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Who is a Jew?




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Who is a Jew? This question is neither as simple – nor as complicated – as the Jews present it. The original, official version was that if your mother was a Jew, then you are a Jew. Period. No apparent room for discussion here.



“The Code of Jewish Law clearly states that a child of a Jewish mother is Jewish, regardless of the father’s lineage (or whatever else may show up in a DNA test), while the child of a non-Jewish mother is not Jewish. Matrilineal descent has been a fundamental principle of Torah since the Jewish people came into existence.”[1]



However, the Jews themselves regularly fail to adhere to the rules. In a Wikipedia article on Frank Damrosch Jr., we read, “[He] was an American Episcopal priest, author, and writer, the son of noted composer Frank Damrosch, [who] served as a leader of the Anglo-Catholicism movement in the US [and who] also authored three books and penned articles for [Catholic] magazines.[2] [3] Yet Wikipedia (an entirely Jewish platform) lists this person as a Jew, clearly disregarding the change of religion.

然而,犹太人自己却经常不遵守规则。在维基百科关于小弗兰-达姆罗什(Frank Damrosch Jr.)的文章中,我们读到:”[]是美国圣公会牧师、作家,著名作曲家弗兰克-达姆罗什(Frank Damrosch)之子,[]是美国盎格鲁天主教运动的领袖,[]还著有三书,并为[天主教]杂志撰写文章[2] [3] 然而,维基百科(Wikipedia)(完全是一个犹太平台)却将此人列为犹太人,显然无视宗教信仰的改变


In another article discussing Arthur Schlesinger,[4] [5] Wikipedia tells us, “His paternal grandfather was a Prussian Jew who converted to Protestantism and then married an Austrian Catholic. His mother . . . was of German and New England ancestry . . . His family practiced Unitarianism.” But Wikipedia classifies Schlesinger as a Jew. In the matter of John Kerry,[6] former US Secretary of State, we are told, “His father was raised Catholic. John’s paternal grandparents were Austro-Hungarian Jewish immigrants who converted to Catholicism, and his mother was Episcopalian. The children were raised in their father’s Catholic faith, and John served as an altar boy.” But John Kerry is claimed as Jewish.

在另一篇讨论亚瑟-施莱辛格(Arthur Schlesinger)的文章中,[4] [5] 维基百科告诉我们:他的祖父是普鲁士犹太人,皈依新教后与奥地利天主教徒结婚。他的母亲有德国和新英格兰血统……。他的家族信奉一神论。维基百科将施莱辛格归类为犹太人。在美国前国务卿约翰-克里(John Kerry[6] 问题上,我们被告知:他的父亲是天主教徒。约翰的祖父母是改信天主教的奥匈帝国犹太移民,母亲是圣公会教徒。孩子们在父亲的天主教信仰中长大,约翰曾担任祭坛侍童。但约翰-克里声称自己是犹太人。


In another example, this concerning the US astronaut Jessica Meir, the Jerusalem Post headlines an article with “Will Jewish astronaut Jessica Meir be NASA’s first woman on the moon?”[7] Yet the same article tells us Jessica was “Born in Maine to a Swedish mother and an Israeli-Jewish father . . .” The article claims she identifies as Jewish and is therefore a Jew. Still with Jessica Meir, the Jewish Kveller website tells us,[8] “Jessica Meir is a 44-year-old astronaut from Caribou, Maine. Meir’s mother is Swedish, and her father is Israeli of Iraqi Sephardi heritage. And yes, she’s Jewish.” (emphasis mine). In another case, on the same Kveller website celebrating “Jewish astronauts”, we are told “Mark Polansky grew up in Paterson, New Jersey, the son of a Jewish father and a Hawaiian mother of Korean descent.” And Polansky is also claimed as Jewish.

另一个例子是,关于美国宇航员杰西卡-梅厄(Jessica Meir),《耶路撒冷邮报》(Jerusalem Post)的一篇文章的标题是犹太宇航员杰西卡-梅厄(Jessica Meir)会成NASA第一位登上月球的女性吗?[7]然而,同一篇文章告诉我们杰西卡出生于缅因州,母亲是瑞典人,父亲是以色列犹太人……”。文章称她的身份是犹太人,因此她是犹太人。还是杰西卡-梅厄(Jessica Meir),犹太Kveller网站告诉我们[8]杰西卡-梅厄(jessica Meir)是一名来自缅因州卡里布(Caribou, Maine)的44岁宇航员。梅厄的母亲是瑞典人,父亲是以色列人,拥有伊拉克塞法迪血统。是的,她是犹太人。(调是我的)。在另一个案例中,在同一个庆祝犹太宇航Kveller网站上,我们被告知马克-兰斯基(Mark Polansky)在新泽西州帕特森(Paterson, New Jersey)长大,父亲是犹太人,母亲是夏威夷韩裔。而波兰斯基(Polansky)也被称为犹太人


