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This is all So Very Wrong -- August 29, 2020

This is all So Very Wrong

By LARRY ROMANOFF – August 29, 2020




This essay is another attempt to help Edward Bernays "bewildered herd" connect some dots. The content is only marginally about politics but these two following quotes are necessary to set the context.


Montagu Norman, Governor of The Bank of England, in a speech to the US Bankers’ Association in New York City in 1924:


"By dividing the voters through the political party system, we can get them to expend their energies in fighting for questions of no importance. It is thus, by discrete action, we can secure for ourselves that which has been so well planned and so successfully accomplished."


From Boris Berezovsky's failed attempt to transform Russia into a fake two-party state:


". . . heated public battles would be provoked and fought on socially-divisive issues, while both parties would be controlled from the stage wings by the same small group of ruling elites and bankers. With the citizens permanently divided and popular dissatisfaction safely channeled into meaningless dead-ends, these puppet-masters could maintain unlimited wealth and power for themselves, with little threat to their reign." (1)


Let's assume that many writers, readers and commenters are correct in their assessment of today's sociological and geo-political climates, that we are being misled and manipulated by someone - the Deep State, the Power Behind the Throne, the Globalists, the Satanists . . ., as Bernays said, ". . . they who pull the wires which control the public mind." (2)


It goes without saying that if we want to 'pull the wires' which control the minds of our 'bewildered herd', we must control the narrative, the range of public discourse on these issues. If we pay attention to the mass media on the occurrence of many events, it is easy to see that we are often being propagandised and programmed to see the world through the same pair of eyes - the pair our masters want us to look through. It is a most effective tool of public manipulation, with most of us unaware this thought control is taking place. In simple terms, if you can focus the public on asking the wrong questions, you needn't worry about the answers. (3) I want to focus here first, with a few examples.


Some years ago there were intense debates about the future of the Euro, with growing public opinion that the group currency was a failed experiment and European nations should revert to their original national currencies. But the mass media suddenly spawned a flood of debate centered on a wide range of options more or less titled "What is the best way to save the Euro?", forcing public debate into a context where continuation of the Euro was assumed as immutable and all discussion focused on methods of preservation. Of course, the real question was "Should the Euro be saved?", but those raising this question were ignored, mocked, derided, and painted as traitors to Europe.




Another example, and a bit closer to home, is the ZIKA eruption in South and Central America some years ago. I wrote a long and well-documented article on ZIKA a few months back. You might care to read it because it helps to bring all the important points to the foreground and I can cover only a few details here. (4) You may recall that ZIKA erupted suddenly, covering all of about 20 nations in a very short time, but the symptoms being only conjunctivitis and a bit of soreness in joints that were often so mild no one even knew they had been infected. Yet instantly the Western media were flooded for months with dire end-of-days predictions from a virus that never killed anyone and did no apparent harm. Does that sound familiar?


The important point here is the origin of ZIKA. The WHO, and then everybody, claimed it was brought to Brazil by a visitor from Polynesia who had come to watch the World Cup. But ZIKA is not a contagious disease. It is spread only by mosquitoes, which means you must be bitten to become infected. So our (unidentified and likely fictitious) Polynesian visitor was (maybe) infected, then was (maybe) bitten by a mosquito who (maybe) became infected and then who in turn (maybe) bit a Brazilian who (maybe) became infected, and who then was (maybe) bitten by other local mosquitoes and (maybe) infected them. So far, so good. But how did millions of people become infected in only a few weeks in more than 20 nations in an area covering millions of square miles? The WHO confirmed that ZIKA had never existed in this part of the world and that local mosquitoes were not infected. That would mean millions of local mosquitoes not only worked very hard to bite our poor Polynesian visitor but then in turn biting millions of people within weeks, and also travelling many thousands of kilometers to all major cities in South and Central America, flying as high as 20,000 feet to cross the Andes and crossing thousands of kilometers of uninhabited territory.


We can see that something doesn't make sense. There was one part of the story that the media rigorously suppressed, the fact that a company named Oxitec, with confirmed financial and political connections to the entire list of usual suspects, was conducting "transgenic mosquito trials", releasing hundreds of millions of their GM mosquitoes in precisely these same areas at precisely the same time. And suddenly everything makes sense.


But the real point was that the media attempted to link ZIKA - unsuccessfully - with a rare cranial birth disorder named microcephaly, the media thrust being that all fetuses in all of South and Central America were now dangerously suspect of having damaged brains. And suddenly the media flood changed focus, with literally dozens of American NGOs from USAID to Planned Parenthood, vigorously and in sudden unison agitating for all of Latin America to immediately abandon all anti-abortion laws to permit the abortion of all fetuses in Latin America because they were likely to be born with "devastated brains". And now, everything makes sense.


