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False Flags and Conspiracy Theories

Chapter 2 – Conspiracy theories


By Larry Romanoff




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“Conspiracy theory” is the name given to public perceptions or beliefs that differ from the official (usually government) story about an event, and where a significant portion of the public believes the government is hiding some or all of the truth. Conspiracy theories generally arise when justified, which means when the official story isn’t supported by the facts and is often riddled with inconsistencies, where the presented facts range from implausible to impossible, when the story repeatedly changes, where the logic is flawed and the pieces just don’t fit together. So when the facts don’t add up, when the story doesn’t make sense, we believe we are being lied to yet again. And we probably are.


The label of ‘conspiracy theory’ originated decades ago as part of a deliberate plan to discredit members of the public who questioned the official version of events, those who made public their suspicions of government criminal activity. The plan was to solicit the assistance of the major media to apply the label of ‘conspiracy theorist’ to these individuals as a way to silence them and discourage rational attention to their claims. The process was both decidedly nasty and effective, since the public media attacks strongly suggested these individuals were mentally unbalanced and delusional, the deprecating public attention often being sufficient to ruin a reputation and destroy a career. Today, the expression is often used as a way to dismiss someone as a fool whose ideas are unworthy of attention but, as Mike Adams wrote, “It’s a tactic frequently used by modern-day thought police in a desperate attempt to demand ‘Don’t go there!'”.


We saw much of this during the COVID debacle in the West, especially in the English-speaking nations, where many highly-qualified doctors and scientists were either threatened with, or actually lost, their license to practice, all decidedly supported by the mass media. And indeed, the Western media today specialise in attacking and slandering those persons critical of official versions of events or even those attempting to correct obviously-flawed historical accounts or fill in some of the blank pages in our history books. In spite of a never-ending barrage of jingoistic support for the myths of free speech and independent thinking in the Western countries, this independence is heavily circumscribed when it comes to challenging the official government version of any event. As well, any source attempting to document proofs of fact against questionable history or offering factual refutations of official stories, is generally derided in the media and dismissed as a ‘conspiracy website‘, no doubt discouraging many well-meaning readers from perhaps learning the truth of an event.


But these theories are seldom the work of crazed lunatics or the hopelessly naïve. Most often, those promoting these objections are supported by a portion of the public who are most often educated and well-informed, and who have either specialised training or have been part of the establishment and are well-placed to evaluate circumstances. Conspiracy theories most often arise in the politically Right-Wing countries like the US, the UK, and Israel because these governments tell bigger lies much more often than do other governments and because it is almost exclusively this group that conducts the false-flag operations that give rise to these accusations. At various times, they perpetrate all manner of unsavory or illegal activity and, if exposed, claim ‘plausible deniability‘, engage in various cover-ups, spread misinformation, and attack the characters of their accusers. The truth is admitted only when finally impossible to avoid.


Conspiracy theories can make feelings of anxiety worse. Lia Kos/Shutterstock


There have been many such events where the official explanation was either nonsense or avoided addressing obvious deficiencies and anomalies. Given their sordid pasts and extensive proven involvement in clandestine illegal acts, it is not difficult to admit the very real possibility that these governments or militaries are lying yet one more time. Why wouldn’t we be suspicious? These theories almost invariably arise in the “Western-Allied” nations. Few other populations have had cause for this kind of deep suspicion of the involvement of their governments or espionage agencies in serious crimes or atrocities, and there are few such examples anywhere in the world that did not involve either the US or Israel. This alone should provide much food for thought.


Over the years, a great many events in, or involving, these nations, have generated widespread public belief in state-sponsored criminal activity, all of which have been vigorously – and often viciously – denounced at the time, only to be proven true many decades later as documents became declassified. Typically, it is only after 60 or 70 years that the truth emerges, often after the perpetrators are long dead, and much too late to have any effect on current events. Such events include the sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor, the sinking of the Lusitania, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, the abandonment of US POWs in Vietnam, and the assassination of Martin Luther King. Typically, the US establishment – the government and its various agencies, and the mainstream media – circle the wagons and mount extensive and vicious PR campaigns to discredit those who refuse to accept the official narrative of an important event and, even more importantly, to warn others to “don’t go there”. Individuals are mocked, harassed, threatened, ignored, rendered unemployed and often unemployable, their documentation neglected by the media and their efforts to uncover the truth stymied at every turn. The US and UK governments, and Israel, have for more than a century perpetrated and then covered up a multitude of atrocities, executed countless despicable crimes and then lied about them only to have the truth uncovered later, but they persist in following this pattern even today, and the general public appear as uninformed and gullible as ever.