And it’s even worse than this. Jews themselves often disagree as to whether a person is a Jew, to the point of selectively choosing or ignoring various indications. As one example, several “official” Jewish websites state categorically that the former Beatle Paul McCartney is a Jew, listing his Jewish wives and other evidence. But other also “official” Jewish websites just as categorically deny that McCartney is a Jew. If even Jews are in dispute about certain individuals, Gentiles can be forgiven in these occasions. There even appears to be substantial incontrovertible evidence that Stalin was a Jew, though most Jews will want to heatedly deny this.

这更糟糕的是。犹太人自己也经常对一个人是否是犹太人产生分歧,甚至选择性地选择或忽略各种迹象。例如,一些官方犹太网站明确指出,前披头士乐队成员保罗-麦卡特尼(Paul McCartney)是犹太人,并列举了他的犹太妻子和其他证据。但其他同样官方的犹太人网站也断然否认麦卡特尼(McCartney)是犹太人。如果连犹太人都对某些人有争议,那么外邦人在这种情况下就可以被原谅了。甚至似乎有大量无可争议的证据表明斯大林是犹太人,尽管大多数犹太人会激烈地否认这一点


But let’s try to illustrate the intentional duplicity pervading this entire matter. To further other aspects of their agenda, the Jews have confused and confounded this to the point where there may be no resolution.



One aspect of this confusion is the position that “being Jewish is just a religion”. This is clearly nonsense for more reasons than I have space to list, but let’s deal with one obvious and irrefutable contradiction: If being a Jew merely reflects membership in a religion, how is it that I – and millions of others – can look at a face and tell you instantly that person is a Jew? It would be a mighty powerful religion if it can alter the facial features of its adherents.


Sheldon Lavin (; zuma press photo); Sheldon Adelson ( photo); Madeleine Albright (AP photo)

谢尔顿-拉文(Sheldon Lavin)(; zuma press photo);谢尔顿-阿德尔森(Sheldon Adelson)( photo);
Madeleine Albright
马德琳-尔布赖特)(美联社照片)(AP photo)


This is nonsense (a huge lie, actually) on another basis too: the “Jew as religion” theory implies that if a Jew abandons Judaism and adopts Christianity, that person is no longer a Jew. Well, he would be what, then? Nothing?



Many Jews further complicate this by claiming (as does Elon Musk, for e.g.) to be atheists, this refutation of all religion apparently negating the possibility of the person being a Jew. And that is also foolish. Refutation of religion is not the same as refutation of racial heritage. If Elon Musk – a Jew See below reference [9] – abandons Judaism and professes atheism, then what is he? He can’t claim to be American because that’s not a race; it’s a passport. And he cannot – as many Jews try to do – claim his race as “White”; that is obviously a skin color, not an ethnic group. Consider this in terms of other nationalities. If a Catholic Italian abandons Catholicism and adopts Islam, or claims to be an atheist, does he stop being Italian? Of course not. That’s foolish. His religion is unrelated to his racial or ethnic roots, and irrelevant.

许多犹太人声称自己是无神论者(如埃隆-马斯克(Elon Musk)),从而使问题进一步复杂化,这种对所有宗教的驳斥显然否定了此人是犹太人的可能性。这也是愚蠢的。驳斥宗教并不等于驳斥种族遗产。如果埃隆-马斯克(Elon Musk)–一个犹太人[9]–放弃犹太教而信奉无神论,那么他是什么呢?他不能声称自己是美国人,因为这不是种族,而是护照。他也不能就像许多犹太人试图做的那样声称自己的种族是白人”White”);这显然是一种肤色,而不是一个民族。从其他民族的角度考虑这个问题。如果一个信奉天主教的意大利人放弃天主教而信奉伊斯兰教,或者声称自己是无神论者,那么他就不再是意大利人了吗?当然不会。这太愚蠢了。他的宗教信仰与他的种族或民族根源无关,也不相关


The salient point is that every individual must, by definition, belong to some race, to some ethnic group. It is not possible to be nothing. Yet International Jewry (the Khazar Talmudist Mafia again) are now claiming there is no such thing as race, a position that is worthy only of ridicule and deep suspicion as to their intent. And the intent of this nonsense claim appears to be solely to permit Jews to avoid identification as Jews. It serves no other purpose.



