience and economic threats to their money and their multinational corporations, and the entire nation paid the price.


As well, Israel had always hated both Libya and Khaddafi but lacked the military ability to inflict any particular damage on the country, so, as usual, they used the US military to do their work for them. The international Jewish-owned media and the compliant US government had for decades mounted a campaign of negative propaganda against Libya, convincing much of the world’s population that this nation was part of an “axis of evil”. It was never any such thing.


In 1984 Libya was blamed for shooting a policewoman in London. There were numerous problems with this version of events, and a British TV documentary linked the death to the CIA, and likely also to the Jewish criminal organisation Mossad, but to most people Libya was guilty simply because it was Libya. The power of propaganda. The arrest was tainted, and the flood of anti-Libya propaganda in the media was extreme, but the blame placed on Libya appeared to have no supporting evidence whatever. According to the UK Guardian, “The judge said that although the defendant was in police custody at the time of the actual shooting . . .” [3] Then reports that the UK would “reopen” the case. [4] But finally: “A Libyan man who UK authorities suspected of killing a police officer during protests against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi has been released as evidence against him could have breached national security, say police. . . although “enough material to identify those responsible” had been gathered, it could not be presented in court. “The key material has not been made available for use in court in evidential form for reasons of national security,” the Met said in a statement. But after a police review, the statement said, prosecutors decided there was “insufficient admissible evidence to charge the man.”[5]


Some years back, a Libyan Airlines Flight was shot down in Egyptian airspace by Israeli warplanes[6][7][8Upon learning of the destruction of the Libyan airliner and the civilian deaths, Golda Meir, then Prime Minister of Israel, praised her chief of staff on his success and gushed, “I want to tell you that I don’t just appreciate you, I admire you!” [9] [9a]The Israelis called it a case of mistaken identity. It is not clear whether U.S. journalists ever asked why the Israeli soldiers along the Suez Canal were firing ground-to-air missiles at a civilian airliner at all, regardless of its identity. [10]



But Libya’s tragic story began in earnest in the 1990s, when US President Ronald Reagan mounted a massive air campaign in conjunction with the UK, with the approximate purpose of ‘teaching Libya a lesson’. The facts leading to that aerial assault have never received attention in the West; we were instead fed a totally fabricated version that was in the interest of the US and Israel to promote. Briefly, Libya was accused of bombing a bar in Germany and killing a US serviceman, the reward for which was Reagan’s violent bombing assault on Libya. Khaddafi claimed innocence in that regard, and later facts proved him to have been telling the truth. There was never any evidence connecting Libya to that bombing. When the accused were finally brought to trial in 1997, there was nothing to link them to Libya, but there was substantial evidence pointing in other directions, and it appeared certain that Libya had been set up by Israel’s Mossad.


At that time, Israel had been feeding grievances against Libya for some years, and wanted to launch its own air assault but concluded Libya was too far away and too well-defended to be worth the risk. That set the stage for a false flag operation that proved to be eminently successful. Some Jews from Israel went to Libya with false passports under the pretense of being carpet merchants, and apparently rented quarters near Khaddafi’s Palace. More importantly, the quarters were in direct line from the palace to the Mediterranean where US ships were constantly offshore, intercepting Libyan communications. The Jews had brought with them some directional radio transmission equipment, and took advantage of their position to transmit false information about a Libyan intention to effect some kind of terrorist act against the Americans, to plant a bomb somewhere. Details were cleverly fed to the Americans by means of these broadcasts, and over a period of time the details of this plan were leaked and the location was inferred to be Germany. Mossad then sent a couple of Jewish agents to a German bar and detonated a bomb that succeeded in killing one US serviceman.


Of course, the blame was immediately laid on Khaddafi and Israel’s plan succeeded with Reagan bombing the hell out of Libya. The destruction was substantial, with much of it intended to kill Khaddafi if possible. Most of the sites targeted in the bombing were not military but civilian, including Khaddafi’s home and offices. He survived, but his children didn’t.


“The manner in which Israel’s Mossad tricked the U.S. into attacking Libya was described in detail by former Mossad case worker Victor Ostrovsky in The Other Side of Deceptionthe second of two revealing books he wrote after he left Israel’s foreign intelligence service.”[11]


A short time later, a US Pan American flight was destroyed by a bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland and Libya was blamed. There was never any proof that Libya was involved in that tragedy, and my guess is that it was another Mossad false-flag operation. Some groups have accused the Palestinians and others of responsibility, but I doubt they had the means to carry this one off. We don’t need to dwell on details of this event here, since the many details can be easily checked online.