Few major events in recent US history have generated such exceptional and widespread public debate and accusations of state involvement in crimes as the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and other locations. In both of these cases the outcries of public disbelief in the official narrative finally led to the establishment of a Congressional public enquiry, but in both cases the enquiry itself was so riddled with falsehoods and inconsistencies that, instead of putting the matter to rest in the public mind, created even more accusations of government conspiracy and cover-up. Another was the more recent, and truly comical, tale of the capture and killing of Osama bin Ladena man who had already been dead for more than ten years. Rarely has a story been riddled with as many inconsistencies and provably false ‘facts’, and held up to as much public ridicule as this one, but there are so many more. I’ll deal with some of these later.


Bilderberg 2023 in Lisbon: Kissinger & Secrecy. Source


There are many dozens of historical situations or events that were dismissed for decades as conspiracy theories, products of disturbed minds and overly-productive imaginations, that proved in the end to have been true. One such obvious example is The Bilderberg Group and their planning of a New World Order, claims that since the 1950s were ferociously denied by the establishment. Many careers were ruined by refusal to accept the official stories; columnists daring to write about it would sometimes lose their jobs. Then, 50 years later, and after the exposure of irrefutable evidence, the Bilderberg group was proven to have existed after all, and their plans for a Jewish-banker-controlled world government no longer denied. They finally came out of the closet, with David Rockefeller‘s unforgettable admission:


“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of public scrutiny during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and fully prepared to march towards our one world-government. The supranational sovereignty of our intellectual elites and world bankers is surely preferable to the globe as a whole.” Rockefeller also stated that his group needed one final dramatic impetus, “another Pearl Harbor event”,to bring this New World Government to the throne. According to the same ‘conspiracy theorists’9-11 was meant to be that event.



After Rockefeller’s public admission of the existence of this plan, we saw the rapid emergence of much more evidence, such as this quote from a speech given by Montagu Norman who was at the time the Governor of the Jewish Rothschild-owned Central Bank of England and a Rothschild representative. Norman said in a speech to the US Bankers Association in New York City in 1924: “… mortgages [must be] foreclosed as rapidly as possible. When … the common people lose their homes, they will become more docile and more easily governed … by a central power of wealth under leading financiers. These truths are well known among our principal men, who are now engaged in forming an imperialism to govern the world.” There is no way to misunderstand the man’s words; he was describing almost 100 years ago the plans for the New World Order laid by those bankers whom he represented, plans to subjugate populations by increasingly impoverishing them. His words are a precise description of the 2008 housing disaster in the US.


Since 1941, a great many people, including some in authority, have presented documented claims that the White House knew full well of the impending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, including the date and time, and deliberately failed to notify Hawaii because Roosevelt needed the attack to force the US into the European war. Finally now, sufficient evidence is available that this claim can no longer be reasonably disputed, though it may well be yet another few decades before the truth appears in the history books. The same is true with the false-flag Gulf of Tonkin attack that propelled the US into the Vietnam war and, even earlier, the false-flag attack on the USS Maine in Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay that propelled the US into the Spanish-American war. The same conspiracy theorists have now finally proven the US did indeed abandon thousands of American POWs in Vietnam to avoid the ignominy of having to pay war reparations. The claims had been surfacing for 40 years, with the government maintaining silence and the mass media repeatedly denigrating the testimony of witnesses.