This issue has a prime cause in that, with Jews amassing increasing amounts of power and influence over Western societies, many have become increasingly reluctant to be identified as Jews. The Khazar Talmudists (Benjamin Freedman’s “so-called Jews”)[10] [11] in The City of London, saw this problem arising decades ago, when they launched a two-step solution. The first step was to heavily promote the idea that being a Jew is merely the practice of a religion. The second was to force the passage of laws throughout the US that made illegal any request to disclose a person’s religion (as for employment, for e.g.). But this was unrelated to religion, as should be obvious, since the only significant result was to make it illegal to ask a person if he is a Jew. And, in real life, no employment application form for any company anywhere ever asked a person’s religion; at least, I have never heard of such a thing, and I don’t know anyone who has.

 这个问题的一个主要原因是,随着犹太人对西方社会积聚越来越多的权力和影响力,许多人越来越不愿意被认定为犹太人。伦敦金融城的哈扎尔·塔木德主义者(Benjamin Freedman谓犹太人[10] [11] 几十年前就看到了这个问题的出现,当时他们推出了一个分两步走的解决方案。第一步是大力宣传犹太人只是一种宗教信仰的观念。第二种是迫使美国各地通过法律,禁止任何披露个人宗教信仰的请求(比如就业)。但这与宗教无关,这一点应该是显而易见的,因为唯一重要的结果是,将询问一个人是否是犹太人的行为定为非法。而且在现实生活中,没有任何公司的就业申请表询问过一个人的宗教信仰;至少,我从来没有听说过这样的事情,我也不知道有谁听说过


There is another complicating factor driving the “no such thing as race” theory, in that the Jews themselves are two races.[12] [13] There are Semitic Jews from the Middle East, and the Ashkenazi Jews originally from Khazaria who are genetically European and who have had absolutely no contact with, nor any claim to, The Holy Land. Most Jews today, more than 95% by Jewish estimates, are European Khazars, a distinct race who consider themselves Jews and who still use the old (sexually-perverted) Babylonian Talmud as their bible.

犹太人本身是两个种族。 [12] [13]有来自中东的闪米特犹太人,也有最初来自卡扎利亚的阿什肯纳兹犹太人,他们的基因是欧洲人,与圣地完全没有接触,也没有任何权利主张。据犹太人估计,今天的大多数犹太人(95%以上)都是欧洲的哈扎尔人,他们是一个独特的种族,自认为是犹太人,并且仍然使用古老的(被性侵蚀的)巴比伦塔木德经作为他们的圣经。


However, it very much serves their purpose to be considered by Gentiles as one race or, in their fantasy, no race, and thus we have the deliberate, planned, and organised duplicity attempting to deny this separation. We have no trouble in finding multiple “official” genetic “studies”, each as dishonest as the last, attempting to prove either that Khazaria has never existed or that Jews have no common DNA, or that Judaism is all one religion which it patently is not. So, a Jew born in Germany is really a pure genetic German who just happens to adhere to the Judaic religion and, if that person instead adopts Christianity, he is no longer a Jew. But since there is no such thing as race, he cannot be a pure ethnic German and is therefore nothing. Yet German Jews identify as Jews, not as ethnic Germans. If that doesn’t serve to complicate the picture irrevocably, I don’t know what would.



Censorship of Jewish names



 Given a series of contrived complications and what appears to be a general unwillingness among many Jews to reveal their ethnicity, it can be extremely difficult to identify those Jews active in our societies. In a recent article on Jewish assimilation,[14] Dr. Kevin MacDonald wrote the following: “But typically, in the absence of evidence of explicit Jewish activism . . . one must pore over detailed biographies that include, e.g., accounts of private conversations and letters. Freud, for example, left behind a great deal of evidence of his Jewish identity and his sense of Jewish interests. Others did not, so one is forced to piece together an account on relatively scant evidence.” It is not always simple to identify Jewish ethnicity with absolute certainty, and many Jews prefer to not be so identified – one reason they change their names.