The London Times was outspoken in accusing the government of a top-level cover-up of the truth. One article stated that Christine Grahame, a member of the Scottish Parliament, said: There are a number of vested interests who have been deeply opposed to this appeal because they know it would go a considerable way towards exposing the truth behind Lockerbie”.


A law professor involved in the trial claimed there had been “strong pressure” from the Justice Department to end the appeal process because they didn’t want the information to become public. These and many other experts have long doubted the so-called ‘evidence’ presented at the original trial, and claimed it was clearly impossible for one man to have carried out such an attack.


Two Libyans were arrested and charged with the crime. One was released for lack of evidence; the other was convicted. The prosecution obtained a witness who testified that the “guilty” Libyan was seen by several people on a particular day buying clothing in a shop in Malta, the identical clothing that was used to wrap the bomb that destroyed the Pan Am flight. But then the accused Libyan provided positive proof that he had been in Europe, far from Malta, on the days in question, and it was revealed that the US Government had paid the witness $2 million for his testimony. As well, many observers were convinced the CIA tampered with the remaining evidence. Experts had always doubted the evidence used to convict al-Megrahi and the claims that a single man could have carried out such a deadly attack. Even more serious was the production of a new and perfectly intact circuit board produced as evidence of the mechanism used to detonate the bomb; explosive experts unanimously ridiculed the claim that a detonator attached to a bomb that destroyed an entire aircraft, would itself survive the blast without apparent damage.


The presiding judge acknowledged that these facts “presented a serious problem” for the prosecution, but he nevertheless found the Libyan guilty. The entire trial transcripts read in the same way; accusations made that were proven false, evidence offered that was proven to have been fabricated, the judge in each case admitting serious doubts about the veracity of any claims, but producing a guilty verdict in spite of the facts. If you haven’t read these transcripts, you should do so; they will open your eyes in a way that my words cannot. The determination of the Israelis and the Americans to blame Libya will be obvious in all its stupidity, as will the political biases of the court.


The convicted prisoner demanded an appeal and retrial, which would have to be granted under the law. Unfortunately, an appeal would have brought to light the multiple injustices of the original trial as well as much new evidence that would not only have proven the original court to have been under intense US and Israeli political influence, but would also have opened the door to facts that would have implicated countries other than Libya in the bombing. Thus, the court, in an attempt to spare the US and Israel intense worldwide condemnation, offered the man an alternative: they would free him, as a humanitarian gesture under a pretense of having contracted cancer and having only a few months to live, if he would forego his legal appeal process and return to Libya. And keep his mouth shut. Unfortunately, he accepted the offer, and the truth now will never be known. There was widespread agreement in Scotland that in return for his repatriation al-Megrahi abandoned an appeal that would have exposed a grave miscarriage of justice. [12]


Most Americans bought the story and protested violently against the release of this “bloody murderer“, but then most Americans are ignorant about the facts of most things involving their own government, and pitifully few ever bother to do their own research and learn the truths. In this case, the truth is that Libya was not responsible for the bombing. However, the country’s image had been irrevocably tarnished in this process, setting the stage for its later destruction at the hands of these same people.


And, let’s be serious. A mass murderer blows up an airplane and kills nearly 300 people but you quickly release him on “humanitarian” grounds because he’s not feeling well. Not too likely.


According to the UK IndependentMs. Grahame of the Scottish Parliament said, The release of the so-called Lockerbie bomber was long overdue, for the case against him was politically driven.” [13][14]


Let’s return to Libya and Khaddafi. Under the West’s King Idris, much of the population of Libya lived in corrugated metal shacks. Khaddafi changed all that, stating that a decent home was “a natural human rightLibya had the only currency in the world that was fully backed by gold – the Libyan dinar. After much argument, Khaddafi had convinced his government to distribute $20 billion of the nation’s $60 billion in cash reserves to the people of the country, as a kind of “oil bonus”. Under Khaddafi, Libya was not only prosperous, it was progressive, by far the most enlightened state in Africa. All education was universal and free, including university and, as in Iraq, students received salaries and all expenses while studying abroad. All health care was also universal and free, as were water and electricity, with petrol for autos nearly free, and citizens could obtain interest-free loans for housing and other purposes. Any Libyan wanting to begin farming was given land, a home and all necessary supplies free of charge. Electricity was free for all, and petrol for autos was nearly free. [15] Newlyweds received U.S $50,000 from the government to purchase their first home. The country’s former very high rates of homelessness, poverty, and illiteracy were almost erased under the first decades of Khadaffi’s rule. In total, Libya’s Human Development Index was higher than 2/3 of the world’s countries. Khaddafi took over Libya’s central bank, saved cash and gold reserves of $150 billion, and the country was debt-free.[16]