We had the same situation with the US entry into World War I, with the infamous and callous sinking by Germany of the Lusitania, an “innocent passenger liner” cruelly sunk by the heartless Germans. Claims immediately surfaced that the Lusitania was not only carrying arms and ammunition but was deliberately sent into the submarine lanes and instructed to sail slowly without zig-zagging, to make itself a better target. Few are aware that the German government tried to publish warnings in dozens of US newspapers, to prevent civilian casualties, and even fewer are aware that the British government made elaborate and extensive attempts to locate and destroy with mines the carcass of the Lusitania so that the truth would never be known. The UK government arranged various “sea maneuvers” in the area where the Lusitania was sunk, and dropped thousands of tons of explosives in that location, hoping to forever obliterate the evidence. But many of the explosives failed to detonate and the attempts failed and, when salvage operators located the Lusitania, they did indeed discover not only the unexploded munitions, but thousands of tons of arms and ammunition in lockers marked “butter” and “cheese” that made the ship a legal war target. And historians later discovered archived documents of a change in captaincy with firm instructions to sail directly into the submarine lanes, and to sail a straight course at half speed, all to ensure the ship’s discovery and destruction and provide an excuse for US entry to the war. But again, the conspirators are all dead, as are all the conspiracy theorists, and the pages in the history books are still blank.


Program Phoenix which lasted from 1967 to 1972, was designed to identify and destroy the Viet Cong (VC) via infiltration, assassination, torture, capture, counter-terrorism, and interrogation. Source


For decades, the US government denied the existence of its CIA MK-ULTRA programs, denied claims of its School of the Americas being a dictator’s university of torture and civilian repression, denied the existence of Project Phoenix in which as many as 250,000 Vietnamese were tortured to death, denied the vast torture programs at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, and Baghram, all of which were later proven true by leaked documents. It was conspiracy theorists who leaked the Pentagon Papers that told truths about the Vietnam war, generating sufficient public outrage as to render the US so chaotic as to become almost ungovernable. It was conspiracy theorists who revealed that Nixon ordered protesting university students to be shot and killed, as at Kent State University, to subdue the anti-war protest movement. It was conspiracy theorists who revealed that Martin Luther King Jr. was killed by the US government for the threat he represented. It was conspiracy theorists who maintained that CIA biologist Frank Olson was murdered by his government for fear he would go public with horrid details of the CIA’s “terminal interrogations” and a litany of other crimes, and who finally provided overwhelming proof of that murder.


Kurt H. Debus, a former V-2 rocket scientist who became a NASA director, between U.S. President John F. Kennedy and U.S. Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. Source


The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – the “saving lives, protecting people” CDC– was widely denounced for decades as being involved primarily in the US military’s human experimentation and bio-weapons development programs, all such ‘conspiracy theorists’ being roundly denounced as mentally defective. But then in 1994 someone leaked a set of shipping documents and invoices proving the CDC had been supplying many nations with a wide variety of bio-weapons material that included anthrax, Botulinum toxin, West Nile virus, the Bubonic plague and Dengue fever, and suddenly the CDC had no place to hide. Other “conspiracy theorists” maintain the CDC has always been a criminal organisation, having been initially staffed as part of Operation Paperclip with scientists from Japan’s Unit 731 and the German bio-weapons programs, the truth of which is also emerging.


Chinese prisoners, Korean War. If it had not been for the Chinese participation, the Americans and their allies would have conquered the whole peninsula and threatened China directly. Their sacrifice turned the imperialist tide. Source


The US government denied for 60 years that Operation Paperclip ever existed. Then, faced with overwhelming evidence, was finally forced to admit that after the Second World War thousands of Americans and Jews looted Germany of her entire stock of IP and patents, literally stealing everything. The Americans also steadfastly denied the existence of Stage Two of Operation Paperclip where the US imported thousands of the most horrid war criminals primarily from Japan but a few from Germany, experts in human experimentation and bio-warfare, gave them total immunity from prosecution, new identities, and good jobs at places like Fort Detrick and the CDC. It also admitted that it lied in accusing Russia of ‘communist propaganda’ when that country prosecuted some of these Japanese for war crimes. The US government has also steadfastly denied to this day its vast program of biological warfare against North Korea and China, in spite of what is now overwhelming evidence that it inflicted a horrendous distribution of biological pathogens over both China and North Korea during the Korean war. In every case, not only did the government deny, obfuscate and lie to the end, it did all within its power to discredit, bankrupt, imprison or kill those who came too close to the truths, and all with the eager cooperation of the mass media. However, in many of these cases, persistence prevailed and the truth did indeed emerge.