由于一系列人为的复杂因素以及许多犹太人似乎普遍不愿意透露自己的种族,要识别那些活跃在我们社会中的犹太人可能非常困难。凯文-麦克唐 [14]Kevin MacDonald)博士在最近一篇关于犹太人同化的文章中写道:但通常情况下,在没有明确的犹太活动证据的情况下,……们必须仔细阅读详细的传记,其中包括私人谈话和信件等。例如,弗洛伊德留下了大量有关其犹太人身份和犹太利益的证据。而其他人则没有,因此我们不得不根据相对较少的证据来拼凑叙述。要绝对确定犹太人的身份并不容易,许多犹太人宁愿不被确定身份这也是他们改名的原因之一


In an earlier article on doing historical research,[15] I wrote the following:

在之前一篇关于做历史研究的文章中[15] 我写道:


There is no question that it is more difficult to search the Internet today than was the case 15 or 20 years ago. Especially on the English-language Internet, information control is much more apparent and effective, and censorship is now fully in the open with little or no pretense or disguise. Many web pages or documents which would always appear on the first page of a search in the past, cannot now be accessed by normal means, and many sources have been deleted. Many links to historical documents that I saved 15 or 20 years ago, are still active, and the documents can still be accessed, but they will no longer appear on a search with any terms. It is now often true that even if you know the complete title of a document, the search engines – especially Google – will refuse to produce it. This is so true that Google (particularly) no longer functions as a useful search engine; it is instead a “gate-keeper” with two main functions. One is to feed you information it wants you to have (or things it wants you to think), and the second is to ensure you never find information it doesn’t want you to have (or things it doesn’t want you to think).



This is a very serious matter. There exists today literally an army of people scouring the Internet for historical and political content that is criminally incriminating, and making strenuous efforts to have all that content deleted. And, from my experience, I would say they are achieving considerable success. These efforts can apply to a wide range of historical and political events and circumstances, but I find the concentration in two main areas, both involving the Jews. One area seems to be a determined effort to erase any identification of individuals as being Jews, especially those involved in serious crimes or atrocities. The evidence of this is everywhere. Consider the recent scandal involving Jeffrey Epstein; of the hundreds of articles in the media about this case, I cannot recall seeing a single one that mentioned Epstein[16] and Ghislaine Maxwell[17] were Jews. That cannot possibly be an accident; the mass media, being almost entirely Jewish-owned or controlled, do not want such associations made in the public mind, and the censorship is severe.

这是一个非常严重的问题。今天,实际上有一大批人在互联网上搜索具有刑事犯罪性质的历史和政治内容,并竭力删除所有这些内容。根据我经验,我认为他们取得了相当大的成功。这些努力可以适用于广泛的历史和政治事件和情况,但我发现主要集中在两个领域,都涉及犹太人。其中一个领域似乎是坚决抹杀任何被认定为犹太人的个人,特别是那些参与严重犯罪或暴行的人。这方面的证据随处可见。想想最近涉及杰弗里-爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的丑闻;在媒体关于此案的数百篇文章中,我不记得看到过一篇提到爱泼斯坦(Epstein[16] 和吉斯-马克斯韦尔(Ghislaine Maxwell[30] 是犹太人的文章。这不可能是偶然的;几乎完全由犹太人拥有或控制的大众媒体不希望在公众心目中产生这样的联想,而且审查非常严格[17]

Wikipedia appears to be systematically deleting all references to individuals being Jewish. I have Wiki pages on individuals which I saved some years ago, which specifically identify those individuals as Jewish, in some cases discussing many details of their Jewish background. But those same pages today have had all those references deleted. And not only Wikipedia. But it’s even worse than this. In researching lists of names and Jewish identifications for this essay, the search engines – Google and Bing – cut me off entirely. I had been searching for Jewish names in various categories of government, but then my requests were all suddenly blocked. Searching for a list of CIA Directors, I received this result:



Reverting to another browser and search engine, and searching from another country, I received the results without difficulty. The information was still there, but Google and Bing were obviously programmed to refuse to produce certain results, this being consistent for all searching done for US government departments, lists of staff, and anything involving Jews. I was completely blocked in those areas. I was permitted to search for the weather in Southern Italy or the making of a Caesar salad, but all useful research was totally censored. At first, I was confused, but then I realised that the actual pages appeared on my computer screen for a fraction of a second but were then quickly replaced with the “sorry, no information” page. This clearly was deliberate and planned; searching for the identification of Jews is being not only restricted but prohibited – by the Jews.





Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chapt. 2 — Dealing with Demons)


His full archive can be seen at

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