Libya was renowned for its gender equality, with no restrictions placed on women, who were free to work and dress as they pleased. Women’s rights were the most advanced on the continent. Khaddafi instituted a “Ministry of Women” to ensure gender equality and, in honor of women, he formed a special cadre of female palace guards. It’s true they were only ceremonial, but they were indicative of the respect Khaddafi and Libyans generally held for women, although the Jewish Western media reveled in presenting this as proof of Khaddafi’s sexual perversions, and the UK Guardian published an astonishingly stupid and perverted article claiming -with no supporting evidence whatever – that these palace guards “reveal a picture of ruthless control and shattered lives.” [17] But in fact, Khaddafi was so progressive a leader that the UN had planned to award him a medal in a special sitting of the United Nations, specifically to recognise Libya’s enlightened social progress. This was only two weeks before the US began their “humanitarian war” that destroyed the country – the so-called “Arab Spring”.


The problem was that Khaddafi was a bit too “progressive“, in areas where the US and the International Jewish bankers disapproved. For one thing, Africa was the only continent where the US had no military bases. Khaddafi saw these bases for what they were, a creeping military colonisation of the continent that would lead only to bloodshed. So, whenever the US offered an African country $3 million for permission to build a military base, Khaddafi offered them $5 million to refuse. And when the Jewish bankers at the IMF and the World Bank wanted to lend money to assist in the Western colonisation of Africa, Khaddafi set up an African Regional Bank, seeded with $30 billion of his own money, specifically to keep these nations out of the clutches of the vultures. These actions were bound to make powerful enemies.


But there were two last acts that sealed Khaddafi’s fate, and that of Libya as well. One was that foreign interests, mostly American, British and French, still controlled Libya’s valuable oil reserves. Khaddafi made a public statement that Libya would have to nationalise its oil industry, removing the control from the foreigners and taking it into Libya’s hands so the benefit of the nation’s resources would accrue to the citizens of Libya rather than to foreign multinationals. Almost every country in the world that has taken this step, has been destroyed by the US government and the Jewish bankers in The City of London, and Libya would prove to be no exception. The last progressive – and dangerous – act was a declaration that Libya would no longer price and sell crude oil only in US dollars, that it would accept all currencies in payment. And this, as we say, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Khaddafi had scarcely taken these actions when the CIA began to infiltrate Libya, searching out “dissidents”, “freedom-fighters” and others, and launched an internal war against the Libyan government. Most of the so-called freedom-fighters were not Libyan at all but were al-Qaeda prisoners that the US released from its torture prisons in Iraq on condition they participate in this fabricated guerilla war in Libya. Of course, the Libyan government was forced to respond to these foreign-initiated terrorist attacks, at which point the propaganda machine went into top gear, accusing Khaddafi of “waging war on his own citizens”. And of course, the US government, the friend of the downtrodden everywhere, was compelled to respond and to defend the poor citizens of Libya against their “madman dictator” President.


There was little worldwide support for an all-out war, but the UN did agree permission for the US to establish a no-fly zone, which would be intended to prevent Libyan aircraft from bombing Libyan civilians. Of course, Libya was doing no such thing; it was bombing the foreign rebel emplacements that were committing terrorist acts in the country, but few people were aware of this at the time. The only nations willing to participate in this unforgivable injustice were England and France who both had huge investments in Libya’s oil industry and were loath to contemplate their nationalisation. But that was enough for a beginning. And once begun, Libya suffered from what the US termed “mission creep”, which means the original no-fly activity very quickly became an all-out war where Libya’s entire civilian infrastructure was almost totally destroyed and the country driven to anarchy.


The US went far beyond the creation of a no-fly zone. It first destroyed all Libyan aircraft and airbases in the entire country. It repeatedly bombed Khaddafi’s home and headquarters in clear attempts to kill the man. The US attacked the entire military capability of Libya in every way, destroying armored vehicles, ships, bases, fuel supplies, anything and everything that might make defense of one’s country possible. The US at first claimed there was no “mission creep”, but that is little more than a sick joke. Much of the world condemned the US and UK actions, but the reason most general publics didn’t strenuously object was because of the effective demonisation propaganda that was carried out prior to the invasion. The Jews invented war marketing, and have for decades specialised in it. War is just another product. Of course, the attack on Libya was illegal by all domestic and international laws.