It must be noted that a major part of what qualifies these events as “conspiracies” is that usually many individuals and agencies are involved, with their official stories vigorously supported by the owners and editors of the mass media. This is the classic definition of a conspiracy. It should also be noted that false flag events and conspiracy theories are nearly inseparable, since it is often the false flag events that lead to the formation of these alternative theories of events.


How and Why do Conspiracy Theories Originate?


They almost always arise when the “official story” is obviously untrue and makes no rational sense. We immediately have a distinct feeling that we are being lied to, and that something nefarious is being covered up. Let’s look at two examples: the ZIKA virus, and the US Apollo moon landing.




ZIKA magically traveled (by mosquito) 15,000 kilometers from Africa to the US Navy’s biological lab at NAMRU-2, then magically again traveled another 12,000 or 15,000 kilometers, crossing much of the Pacific Ocean, the US and Mexico, all of Central America and the Caribbean, and finally traversing all of South America to land on the Atlantic side in Rio and São Paulo. From there, it almost instantaneously radiated outward 4,000 or 5,000 kilometers in all directions to cover most of Brazil, then spread to all of South and Central America and the Caribbean, flooding more than 20 countries within a few months.


The tale crafted by the WHO was that ZIKA was “believed to have been brought to Brazil by an infected visitor to the World Cup”. But let’s think about this. ZIKA is not a contagious disease. It can be spread only when bitten by an infected mosquito. To cause this outbreak, our infected traveler would have to be bitten by millions of local mosquitoes – who would then (perhaps) become infected and who would then (perhaps) bite tens of millions of other people, and (perhaps) infect them. But how does that work, exactly? Mosquitoes don’t migrate; they cannot. They may be dispersed a bit by local winds, but these insects live only a few days and spend their lives within a kilometer of where they were hatched. How would the imaginary millions of mosquitoes who bit our World Cup traveler traverse the distance to cover all of South and Central America? Did these little mosquitoes fly 5,000 kilometers at 30,000 feet to cross the Andes? If we really do have all these mosquitoes, how did they manage to cover 20 countries and millions of square kilometers, in such a short time? And they have a very short life; when an infected mosquito dies, that is the end. Even those hypothetical millions of newly-infected mosquitoes would all be dead in a week. They wouldn’t have time to cross the Andes or travel to 20 countries. They wouldn’t even have time to get out of the city, before they died.


We need only think for a moment to realise this proposition is a ridiculous impossibility. The origin of the ZIKA outbreak was dismissed in a single careless phrase, that phrase being “believed to have been brought to Brazil by an infected visitor to the World Cup”, a statement tossed out with no evidential support, one that appears superficially credible but which constitutes logical rubbish.


Let’s take a moment to think about the supposedly-infected (and surely imaginary) World Cup visitor, and consider the astonishingly-rapid spread of the infection. The official narrative was that the virus came to Brazil from French Polynesia, but how many people, infected or otherwise, would be likely to travel from the tiny population of French Polynesia to Brazil just to watch a football game? Two? Ten? So how could clean, uninfected Brazilian mosquitoes find those few infected Polynesian people, bite them and become infected in turn, then spread the infection to at least tens of millions of insects in a few months so as to bite and infect many tens or hundreds of millions of people throughout the entirety of Latin America? The sheer volume of the outbreak coupled with its virtually instantaneous spread, dismisses any possibility of this infection originating with a foreign traveler. One mosquito biting one person does not constitute an epidemic. If we want to have an “explosive spread” of a mosquito-borne virus like the ZIKA, which infected millions of people in only a very short time, we need at least tens of millions of mosquitoes but more reasonably we need hundreds of millions of them. This is especially true when the mosquitoes seem determined to infect the enormous land areas of South and Central America, passing over vast unpopulated areas in the process. Not every mosquito is infected, not every infected mosquito will find someone to bite, not everyone will be bitten, and not everyone bitten will be infected. And a mosquito’s life is very short indeed, about ten days.