I note again that any discussion of the origin of ZIKA was heavily suppressed by the media. Google knew only of microcephaly, and Facebook and Twitter deleted references to Oxitec and their GM mosquitoes. The only permissible discussion of source was our visitor from Polynesia. The most important question of all - the origin of ZIKA - was totally buried by the media, removed from public consciousness. It would seem that someone, educated in Bernays' methods, was 'pulling the public's wires', because all of the debate about ZIKA - all of it - was focused on brain damage and abortion. And, as I said, if you can get people asking the wrong questions, you don't care about the answers.




Now, let's assume that many writers and readers are correct about COVID-19 being in some part a scam, that the flood of 'end-of-days' media scare-mongering is not accurately reflected in the fatality rates, and that the economic and social damage being created in North America and Europe are a gross overkill.


The main theory rests on a continuation of the class war that we last experienced in serious measure in 2008 and which was itself a continuation of the class war that began decades earlier, exploding with great earnestness in the early 1980s with Paul Volker's savage economic contraction. This much is certain. But 2008 led to much social unrest, nearly leading the authorities to needing to fill FEMA's 800 or so internment camps in the face of all that "low-level terrorism" from the Occupy Wall Street movement.


It seems to be more or less common knowledge that the Occupy movement ran out of steam because it was infiltrated and pre-empted by the same people infiltrating, pre-empting, and financing the social unrest today, at least in the US. That was unfortunate because the Occupy movement had the right idea but was misled to focus on the wrong target. 'Wall Street' is just an idea, a concept, not a valid target for prolonged protest. That's a bit like protesting against socialism; you can make a lot of noise, but there is no one at whom you can throw the bricks, so the movement runs out of steam and dies. The Occupy movement began with resentment against the FED, and that was the correct target and would have served to focus the entire American public on a very dark and forbidden topic. Hence, the infiltration, financing, and change of focus. Cleverly done.


Also, keep in mind that if we really are in a class war - and we really are - social unrest becomes troublesome and expensive and the suppression of it makes the fact of the class war only too evident. If I were the Deep State, I would look for a better way. I do want to trash the economy and dump as many millions as possible into the lower class where they are unemployed, homeless and helpless, and eventually and desperately looking to my fascist solution as their salvation. But I would like to avoid painting targets on my own forehead while doing this, and I have a perfect solution, the epitome of despair without a target - COVID-19. Now, it isn't I who took away your jobs and homes; it was a virus, perhaps an accident, and 'act of god', bad luck, but not my fault.


So, if we are correct in our fundamental assumptions, I create and release the coronavirus and wait for nature to do its thing and, once it begins, I flood the media with 'end-of-days' scaremongering and simply watch from a safe vantage point. All of you who are victims are of course filled with frustration and anger, and possibly even rage, but you have no target and your anger will eventually dissipate. So, I give you a target. When I'm done flooding the media with fears of death by the millions, I suddenly change course and flood it with racism. White on Black, Black on White, Yellow on White, White on Yellow, everyone on Brown, and now I have you turning on each other. That’s why I provided the pallets of bricks at your planned protest sites; you needed something to throw through the shop windows. This is much cheaper than widespread social unrest against the government or the social system, because I can just watch while you kill each other, destroy each other's business and livelihood, and generally sink to where I want you. We need to destroy the Old World Order of democracy before we can introduce the New one of fascism.


There is an important corollary here in that I am also able to give you a target for your anger and rage - China. You can't throw bricks at China today, but one of the necessary steps in my final plan for a New World Order is a Third World War against China, Russia, and Iran. And, with all my media flooding the airwaves and paper about how "this is all China's fault", most of you will be very eager to vent your remaining unspent rage in a war against China. So once again, Americans, having been taught to hate someone, will happily serve as the Bankers' Private Army one more time, paying all the costs, incurring all the battlefield casualties, while I pick up all the money at the endI am smarter than you imagine.


Let's think of ZIKA again for a moment, of the source and origin of that virus. The truth was so deeply buried, almost no one found it. The same is true of COVID-19. It was convenient for the first outbreak to be in Wuhan because the local lab and university could be blamed, but there is more than ample evidence the virus originated in the US and was propagated from there, not from China. But all discussion about the origins of COVID-19, other than attempting to blame China, have been heavily suppressed, much more than for ZIKA. This is the reason Ron Unz and his website have been banned by Facebook and Twitter and why Google can't find him. The same is true for me and for many other writers and websites. When examinations of the source of the coronavirus were going viral on American social media (and in China) Pompeo immediately declared all virus information classified and to routed through the NSC. With the assistance from Google and the social media, the censorship was virtually total.


Think of the control of public discourse on COVID-19. It seems everyone is arguing about whether lockdowns are a blessing or a curse, whether masks or social distancing are useful, whether Sweden is a hero or a failure, whether it's okay to spit on Chinese people because it's their fault, but almost everyone is ignoring and has already forgotten the crucial issue - the origin of the virus. As with ZIKA, find that, and you find everything.