Libya before and after the war. Photo: Twitter


President Obama had no authority to wage war on Libya, not from the UN nor from his own government. A US President requires an act of Congress to wage a war, but Obama’s White House claimed that months of all-out bombing did not constitute “war”, and that providing foreign mercenaries with heavy guns, drones, missile launchers, tanks, artillery and other weaponry didn’t collectively amount to “waging hostilities“. Therefore, there was no war, and no need to bother with Congressional approval. Both the CIA and Israel’s Mossad were heavily involved in undermining Libya from the inside, supplying increasing volumes not only of small arms but of artillery, missiles and heavy equipment that could do serious damage. It was one of the best-equipped guerilla wars the world has ever seen. The foreign rebels received training, instruction, leadership, everything necessary to inflict the most damage from the inside while the major powers were destroying Libya from the air. That little nation never had a chance.


Today, Libya is a complete disaster. Social services are non-existent, as are education and health care. The Jewish bankers have taken full control of Libya’s oil sector, leaving the remaining portions of the country to anarchy. The world isn’t aware of this because of the total news blackout covering Libya, but the bankers have taken unto themselves all of Libya’s oil, leaving nothing for the country – and taking it free. This is exactly the same as they are doing in Iraq, simply stealing a nation’s entire natural resources.


After the country was hijacked by the Jewish bankers in The City of London, Libya became a humanitarian disaster. Even the education ceased, still being free but inaccessible in what was essentially a permanent war zone. Everything has disintegrated, with the nation’s people back in poverty and living in chaos. [18] Even the gender equality has been suspended.


As a final touch, and to put the icing on the financial cake, we were informed that one of the very first acts of “the rebels”, after killing Khaddafi, was to establish a new Jewish-owned Libyan Central Bank in the mirror image of the US FED. These are some competent rebels; they fight a war by day, and by night are planning a new world of international banking.[19][20] Maybe the US won’t make them return to Iraq’s torture prisons after the war, and they could all become financial consultants for Goldman Sachs. Sadly, Libya’s new “Central Bank” was in no way connected to the foreign rebels but was set up by the same Jewish bankers that own the US FED – almost certainly the Rothschilds, Warburgs and the usual gang of suspects. It should not go unsaid that the “old Libyan central bank contained more than $60 billion in gold which has now been confiscated – stolen – by these same bankers and will never be seen again. As well, the US had confiscated more than $30 billion of Libyan deposits in US and other banks, and that money has also disappeared forever. If you are powerful enough, and have the right friends, war is very profitable indeed.


Libya is just one more example of how the only real crime in the world is to go against the US “national interest”Murder is fine, torture is ok, genocide will be overlooked. But don’t ever cross the empire’s commercial interests. It should be apparent to everyone now that what happened in Libya was nothing less than a war of colonial conquest fought for oil, dressed up as a crusade for Western life and liberty. Nobody believes that the US acted because of a prospect of mass atrocities against the people in Libya. It was only about the oil.


Just so it doesn’t go unsaid, Libya was bombarded with the same nuclear waste as was Iraq, that will cause untold human suffering, producing cancer and birth defects in the population for generations to come.[20a] In its tragic onslaught against the Libyan people, the US fired hundreds of cruise missiles and thousands of artillery shells containing depleted uranium warheads that have covered much of Libya in a radioactive dust that is already displaying the heart-rending results so apparent in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia and Palestine. The Tomahawk missiles each contain 360 Kgs. of enriched uranium and plutonium, remnants from the US stockpile of nuclear waste. With a half-life of 4.5 billion years, these radioactive byproducts will cause misery forever. This is nuclear war under a different name.




Once they entered the country officially, they captured Khaddafi and, in a delightful celebration of hubris, they circulated a video of someone shooting him in the head and killing him, much to the delight of Hillary Clinton who later boasted (while laughing), “We came, we saw, he died“.[21] Charming woman. On hearing of Colonel Khaddafi’s death, President Obama, the great American Christian and Nobel Peace Prize winner, declared it was “a momentous day”, and he paid tribute to our men and women in uniform”, breathlessly telling the world that because of them “countless lives have been saved.” At the end, Hillary Clinton had even more to say, so typical of American hypocrisy and lack of shame. Among her more precious comments: “I am proud to stand here on the soil of a free Libya. The United States was proud to stand for you in your fight for freedom and we will continue to stand with you as you continue this journey. This is Libya’s moment. This is Libya’s victory and the future belongs to you.”

When I see things like this, I find myself hoping with all my heart that there is a God and that there is a Hell, and that all these people go there.



Featured image:

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi walks past a painting in the office of European Commission President Romano Prodi in Brussels in this April 27, 2004 file photo. REUTERS/European Commission/Handout.





Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at

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