With only a handful of infected people, such a widespread epidemic is impossible by this method of transmission. The number of travelers is statistically insignificant, so even if they were all bitten many times by different insects, the totality of those insects could not have in turn bitten and infected millions of people in 20 countries within a few months, especially countries many thousands of kilometers away, considering that mosquitoes do not travel. A few infected mosquitoes cannot breed millions of offspring and cover millions of square kilometers in a few months.And, if one person traveled to Rio or São Paulo for a football game, how does that explain the disease exploding in a dozen other cities in Brazil, all at approximately the same time? How does that explain the disease spreading to Colombia and a dozen other nearby countries, and 8,000 Kms away in Mexico and Puerto Rico, very shortly thereafter? Even if infected travelers from Brazil went to Mexico, how many would be bitten by clean mosquitoes there, and be able to pass on the virus? Statistically zero, or thereabouts.


Millions of mosquitoes cannot bite the same ten travelers, become infected, then bite millions of other people and cause an epidemic. You don’t have to be a statistician to know that’s not possible. If millions of people are infected, there had to have been at least many tens of millions of infected mosquitoes in the area. So, the most important question in this entire saga is: how did at least tens, and more likely, hundreds, of millions of insects become infected? The virus did not exist in Brazil. Native mosquitoes were not infected with ZIKA, and could have become infected only by either biting countless millions of infected people, or else being the offspring from millions of matings with infected insects, but where would those come from? A few infected travelers cannot account for such a massive geographical outbreak within weeks, which means vast numbers of infected mosquitoes must have been introduced in those locations. There is no other possible explanation. And they were, by Oxitec, dispersing their genetically-modified insects in a supposed bid to control the insect population.


Oxitec Mosquito: Oxitec’s mosquitoes could tamp down local populations. In 2015, the company published a paper showing its release of GM mosquitoes in the Bahia state of Brazil reduced wild Aedes aegypti by as much as 90 percent, enough to prevent dengue epidemics. Source


The WHO’s official statement said ZIKA appeared to be spreading so rapidly for two reasons: One, because it was a new disease to the region and so the population had no immunity, and two, because ZIKA is primarily transmitted by a mosquito species known as A. aegypti, which lives in every country in North and South America except Canada and Chile. These statements are deliberate misinformation and unforgivably dishonest for what they neglect to say. The portion about the lack of immunity is true, but that lack of immunity exists only because, as the WHO itself pointed out, ZIKA is a new disease to the region, meaning it didn’t exist in Brazil or South-Central America prior to this time.The second portion of the statement is even more dishonest. The WHO tells us the disease spread so rapidly because it is transmitted by a species of mosquito which exists locally, but so what? The domestic mosquitoes had never been infected and therefore could not possibly have been responsible for the dispersion of the virus. The fact that the species of mosquito was the same, was irrelevant misinformation.


It is obvious to any thinking person that the entire story concocted by the WHO, and so heavily flogged by the media, was simply one big lie, so it’s hardly a surprise that people in all countries were speculating as to the truth behind this fairy-tale.


The Dark Side of the Moon


It was at this location that Neil Armstrong took his “small step for man, but a giant leap for all mankind” in 1969. Source


I didn’t plan to include this topic in my list of false flags, but there are a few details about the original Apollo moon landing that are really annoying and deserve to be discussed. For those Chinese readers who don’t know, there has been constant speculation about the Apollo 11 moon landing of July 20, 1969 never having occurred and the NASA photos of the event being fakes. Many of the photos do indeed appear to have problems, one being of shadows inexplicably trailing in several very different directions even though the moon has only one major light source and all shadows should be parallel. The multiple shadows can be created only by powerful multiple light sources. There are many photos where the entire surrounding area is in jet-black darkness but yet the American flag and the words “United States” are always brightly lit. There is the US flag fluttering in the breeze – on a moon that has no air, no atmosphere – and no wind.