It is now well-known that many countries have found traces of the virus in wastewater in November and December of 2019, long before the outbreak in China. The same is true of the US, though the national media won't touch the stories, with evidence of the same in at least several American cities. There is much evidence of the virus circulating in the US from July, 2019 onwards. There is the fact that the US military informed NATO and Israel's IDF in November of a coronavirus outbreak that was going to occur in China - specifically in Wuhan, about two months before it happened.


Try to understand what all this means. We are being had. All of us. The focus of our attention has been forced to irrelevancies. For our purposes, it doesn't matter if lockdowns or masks are good or bad. In the end, we don't care if Sweden is a hero or a fool. What we need to know is where and how this began, and who was ultimately responsible for it. We need to know how Bill Gates and Netflix knew of this pandemic months before it erupted. We all need to know who are the traitors in our own governments. We can't learn that by turning on each other in riots based on racial hatred or by destroying shops. We need to pull together and focus our attention on the origin of this mess, and then we will know everything we need to know.


US Elections


I don't want to go into this very deeply, but the same process applies to the current US political situation and the upcoming election. Mike Whitney wrote a fiery piece titled, Glitzy Convention Conceals Emerging One-Party Tyranny (5), dealing with what we can call improprieties in the current situation. I am not competent to assess the accuracy of his thesis, but it one sense it's irrelevant. I don't mean it's not important, but once again the focus has been cleverly turned to the wrong place.


The issue in not whether Democrats or Republicans are bad. They are both bad. The issue is not whether Trump or Biden is good or bad. They are both bad. The issue is not whether Hillary Clinton is prime evil and has a personality like 40 miles of bad road; she is and she does, but that's irrelevant too.


Try to understand. Look at Donald Trump. CNN ran an article a week or so ago stating that Trump had told "more than 20,000 lies". Trump is currently fighting the release of his (perhaps fraudulent) tax statements, fighting testing of his DNA and accusations of rape. Trump's view of women, widely-known, is "Ahh, just grab 'em by the pussy." The man is a mouthy, brain-damaged narcissist who conducts international diplomacy by Twitter and who is willing to continue provocations against everyone until he gifts his handlers with World War III. Just the kind of man every person in every nation prays to have as President of their country. Biden is not better.


Think of Kamala Harris. I know nothing about the woman, but the media tell me she does her hair nicely and wore a pretty blue suit and, most importantly, she is definitely "an Israel-firster". Do you have any idea how stunning a revelation that is, that a woman presented as the potential Vice-President of the country pledges her loyalty to Israel rather than her own nation? And yet that announcement raised not an eyebrow that I could see. Apparently Americans take this for granted and believe such massive treason to be both normal and acceptable.


The issue is that the US has two political parties that are controlled and financed by a small group of very powerful people who control not only the politicians they select as candidates but the nation's central bank, the CIA, the military, and the entire nation. And the people have no say in any of this. These party executives present to the people two extraordinarily corrupt people who are both bought and paid for, who will do as they are told, will preserve Israel's ambitions at all costs, to the extent of destroying their own country and starting another world war, and the people have no place in these decisions.


The only thing that can save the US is to remove this power from the people who now have it and place it in the hands of the public. If I were an American, I would try to launch a huge national crowd-funding effort to present legal challenges to the two political parties and demand the right of Americans to select their own candidates for President and Congress, choosing deliberately from those who are not already bought and paid for, and who aren't afraid to pledge their loyalty to America instead of Israel. I doubt the effort would succeed, but it might throw enough of a wrench into the status quo to clean up some of the mess. It wouldn't cost anything to try.


And again, the media, the writers, the readers, are all focused on the team sport of elections, with apparently no one recognising that the real issue is the corruption in the party system itself. You need only think. If a political system can do no better than to give you a choice between Trump and Biden, it is too badly broken to be fixed. Wouldn't Americans rather have a President who was respected worldwide as a decent and honorable man, rather than a man who makes enemies everywhere and wants to start another world war? You cannot do that with the party system you have now, and this is almost certainly your last chance to change it. By the end of the next presidential term, it will be too late. By that time, most of you will be unemployed and homeless and inhaling radiation.



Larry Romanoff is a retired management consultant and businessman. He has held senior executive positions in international consulting firms, and owned an international import-export business. He has been a visiting professor at Shanghai's Fudan University, presenting case studies in international affairs to senior EMBA classes. Mr. Romanoff lives in Shanghai and is currently writing a series of ten books generally related to China and the West. He is one of the contributing authors to Cynthia McKinney's new COVID-19 anthology 'When China Sneezes'He can be contacted at:


When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis







 Copyright © Larry RomanoffMoon of Shanghai, 2020




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