And all the photos were perfectly focused and exposed, even though they were supposedly made by cameras that had no adjustment mechanisms for exposure time or even for focus and, since the cameras were permanently mounted on the space suits, there was no way to even know what was actually in the viewer. In other words, impossibly perfect outside a studio setting.


Perhaps the most pronounced criticism and disbelief were generated from photos of the landed lunar module which clearly showed the spacecraft sitting on the moon’s surface. The two main problems were that (1) there was no heat-scorching of the landing site and (2) the surface dust under the moon lander was lying completely intact. The first problem was that the intense heat of the landing rockets would have scorched the landing site as black as the Ace of Spades, but there was no evidence of heat at all under the moon lander. The sand and dust were their normal color. The second problem was that the high velocity of the rocket exhaust would have blown away any loose dust or sand, probably half way around the moon and maybe half way to Mars, but the deep layers of soil and dust under the moon lander were clearly undisturbed. Both of these are a physical impossibility in a real-life rocket landing.


Examine the first photo to see the total absence of evidence of any disturbance on the surface under the lunar lander. This photo, and many similar, were no sooner released than the suspicions and challenges began. And for 45 years NASA has defended these photos and foolishly explained that landing rockets do not blow away surface dust and their rocket blasts do not scorch the landing surface. And if NASA had stopped there, I would have left this topic alone.



But then in 2011 NASA released a new set of photos with the stated intent of “putting to bed forever” the disbelief about the moon landings. But they didn’t put it to bed; instead, they made everything worse. The newly-released photos are apparently taken from the lunar orbiter and purport to show the moon landers resting on the moon’s surface – proof positive that man really did land on the moon. But look at the second photo, which is one of the official NASA photos from this series purporting to show the Apollo and Challenger landing sites. In the photos, the landing site is the black area; the white blob in the center is the lunar lander sitting on the moon’s surface. Notice if you will, the entire landing site scorched as black as the Ace of Spades – which is what we would have expected all along. So what is happening here? For 45 years NASA defended their original photos to convince us that lunar landers don’t scorch the landing site. Then as proof, they offer us photos of scorched landing sites. It would seem that somebody has to be lying, somewhere.



This, combined with the other obvious problems with the lighting, the shadows, the “breeze”, naturally led many people to a conviction that NASA was obviously lying to them about the photos, and thus covering up – what? The most common conclusion was that, since the photos were obviously taken by professionals on a sound stage and were thus fake, the moon landings perhaps or probably never actually occurred.


To make matters worse, it is documented that the wife of Stanley Kubrick, the man who made “2001 – A Space Odyssey“, prior to her own death, confided to several media types that her husband had been retained by NASA at that time to produce realistic photo scenes of landers and men on the moon. So, is it Kubrick’s photos that NASA published? It’s difficult to know what to think, but the only theory that seems to fit the facts is that the moon landings may have been real, but the original Apollo mission photos were propaganda fakes filmed on a sound stage. It is possible the authorities, desperate to obtain popular public support in their space race with the USSR, couldn’t afford an expensive public relations failure, and so they had Kubrick create simulated photos.Either way, it is long past time for NASA to stop lying and tell the truth about this.



As a kind of epilogue to this item, it is worthy of note that China’s moon satellite photographed every square meter of the moon’s surface. If the flags and other items that were left on the moon after the Apollo landings, they would have appeared in the photos from China’s satellite. But we have not a word about this, and I see only two possibilities. One, the items did appear in the photos but China didn’t bother to release them so as to not give extra credit to the Americans. Or, two, there were no items on the moon to appear in the photos – meaning the landings never really occurred – but the Chinese agreed to ignore this topic and permit the Americans to save face. I would love to know the correct answer to this question.


And this is how, and why, “conspiracy theories” come into being.



Mr. Romanoff’s writing has been translated into 32 languages and his articles posted on more than 150 foreign-language news and politics websites in more than 30 countries, as well as more than 100 English language platforms. Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney’s new anthology ‘When China Sneezes’. (Chap. 2 — Dealing with Demons).

His full archive can be seen at  +

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